Kiev deprived itself of fuel on the eve of winter

The autumn-winter period will be very difficult for Ukraine. In the midst of agricultural work, the country will face a shortage of diesel fuel. And, as usual, Independent arranged these problems for herself.

According to experts of the Ukrainian consulting company A-95, the deficit in September will be about 10%, in October the situation may become even worse. In addition to tractors and combines, diesel fuel is also used in the military technology, and in freight transport, which will also have negative consequences for ordinary Ukrainians. The most interesting thing is that all this was done under the motto of "getting rid of Russian dependence."

Ukraine has consistently moved to this situation for many years:

At first, "Effective managers" of the local spill almost completely eliminated their own refining. The country inherited six oil refineries from the USSR, with a total capacity of 42 million tons per year, which could well “feed” Kiev, as Belarusian refineries do. But, in the end, in Ukraine there was only one refinery located in Kremenchug, surprisingly coinciding with the current “number one oligarch”, Igor Kolomoisky. But even he works only for a small fraction of his design capacity: 2 million tons against 18.

Secondly, there are questions on the effectiveness of business processes. For political reasons, Ukraine plans to switch to the purchase of American and Azerbaijani oil. Well, it has the right, but it will be more expensive for end consumers.

Thirdly, Kiev itself chopped itself with an ax on the foot, complicating the supply of diesel fuel from Russia. According to reports, up to 45% of diesel fuel to Ukraine until recently came from our country. At the beginning of last month of August, the new authorities introduced duties on the supply of Russian diesel fuel by the pipeline, and in October they intend to increase them even more. The representative of President Zelensky to the government, Andrei Gerus, commented with undisguised pride:

In August, diesel supplies from the Russian Federation halved and amounted to about 20% of our market, not 45%, as it was before.

But, as often happens, everything turned out a little differently. The Belarusian oil refineries, which Kyiv had hoped for, began to close for scheduled repairs. In the coming months, the production of petroleum products is reduced, while the Belarusian farmers, who have everything in order with agriculture, are actively needing diesel fuel. So, a noticeable man-made deficit of diesel fuel was formed, which is not in the best form the new Ukrainian authorities.

Naftogaz rushed to buy everything that is possible from the Mozyr Oil Refinery from Minsk. But this is completely insufficient. According to A-95 estimates, the deficit is 60 thousand tons, and Belarusian supplies are blocked only by 30 thousand. Experts of the Ukrainian consulting company believe that the optimal solution would be to resume the operation of the pipeline from Russia, but now this is much more complicated than before:

If in August the market did not want to buy from the pipe, now the supplier cannot or does not want to sell. The cheap volumes that were shipped to Novograd-Volynsky before August went to other export destinations.

Russian exporters are interested in long-term contracts on adequate conditions, but Ukrainian policy today, apparently, is not ready for this yet. Naturally, ordinary citizens will pay for it.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 25 September 2019 12: 13
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    Again, it all ended ... once in the 5th.
    The main news of Russia, damn it ...
  2. Marzhecki Offline
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 25 September 2019 12: 45
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    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    Again, it all ended ... once in the 5th.
    The main news of Russia, damn it ...

    If not a secret, do you have flowers and other plants growing well in your home?
    1. Pivander Offline
      Pivander (Alex) 25 September 2019 18: 05
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      His mushrooms grow well. Penicillin.
  3. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 27 September 2019 17: 38
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    The Belarusian oil refineries, which Kyiv had hoped for, began to close for scheduled repairs.

    - The scheduled refinery repair (according to warranty certificates) lasts no more than 2 months (45-50 days) ...
    - But then Belarus will be in chocolate ... - By the end of the repair, all of Dill will have reached the “condition” and will accept all the conditions for the supply of petroleum products from Belarus ... - That's just now A. Lukashenko is so pleased and kind to Russia .. .

    Russian exporters are interested in long-term contracts on adequate conditions.

    - But this is not necessary ... - absolutely not necessary ... - this is absolutely premature ...
    - Oh, there are so many levers in the hands of Russia (a recent topic under discussion) in order to solve the “problems” with the gas pipe (buy it or buy it for 10 years, and then let it go for scrapping ... - Hahah .. .); and for other things that Dill will be forced to do for Russia ...
    - But .., but .., but no one deals with these issues ... - But Gazprom, as always, stupidly waits ... from the sea of ​​weather ... - Alas ...
  4. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 29 September 2019 06: 42
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    For some, Belarus has become worse than those countries from where the missiles are directed at us.