American Suicide Carrier Suicide Epidemic: Three Sailors in a Week

An unhealthy psychological climate has developed on the American aircraft carrier George HW Bush (CVN-77), which is the last Nimitz class ship put into operation.

As follows from the message of Captain Sean Bailey made on his Facebook page, an epidemic of suicide swept the aircraft carrier: three crew members committed suicide in the last week.

In his publication, Sean Bailey wrote:

With a heavy heart, I confirm the loss of three sailors in the last week, as a result of separate and unrelated cases of suicide. My heart is broken.

The captain of the aircraft carrier also mentioned that the last three cases of suicide are far from the first on the ship: over the past two years, the number of suicides among crew members has reached five.

The American edition of the New York Post clarifies that George HW Bush is currently undergoing scheduled repairs at one of the docks in Virginia, and all the suicides were committed by sailors on the shore, where the aircraft carrier’s crew is stationed.

In conclusion, it should be noted that suicide is not the only curse of the American aircraft carrier.

One of the weak links of George HW Bush is the latrine (toilets) for personnel. Already in the first campaign of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf in 2011, all 423 toilet bowls on board the ship twice simultaneously failed.

According to the calculations of US military experts, toilet failures occur on average 25 times a week, and for all the years the military unit has existed, this problem has not been resolved.
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  1. Verkhomnapule Offline
    Verkhomnapule (OLEG) 24 September 2019 15: 55
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    drown in your own shit, demo lights tongue Crater !!!
  2. General Black Offline
    General Black (Gennady) 25 September 2019 14: 14
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    On the ISS in the American segment, tremors do not work, they press on the Russian half to lay out their DNA. A warship, an aircraft carrier, 423 duchks do not work! Fecal tanks are full! Where do kings look ... ram and couple? What do hold blacks do? Above the ship are clouds of flies! Ah, this is a unmasking sign! Democracy is already visible from the 200-mile zone. crying
  3. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 26 September 2019 10: 45
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    - More worried about the "suicide epidemic" in our civil aviation ...
    - Here again ... - the next "corn field" ... - What is it, after all ... ???
    - And yet another “suicide” has been going on in the Norwegian port for the third day ... with our fishing floating base ... - Now the norgs have connected and are helping our agonizing vessel to "take the accounts of life" ...
    - Where our FSB looks and for what it receives a salary ... - it is absolutely not clear. Who is this in our country "bosses" ... - what kind of saboteurs .. ???
    - And recently it was so solemnly notified that a whole floating nuclear power plant arrived in our Russian North .. !!!!!!!!!
    - I will not say anything and "draw analogies", and give "all sorts of versions" ...
    - But there ..., "in which case" .... -all will be much worse ...