Russia will have another alternative to Ukrainian gas transit

The construction of the Balkan Stream gas pipeline started in Bulgaria with the participation of Russia. This highway will allow our country to supply gas to Europe through Turkey and will be another alternative to “Ukrainian transit”. Actually, this can be called the second attempt to develop the South Stream project, which Bulgaria had previously refused to implement.

Russia does not directly participate in the construction of the pipeline, but is the main supplier of pipes for laying the pipeline. The contractor in this case is the Italo-Saudi consortium Arkad, and the total project cost exceeds 1 billion euros.

«Балканский поток» станет крайне выгодным не только для нашей страны, но и для Болгарии. В случае его реализации данная страна кроме дешевого российского газа будет получать около 180 млн. евро ежегодно за его транзит в Европу. Однако, стоит отметить, что прибыль могла быть гораздо большей, если бы болгарские власти под давлением США и Евросоюза в свое время не отказались от строительства «Южного потока».

Considerable benefits from the "Balkan stream" will receive Europe itself. Firstly, this gas pipeline will reduce the degree of tension that has arisen due to Ukrainian transit. Secondly, the United States was not able to arrange the supply of its LNG to the EU in sufficient quantities, despite the fact that European production is declining every year.

In addition, the construction of a new gas pipeline should be completed by the end of this year. Which is very helpful, given the fears of Europeans about the so-called "Monster from the East." It is expected that this cyclone will lower the temperature to a 30-year low. The British had already felt its pernicious influence in February of this year.

And, naturally, the implementation of the Balkan Stream project will have an extremely positive impact on our country. After all, this gas pipeline will not only expand opportunities for gas supplies, but also reduce Russia's dependence on political whims of countries that at one time "were lucky to sit on the pipe."

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    Bulgaria is a corrupt girl, but when she has alternatives, even those who walk, she has to think ...
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      Когда мужик задумывается, то он "репу чешет"! А что будет "чесать" эта "продажная девка"?!!.. laughing