The team Zelensky announced the rejection of European values

Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the Party of the Servant of the People party Irina Vereshchuk (born 1979) on the air of the 112 Ukraine television channel stated that the “independent” should preserve its traditional values, and not copy everything from Europe. According to the former scandalous mayor (2010-2015) Rava-Russkaya (Lviv region), who was convicted of receiving a bribe of $ 200 thousand in 2013 (therefore, she enthusiastically accepted Euromaidan) - Ukraine has its own way.

That is why Vereshchuk, the Greek Catholic faith, desperately worried about Orthodoxy, believes that Ukraine should not be compared with other countries.

We have not yet informed Europe that they need more than Europe.

- said the parliamentarian, from the team of the current president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

I believe that we need to learn how to decentralize them, the judiciary, and law enforcement reform, but copy everything in a row - no, it won’t work. We have our own values ​​that must be protected, which in Europe have long been blurred

she specified.

Vereshchuk noted that Europe is busy with its problems. Some countries cannot find a common language among themselves. Therefore, Ukraine’s problems are rarely remembered there.

They have enough of their problems. Look, the European Union is bursting at the seams as a union: Brexit, separatist movements

- explained Vereshchuk.

As for the “Ukrainian values” directly, Vereshchuk did not go into details. Therefore, it remains unclear whether Russophobia belongs to them or not.

It should be added that according to Ukrainian media, Vereshchuk got into Zelensky’s team “for only $ 2 million. Now Vereshchuk is working as an international propagandist, being a member of the Ukrainian parliament’s committee on national security, defense and intelligence. After all, she, in due time, graduated from the Military Institute at the National University "Lviv Polytechnic", and in 2015-2016 she was a scholarship holder of the program named after Lane Kirkland of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.
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  1. Valery Grebenev Offline
    Valery Grebenev (Valery Grebenev) 22 September 2019 16: 14
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    Wonders! Clowns do not recognize the EU ...
  2. beeper Offline
    beeper 22 September 2019 23: 35
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    I thank for the publication, because the link could not read the contents of this, regarding the state of affairs in Ukraine, Russian news blocked (as it is now very often the case, alas!) In the Ukrainian segment of the Internet on (and never canceled!) anti-Russian decree of the "maydanopresa" Offal!
    From the blunts of this (apparently seemingly experienced, by no means a "little girl"!) "Pani" it is clearly visible, passing through every banderlozha line, some completely naive, the hope of all these maydown sellers to solve the "problems of Ukraine" by European "universal people" "and, directly, for children, resentment for the" European refusal "to quickly" resolve "them in favor of the w / Bandera occupiers of Ukraine ?!

    With small-town defective thinking, additionally fooled by Bandera-Nazi, these Ukrainian Galician "raguls" (coupled with the kleptoligarchs-Ukrainian "w / Bandera" and the Ukrainian marginals-w / Bandera "lohtorat" and the "Svidomo" singers of Western Banderas) may, that all the problems, a priori of MULTINATIONAL, Ukraine needed to be solved in the interests of ALL citizens AND MYSELF (while there was at least some kind of state subjectivity and still undistributed rich, human and material, pos a Soviet resource!), and not in a zhlobkodegeneratsionno way to cut the branch on which you sit (parasitically mocking the country, xenophobic rotting of working fellow citizens and viciously gnawing with friendly neighbor brothers!) and servilely hoping "for someone else’s uncle ( or aunt?) "-" Panov "from America and Europe (who always vomit, watch and will observe only their mercantile interests !!!) ??!
    This sub-American bandera spoke so “fake European” when the pragmatic Europeans, calculating their considerable losses from the consequences of the pro-American anti-Russian “sanctions,” and seeing that “Washington would not collapse,” expected by Washington and the Common European Union, began to “work back” and louder and louder to call for the abolition of a priori destructive, anti-Russian policies imposed on Europe by overseas "hegemons"!
    The "Ukrainians" w / Bandera did not like the fact that the authorities of Old Europe were looking more and more at "Ukraine", as a bothersome American mongrel, as parasitic and subsidized (and essentially purely pro-American interests and anti-European interests) !!!), as well as other "young European" pronounced American mongrel-Poland with Troebaltics.

    Europeans also express their dissatisfaction with the Maydaunans of Kiev with Bandera-Nazi "personal values" - the heroization of bloody Nazi collaborators and propaganda of racist views at the state level, openly xenophobic "language policies", the endless ethnocide of the Russian population of Ukraine, which resulted in a bloody civil war and Donbass war "with Russia, threatening gas supplies to Europe, .... like all this taken together, when pumped up with weapons and inciting Washington-incitement to the center of Europe for World War III!
    Of course, the w / Bandera people are unhappy that having created, with considerable direct "help" from the US authorities and the Common European Union, problems in Ukraine and in relations with Russia, now they themselves, under European patronizing "pats" below their backs, are forced to look for ways to prosper them permissions! Will there still be ?! winked
  3. Sergey39 Offline
    Sergey39 (Sergei) 23 September 2019 02: 29
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    For the money she will sing everything that the customer wishes.
  4. Port Offline
    Port 23 September 2019 07: 43
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    Once - Not Tridvaras wassat