Tempting offer: Kiev announced the price of transit of Russian gas for 5 years

The conditions have become known that can be considered as a proposal by the Ukrainian company NAK Naftogaz to Russian Gazprom in the next round of gas transit negotiations.

Ukrainian media, referring to the press service of Naftogaz, reported that the Ukrainian company calculated the cost of transit of Russian gas.

As follows from the information provided by the press service, the cost of transit of Russian gas through Ukraine will be tied to the volume of capacity reservation for the next five years.

Naftogaz’s calculations provide that if the volume of 2020 billion cubic meters of Ukrainian GTS capacity is reserved for the period 2024-60, the tariff will be $ 3,21 per 1 cubic meters. m per 100 km.

If the Russian side increases the transit volume to 90 billion cubic meters - $ 2,56.

The report notes that in the current 2019, the tariff for the transit of Russian gas is 2,61 dollars per 1 thousand cubic meters per 100 km.

Recall that on September 19 in Brussels, trilateral negotiations between Russia, the European Commission and Ukraine took place on the transit of Russian gas after the end of the current agreement, at which the parties indicated their positions.
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  1. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 21 September 2019 12: 32
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    If you conclude such an agreement, then with the proviso that Russia is not responsible for disruption of supplies due to Ukraine’s fault (political squabbles, or Ukrainian GTS malfunction ... it doesn’t matter ... this is not the fault and not the problem of the Russian Federation, and this should be spelled out agreement ... Ukraine is solely responsible for all the consequences, including to gas buyers).
  2. AICO Online
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 21 September 2019 12: 59
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    Sound these conditions in the pharynx of a cut pipe.
  3. Bakht Offline
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 21 September 2019 15: 24
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    How can I conclude a contract with scammers? I do not understand this. Neither the EU nor Ukraine can conclude an agreement for only 1 year maximum. And it's dumb.

    They say:

    If you were deceived once, then it is a shame to the deceiver. If you were deceived twice - this is your shame!
  4. Kuzmitsky Offline
    Kuzmitsky (Sergei) 21 September 2019 18: 08
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    It is not entirely clear from the news whether there is any minimum volume in the draft contract that Russia will be obliged to pump through the Ukrainian GTS. Probably, it is necessary to complete the Northern and Turkish streams and load them to the maximum in order to forget about Ukrainian transit, like a bad dream.
    1. Bakht Offline
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 21 September 2019 23: 35
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      It does not really matter what exactly will be indicated in the contract. European courts made it a rule to review the terms of already concluded contracts. For example, the Stockholm Arbitration Court canceled the “take or pay” contract, while at the same time retaining the “download or pay” condition. Strictly speaking, if Gazprom signs a contract for pumping 60 billion cubic meters, and the EU suddenly refuses to choose the entire volume, then all fines will fall on Gazprom. And all in favor of Ukraine.
      If the terms of the contract may change after the fact (retroactively), then this is not a contract but a filkin letter. Therefore, concluding long-term contracts no longer makes sense. In any case, with Europe.
      Yes, and a cherry on the cake. The EU requires the inclusion in the contract of a condition for revising gas prices at any time convenient for them. Moreover, if they don’t like something, then Gazprom is obliged to pay a fine of 10% of ALL of its annual profit. I just don’t know how to conclude such contracts in your right mind.
  5. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 22 September 2019 16: 54
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    -How many arguments about ... and about ... -What ???
    -What is now breaking through the open door ...
    -All Gazprom will now perform ...- he himself, by his own stupidity, allowed himself to be pulled in by someone else's game, by the rules of others and by cards of others ...
    -Even to many "wise men" who so eagerly put down the minuses when I constantly wrote about it ...- it also began to reach ...
    -And these "wise men" themselves began to repeat what I said earlier ...
    -Well, the current situation of Gazprom ... is one of the traps .. about which I also wrote many times ...
    -And now Gazprom has only one way out ...- is to choose the “lesser evil” ...
    -And exactly ..: -Try to buy out all this Ukrainian rotten gas pipe for eternal use or for a very long time; legally correct to draw up this “deed of purchase” with the obligatory involvement of European affiliates (and at least engage European arbitrators in advance); and then continue the discussion of any other nuances ... -This topic is very large and you can’t put it all right away ...
    - The only thing I can add ... is that you need to try to buy this rotten dill pipe along with the ground through which this pipe passes ... -This can be motivated by the fact that the pipe needs repair, and Gazprom takes over obligations (on the rights of the owner to constantly repair this pipe and keep it in full readiness) Now, just in Ukropia, the beginning of the promotion of land sales ... -so that this can burn out ... -Well, and there already begin to "dance from stoves "...
    -But stupid Gazprom is unlikely to go this way ... -it would be better spent on all sorts of fines, legal costs; the fulfillment of new conditions associated with large payments, etc. ..- as a result, it will fall into new traps and will flounder there ... -Unfortunately ..
  6. Bakht Offline
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 22 September 2019 20: 51
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    The necessary explanation is specific to the title of the article.
    Naftogaz wants a 10-year transit agreement in the amount of 60 (maximum 90) billion cubic meters. By decision of the Stockholm arbitration, the “download or pay” principle is no longer valid. That is, even if not a single cubic meter of gas is pumped through Ukraine, then Gazprom will pay billions of dollars for “transit” for 10 years.
    Ukraine solves its problems with a “reverse”, receives free money for nothing, and continues its policy. Russia cannot pump gas to Europe pays fines and still contains Ukraine. If Gazprom accepts such an agreement, I don’t know what to say.
    Regarding the redemption of the GTS of Ukraine. Firstly, no one will sell it to Russia, and secondly, Russia in this case will spend billions on the repair of this rusty and useless pipe.
  7. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 23 September 2019 04: 32
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    - Here she is ... - a test for lice ...

    - More recently, local "wise men" threw me like minuses for my comments in which I spoke of such "impending traps" in illiterate Gazprom affairs ...
    -And now, when all these “future traps” described by me began to work one after another, then all this “minus audience” ran over to my side and began to prove to me by my own arguments how all this is bad and hopeless and that Gazprom isn’t as smart as “someone” once thought it was ...
    -And when I put forward new arguments and arguments based on today's hopeless situation ...- because somehow you have to get out of these traps, then these are my “yesterday’s minuscule people”, defending my yesterday’s positions --- they already put me the minuses for this ... --Hahah ...- "ce three joli" (CE tres jolie) - "how cute it is ..."
    1. gorenina91 Offline
      gorenina91 (Irina) 23 September 2019 04: 34
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      -Okay ...- I will continue about the ukropov rotten gas pipe ...
      -Very short ...- I'm in a hurry ...- no time ...
      -Why is this pipe of Russia ..? .- Yes, it is not so necessary ...
      -And what you need? -And it’s needed, Russia’s just needed ...- the gas "Brest Peace", in that gas war, in which Gazprom began to draw Russia ... -Rather, Gazprom itself was dragged out by its stupidity ...
      -Ukropiya will certainly sell its gas pipeline to Gazprom (you just need to be able to buy it) ...- I'm afraid that there are no brains of this level in Gazprom ...
      -In Dill, this "purchase-sale" will cause a big split in their gas affairs (there are already enough of them) ...
      -Ukropia has long been of no interest to anyone ... -Turkey Ukraine doesn’t need ...- it’s even a kind of “competitor” for it ... -Western Europe doesn’t need Ukraine either ...- Europe still continues to “intercede” "for Ukraine, but ... but all previous gas relations are already outdated; new gas relations are already beginning ...- a new gas game and Ukraine already simply has no place in this game ......- Yes, the Americans today too --- Dill is not so necessary ...- they have things are much more important ...
      -And now it is necessary that everyone in Europe starts to forget about Ukraine-And they quickly forget, just as they quickly forgot about Yugoslavia ... -Together with this “oblivion” all these endless judicial gas “Ukrainian-Gazprom litigation” will fly away European Court ... -they will simply be relegated to the background (at least for 200 years) ...- who they will be interested in ... -And the main thing ... is that there will no longer be new similar endless litigations with Dill. ..
      -There will be time ...- maybe I will continue ...
      1. Bakht Offline
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 23 September 2019 11: 34
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        Irina, I refused to write to you. But....
        You do not give any facts and arguments. Nobody is going to switch to your side. You, as always, write a lot and confused. In no case can you buy the Ukropov pipe. Was little confiscated Russian property in Ukraine or in Europe?
        So far, Gazprom is pursuing the right policy. I will cease to respect this organization if it signs a transit agreement or buys this useless pipe.
        In general, gas contracts with Europe end in 2-3 or 4 years. In different countries in different ways. Now the situation is such that it is urgent to end the flows and switch to spot sales. This is very disadvantageous to Russia and Gazprom. But it’s better than depending on the whims of European officials. Until the EU adopts clear rules for OBSERVING SIGNED contracts, let them drown them with dung.
  8. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 23 September 2019 14: 06
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    - "The day before yesterday", "yesterday", "today" ... -personally, in many of my comments I wrote very very very very long tediously and in detail (repeating and giving examples) ... wrote about ... about ... about. ..
    -What I wrote ...
    -Yes all about the same .:

    1.-About the fact that the time of gas pipelines has essentially passed; that the time has come for LNG and all kinds of wholesale and non-wholesale, large and small deliveries in any containers (any capacity) ...

    -And today I’m suddenly told by a "big sect" that it turns out "I need to urgently end the flows and switch to spot sales" ... -That's yes ... -How slowly my statements reach; but it’s good that they generally reach ...

    2.-I constantly write, remind, broadcast about the fact that Gazprom, due to its illiteracy, entered the European thieves community (with its purchased courts and arbitration) and that it is now overlaid with all kinds of “racketeering covers” and a mass of constant bribes that can only be come up with; moreover, with the re-emerging “new borrowing conditions”, which are already legally formalized and are a blunt implementation guide for dumb Gazprom ...
    -Moreover ...- stupid Gazprom, having not found a way out in gas relations with Ukraine and is not able to complete them ...- continues to do even more colossal large-scale nonsense ...
    -That they ...- this is "Turkish Stream", the new "SP-2" and "Power of Siberia" (exactly that branch that will go to China) ...

    - It will not even take a year .. as it starts to be "confirmed" ... -And with the "Turkish stream" ...- so also much earlier ...

    3. -I just recently mentioned the USSR with its stabilization funds, revolving funds and working capital ... -Nobody understood anything (due to its limitations and incompetence); but "just in case" the minuses ponastaviliiiii ...- Hahah ...
    - So, if you try to conduct spot sales, and indeed improvise and manipulate large and all kinds of supplies, then you can’t do without all this “paraphernalia” ...
    -To do this, you need to have a "financial and organizational tool" ...- But Gazprom, Naftogaz and Rosneft just have no brains for that ...

    -It’s easier to go to the spot shop and buy a cool evening dress ...- Hahah ...

    4.-As for the purchase by Gazprom of a rotten ukropovskoy pipe ...- this is the "way" of avoiding the conditions of the imposed racket (and the most "sparing") ...- In order to start "serious business" as soon as possible Western Europe needs to eliminate as soon as possible everyone already bored with Dill., Which will continue to operate with its primitive outdated blackmail ... -Well, do not hire a killer to eliminate it ...- Hahah ...
    -But Gazprom., Again, there simply won't be enough brains ... in order to buy this pipe (even at least for scrap ...- Hahah) ...

    -I don’t give any numbers (the sum and quantity of volumes) ...- they just aren’t needed here ... -In due time, I already provided enough of them ...

    5. -Very much of what is unfolding today in Yamal, at the Zvezda shipyard, etc. ... to put it mildly ... mmmm ... is subject to "big doubts" ...- this is just a huge slowed-down mine "national scale ... -But this is a big topic ...
    -Everything ... once ... maybe I will continue ...