$ 400 Billion Deal: China Becomes Iranian Oil Master for 25 Years

The situation with the attack of UAVs and cruise missiles at the Saudi oil fields has proved that Tehran is ready to defend its sovereignty from the United States and its allies. The "Iranian footprint" in the Hussite airstrike on the American satellite is becoming increasingly apparent. But is it not possible that, having stood before Scylla, the Islamic Republic will end up for dinner at the Charybdis in the person of the PRC?

Earlier, Iranian authorities directly warned that if their country would not export hydrocarbons, then no one in the Persian Gulf could do that. It was assumed that this was an obvious possibility of blocking the Strait of Hormuz, through which most of the oil produced by the Middle Eastern monarchies goes. But the air attack showed that Tehran has other possibilities to put its threat into practice.

Saudi Arabia extracts 10,5 million barrels daily, sending 7 million of them for export. The Khurais field, which was attacked by air, provides 50% of the Saudi oil production. Attacked by drones and missiles, the refinery brought the extracted oil to the high quality standard of Arab Light. The plant's capacity is 5 million barrels per day.

Thus, at minimal cost with one blow, the export of Riyadh hydrocarbons was halved. The hint is extremely transparent. There is no guarantee that the attack will not be repeated again. Hussites have every right to respond to Saudi aggression against Yemen. Tehran, for obvious reasons, denies any involvement.

But this is not the most interesting. It is noteworthy that in August, Iran and China signed an updated agreement on a comprehensive strategic partnership. It was concluded for 25 years and, in fact, surrenders the Islamic Republic to the economic jurisdiction of the PRC.

Recall that earlier, Beijing pointedly refused to buy Iranian oil because of US sanctions. Now he intends to take her all. China is investing $ 280 billion in oil and gas production and processing in Iran. Another 120 billion will go to the construction of roads and railways. Project payments will be made every five years. Chinese business automatically receives full carte blanche. Beijing even managed to get the privilege of “deferring payments for Iranian products for two years.”

It looks like the complete surrender of the entire oil and gas sector and the key transport infrastructure of Iran to China. All work will be carried out by Chinese citizens, despite the high unemployment rate in the Islamic Republic. The piquant condition is the introduction of 5000 Chinese security personnel into Iran to guard their facilities. Five thousand foreign fighters who will drive local dissidents, under such conditions of the agreement, is this not an occupation corps?

The wise Chinese waited for Tehran to be left alone, and now crush it under themselves with its own consent. Here's someone to learn geopolitics from.
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  1. schura.kilka Offline
    schura.kilka (Alexander Rybakov) 21 September 2019 11: 13
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    Putin is not worthy of being a former KGB officer. They did not forget the humiliation, plunder of their homeland and punished those responsible. Now we are watching how China is resolving its issues, and we were stronger, but now we are swallowing drool.
  2. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 21 September 2019 19: 54
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    Sic transit gloria mundi ...- This is how worldly glory passes ... -Unfortunately ...

    $ 400 Billion Deal: China Becomes Iranian Oil Master for 25 Years

    -I want to remind the venerable public that ... what ... what and in terms of natural gas reserves - 27,6 trillion cubic meters - Iran ranks second (after Russia) in the world ...
    -Who will guess the first ... what kind of deal will be made between China and Iran and on what topic ... -Right - a "gas deal" and naturally - on a "gas theme" ...
    - Of course., China already has a ready gas inexhaustible source ...- this is Russia ...
    - Well, now there will also be a serious "price regulator" for this gas ...
    -And it will be quite simple for China (if he wishes) to lay a gas pipeline through the same long-suffering Turkmenistan, which has long been supplying China with its gas through the gas pipeline - "Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China" ...
    -And China is also likely to forward the oil pipeline along the same route - “Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China” ... and the railway message ...- Why shouldn't tankers be driven ...- because for 25 whole years China is becoming the owner of Iranian oil ... -And it can also build a number of oil refineries directly on the territory of Iran and sell finished oil to anyone ... and drive trains with tanks anywhere ... -Yes and tankers finished oil in all parts light supply ...
    -Will supply cheap gas to Russia ... -and pay them barter for everything that will be taken from Russia ...
    -Okay, if at least I’ll pay with gasoline ... -but it can at all start with glass baubles and Chinese colorful paper lanterns ... to pay Russia ... -Hahah ...
  3. nesvobodnaja Offline
    nesvobodnaja (Unfree Press) 23 September 2019 15: 42
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    China has no obligations to the enemy of Iran, for example ...
    But the Russian Federation is forced to spin in the BV between the enemy allies, like an Uzh in a pan.