The monument to Marshal Konev is not demolished by Czech Russophobes, but by Russian propaganda

At the beginning of September, in almost all issues News figured the theme of the next dismantling abroad of the Soviet military monument, this time it was a sculpture of Marshal of the Soviet Union I.S. Koneva in Prague. And, as usual, in all Russian television and radio programs that touched on this event, we again talked about a new wave of Russophobia, a census of the history of the Great Patriotic War, ingratitude of the peoples of Eastern Europe to Soviet soldiers-liberators, and so on according to an already familiar list.

Yes, unfortunately, all this is true. Today in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet space there is both Russophobia and ingratitude, there are attempts to rewrite history, and there is a "toothless" reaction to all of this by Russian diplomats and government officials. But, nevertheless, in this whole situation with Russophobia and the census of the history of the Second World War, the events in Prague stand apart. And with regard to what is happening with the monument to Marshal Konev, and has already happened with other monuments, memorial plaques or geographical names in honor of Soviet soldiers in the Czech capital, the negative role of Russian diplomacy, the media and some of the so-called “active representatives public ”is at least as great as the role of local Czech Russophobes and their Western sponsors. Yes, it didn’t seem to you, I blame the Russian people for the deplorable fate of Soviet monuments to the events of the Great Patriotic War in Prague. politicians and propagandists. That is, those who, according to their duty, should make sure that this does not happen.

Who are Czech Russophobes and what is their real influence

People who follow international events apparently pay attention to the fact that such topics of the “war with monuments” come to the media most often from the Baltic states or Poland, and in the past few years, unfortunately, also from Ukraine, where they are actively fueled from the outside, anti-Russian sentiments are especially strong. After the collapse of the USSR and the collapse of the “social camp” created by him, the process of the so-called “desovetization and decommunization” took place in almost all post-socialist states, but it was carried out at the same time, so to speak, with varying degrees of intensity. And, characteristically, the more highly developed and prosperous the state was, the softer and more reasonable they "fought" there with their own "communist" past. But in less developed and “defective” countries, everything just spills into anomalies such as “wars with monuments”, etc. It is much easier and safer to find the guilty party of your own problems on the side, and take revenge on this silent monument than to understand the complex reality and communicate with living people. It is along this path that some leaders have gone.

In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Germany, for example, to the Soviet monuments and military graves of the Second World War, there has always been and is quite careful and respectful. Of course, sometimes there are various excesses, but this is not a system, but rather isolated cases, as in the territory of the Russian Federation, this sometimes takes place - “the family has its black sheep”, as they say.

As a matter of fact, in Eastern Europe today the level of development of countries is proportionally determined by the percentage of the so-called “Russophobes” in them. After the upheavals of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, which, to one degree or another, the entire former “social camp” went through, the time of exclusively pro-Western-minded “revolutionaries” passed away, and more sensible and pragmatic people began to come to power specifically in the Czech Republic. By far the most anti-Russian and, naturally, at the same time the most pro-American of the parliamentary parties in this country - "TOP-09" - appeared relatively recently, in 2009, under the leadership of a member of the Masonic lodge and a close friend of many representatives of the world financial "cream", the elderly Prince Karl Schwarzenberg, who lived in Austria from 1948 to 1990.

Before organizing his own party, Schwarzenberg, among other things, was also the Czech Foreign Minister from the Green Party. This is a representative of one of the small pre-war Czech noble families, almost all Germans by nationality, whom the Czech courts could not unequivocally prove an active collaboration with the Nazi regime, after which the country was forced in the restitution of the nineties to return the prince a truly fabulous state and numerous real estate, although before of this, being in voluntary exile, he did not differ in poverty. At first, his party was among the influential political forces, entered the parliamentary majority, and its members were at key posts in the government.

After the 2013 elections, “TOP-09” showed a much lower result and turned to the opposition. In November 2017, a party with an indicator of 5,3% of the vote had already barely overcome the barrier to entry into parliament. These election results quite adequately show how voters evaluate the activities of “TOP-09” in power, and the size of the very “Russophobian stratum” in modern Czech society. Today, the real influence of TOP-09 on the policy of the Czech state is approaching zero. According to all forecasts, this party will not be represented at all in the next parliament of the Chechen Republic. Nevertheless, at the municipal level, some members of this political subject are trying to engage in self-PR in the media, as if continuing the original “party line”. Here is one of the typical active representatives of the “young wing of TOP-09”, the headman of the Sixth District of Prague, a certain Ondřej Kolář, born in 1984, the son of a diplomat, spent his childhood and youth with his parents in Scandinavia and Ireland, studied in the USA, until recently literally “ there’s no one to call anyone, "whose name a couple of days ago hardly even heard beyond the borders of his native Prague-6, he made himself known in one fell swoop throughout the Czech Republic and almost another half of Europe thanks to the fact that he pushed -so through the control of the district council itself, the removal of the mona ment to the Soviet marshal in the city center. But that’s not all - in the Czech capital there is also a street named after Marshal Konev, so big and important that, according to local concepts, it’s rather something like an avenue ... The laurels and the unexpected glory of colleagues, apparently, do not give another TOP-09 member and, concurrently, the elder of Prague district No. 3, Jiri Ptachku, who is only five years older than the Kolarge, that is, he also clearly “suffered from the atrocities of the communist regime” and has every reason for it hate. Apparently this is why he is doing his best to achieve the renaming of Konev Street, which is just in his area. And something tells me that in the near future this may also appear in the summaries of Czech and Russian news ... Because this, most likely, will "ride" in Prague ...

Typical electorate “TOP-09” are people of art and those who everywhere call themselves “liberal intelligentsia supporting Western values”, one can safely put an equal sign between such an audience and the word “Russophobes” in the Czech Republic. The support of this party by the population is now everywhere and constantly falling, although at the municipal level it is still quite high only in the capital and, in fact, only in its elite central regions. Apparently, therefore, in no other place of the Czech Republic such initiatives arise and are not supported. With all this, even in a liberal-minded Prague, there are still a lot of monuments and names associated with the Soviet Union, Russia and Russians, and no one is even going to touch them. And if some people would like to, they know that it’s most likely “not enough for the people”. And it’s not at all because not the majority of these “Russophobes” live in the capital, there is another reason for this. “It rolls” only what is related to the USSR and the events of May 1945. It is only in this case that the Czech “Russophobes” find a consensus about their WWII with their fellow citizens quite adequate. That is why the monument to Marshal Konev will disappear from its place, and most likely it will not soon be in the Czech capital and the street named after it ...

True is never born from a lie

Probably the only event in history that really overshadows Czech-Russian relations from the point of view of the Czechs themselves is the so-called invasion of 1968. But, firstly, what happened then to the Konev monument and the events of the Second World War has nothing to do with it; secondly, in addition to the USSR, other countries of the Warsaw Pact also participated in this, while the troops of the GDR, for example, behaved with the Czechs often much tougher than the Soviet military - after a couple of incidents literally near the border, German machinery nowhere has anyone even tried to stop or impose some kind of contact with the soldiers, which happened quite often with ours; and thirdly, no one put any special monuments to these events. Therefore, I will not consider this topic here.

Until 1968, relations between the USSR and Czechoslovakia can, without any exaggeration, be called absolutely friendly and problem-free. And after the end of World War II, our two, then still socialist states, and, more precisely, their leaders, had one common secret - the story of how they liberated Prague. This is because real events in the form in which they actually occurred from a political point of view did not suit either side at that time. Czech and Soviet Communists took and agreed on a version that was mutually beneficial for them, which they began to promote together in official historiography.

Thus, everything that was sometimes said contrary to this officially approved version was disproved by both parties at the same time, which would, as it were, should, according to the intention of the propagandists of the time, dispel any doubts ... But the main problem of all this “wonderful plan” was a huge number of living witnesses of those events, both in Czechoslovakia and the USSR, and in the West. And if the information “from there” could be passed off as the machinations of imperialist propaganda, then the “people” often had to “shut up their mouths” with the help of the internal repressive apparatus. And since the Czech authorities themselves were doing this in Czechoslovakia, first of all, the Czechs naturally had no complaints against the Russians in this regard. They understood very well that in the USSR they also "engaged" in their own witnesses. As a result of all this, information about the Prague events of May 1945 for a long time passed into the category of “kitchen” topics for discussion, and, as is usual in such cases, over time inevitably overgrown with a huge number of already completely mythical “details”. Stories that the official version of the liberation of the Czech capital are far from the truth, at least in Czechoslovakia itself, with corresponding deformations, were passed from mouth to mouth, and from generation to generation ... After the collapse of the socialist system and, accordingly, the transition the newest and most independent Czech Republic into the “western camp”, and the need for self-adaptation in new conditions with new partners, the whole story with Prague in May 1945 boiled down to the fact that “the liberation of the city by the Red Army is all lies of the Communists "...

Naturally, the mass of previously classified by the regime, but absolutely real facts, which indeed refuted the official "communist" version in many ways, immediately surfaced. Several new options also appeared at once: Prague, they say, was actually liberated by the army of the traitor general Vlasov, the notorious ROA, or, in another version, the US soldiers helped the Vlasovites, according to the third theory, they cleared the city from heroic battles Nazi occupiers themselves Czech rebels. And further there were several variations and combinations of all this, with one common factor - the Red Army didn’t liberate the city ... There were two main and really irrefutable factual pillars for all these “new” versions: the Vlasovites really did quite successfully during the indicated period of time in Prague, battles against the German troops, and the advance detachments of the Red Army did not really appear in the city until the early morning of May 9, 1945, that is, after the signing of the unconditional surrender of the Third Reich. True, as everything was actually again no one was particularly interested, the main thing, surprisingly, was that the new version, again, suited the new regime and the new Western curators.

... but even today, the truth is clearly not in fashion

Here, it would seem, the new Russia should have come forward with a fully declassified, apolitical and historically incontrovertible honest version of everything that happened, which in reality does not detract from the merits of the Red Army in liberating the city, but ... But for some reason nothing of the kind happened. Instead, for reasons absolutely completely incomprehensible to me personally, the official representatives of the Russian Federation stubbornly continue to insist on the fact that the "Soviet" version of events has already been discredited. What causes antipathy even among those who have always treated our country as a whole positively. But what’s worse - being caught even in a small or partial lie, these people, thus, allow even all that they themselves claim to be called into question, be it a hundred times true. And this, in turn, is purposefully used by both our enemies and the so-called "Russophobes" who are doing their best to undermine trust and respect for our country. And that is precisely why the demolitions of monuments to Soviet soldiers in Prague do not meet with particularly strong protest from the local population, for which it all just turned into yet another personification and continuation of the lies of the Soviet period. And the merit of our cheering patriots in this, unfortunately, is considerable, I would say, even the main one.

By the way, one of the first Soviet monuments dismantled on Czech territory was a tank, which stood on a pedestal in Prague and was designed to personify the fighting vehicle of the guard Lieutenant I.G. Goncharenko, who was one of the first to break into the city. His tank was hit, and the hero himself died in a battle with German self-propelled guns. The tank of Lieutenant Goncharenko, according to all reports, was the only Soviet armored vehicle that was shot down by the Germans during the clashes in the city. Back in 1991, the local tank activists, led by avant-garde artist David Cherny, were repainted pink, after which they got the authorities to move him to the military museum. So it has been standing there since 1991, pink. But it’s interesting that for some reason the IS-2 heavy tank was on the pedestal in Prague for some reason, even in Czech history textbooks it was written that Goncharenko entered the city and died on a T-34/85 model tank with an onboard number 24. There were no heavy IS tanks in the first wave of Soviet troops entering the capital of Czechoslovakia. It was not clear why it was necessary to erect a “wrong” tank on a pedestal, which only once again confirmed for the knowledgeable population the untruthfulness of the version of the liberation of the city proposed by the Communists. What is it? Just stupid? Desire to curry favor with which you overdid it? Or maybe deliberate provocation? After all, there were a lot of suitable “thirty-fours” in the country, even before the beginning of the 70s they were even armed with the Czechoslovak army - draw a number on the tower, and the monument was ready! But no ... But it was precisely this “forgery” that became, in the end, the official reason for the removal of the monument.

And in the same vein, modern leading Russian propagandists continue to behave. Here, for example, from the last one is a direct quote from Dmitry Kiselyov on the demolition of a monument to Soviet Marshal in Prague, the “News of the Week” program, aired on 15.09.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX:

... If it weren’t for Konev’s tank attack on Prague, the fascist German half-million garrison there, which, even by the ninth of May forty-fifth, would not have agreed with the already signed surrender of the German army, would have arranged a "blood bath" in the capital of Czechoslovakia. Indeed, in anticipation of the Soviet troops, an anti-fascist uprising broke out in Prague, but the forces of the townspeople were not comparable with the might of the invading animals.

It is beautifully said ... Brightly ... But it was this statement from the screen that prompted me to write this article. If someone thinks that in Europe, and in the Czech Republic in particular, they do not watch Russian federal television, then this is a big mistake. They look who needs it, especially when it directly concerns themselves. And draw conclusions. And what is so entertaining in what Kiselyov said? And what is interesting is that the whole phrase from the beginning to the end of pure water is a lie. In general, I’m interested, here’s the leading journalist of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, obviously not a stupid person, is he thinking about what he is saying? Or just reading from the screen? Without even delving into everything else, but how does he imagine, for example, a “half-million garrison” in a European city with a total population of less than 1 million people? Are there soldiers of the "beast-occupiers" on all streets in stacks of piles? Or how were they all able to accommodate so much there?

About the same nonsense is regularly brought to the media by a person who holds the position of scientific director of the Russian Military Historical Society, Mikhail Myagkov. If his post was called in another way, the director of propaganda or public relations, for example, would it be even more or less adequate, but with historical science, what does this have in common?

And there are, unfortunately, a huge number of such patriotic figures in Russia. And I fully admit that they really do all this for the best of reasons. But it turns out ... it turns out, as always. Such “patriotism” is rather a “bear service” to one’s own country and one’s own history, in which, without any lies, it is quite enough to be proud of. And especially in the history of World War II, the capture of Prague is not excluded.

But how was it really? Did Konev take Prague or not?

Konev took Prague. The Czech capital, as well as most of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, which was then part of the Third Reich, was liberated from Nazi forces as a result of the large-scale Prague operation of the Soviet army, which involved, in total, more than a million military personnel, almost 400 thousand of which were subsequently awarded the medal “For the Liberation of Prague”. According to various estimates, from 12 to 14 thousand Red Army soldiers lost their lives in these battles. And this is the very truth, absolutely unequivocal and not subject to any doubt. But there are details that still, for unknown reasons, in the Russian Federation prefer to hide, doing the very census of the history of the Second World War, in which they themselves regularly blame everyone around.

Directly in Prague, from May 9 to 11, 1945, no more than 500 soldiers of the Red Army were killed, and one tank was killed - the same one, of the Guard Lieutenant Goncharenko. For the assault on a large industrial and transport hub, and also one of the European capitals, the losses are very small. And it happened so because at the moment when the first Soviet tanks appeared in Prague, they already found in the city itself only the “tails” of German military convoys hastily leaving it. Here with them that happened, which took place to be rare clashes. Then, there was already a “cleansing” of the territory from the armed groups of the enemy, which for some reason could not or did not have time to leave the city before the arrival of the Red Army.

But how did it happen that the "animal invaders" escaped from the city even before the advent of the Soviet troops, without having arranged for their residents a "blood bath" according to the prescription of Mr. Kiselyov? Why was “the German-fascist half-million garrison there, the one that by the ninth of May forty-fifth did not agree with the already signed surrender” precisely on May 9th did not defend itself?

In the framework of even a long article, it is almost impossible to explain all this in detail.

For those who are interested in this topic in detail, I recommend the book “The Last Battle. Who freed Prague? ” (Yauza-Exmo Publishing House, 2017), there I described what was happening in Prague literally every day from May 3 to 9, 1945, based on data from the Czech and German archives. Here I will try to present in the most concise form.

To begin with, no one was going to defend Prague from the very beginning, nor even intentionally eliminate it, as the Soviet propaganda maintained. And this despite Hitler's dying order to turn the Czech capital into a "fortress" - festung. In practice, the matter did not move beyond this order. And the inhabitants of the city themselves, on the morning of May 4, 1945, were absolutely not going to build barricades, much less to fight with the German troops, in anticipation of the arrival of the Red Army, especially considering that up to 40% of the civilian population in the city by May 1945 were ethnic Germans. Below is a link to 2 rare film documents - a video chronicle from Prague, apparently shot on May 2, 1945, as people in the frame read newspaper articles about Hitler’s death already in Czech, and this was officially announced in Germany only on May 1. The nearest front line at that moment was only 150 km from the outskirts of the city, but there were no obvious preparations for active defense in it. Wartime provides only the entrance to the bomb shelter, as well as a large number of military personnel on the streets, although they are all without weapons and not in field uniforms.

The general situation in early May 1945 was such that despite the agreements reached between the allies in Yalta, according to which Czechoslovakia retreated to the Soviet zone of occupation, and Austria into Anglo-American, as a result of the fighting, the Red Army was already in about half of Austrian territory. The US Army, in turn, crossed the border of pre-war Czechoslovakia, and its advanced units were less than 80 km from Prague. And the Soviet units closest to the Czech capital fought hard battles with German troops even more than 200 km from it. Moreover, in a situation where the American troops, unlike the Red Army, the Germans practically did not show any resistance, they, in fact, would only have to get to Prague. In this situation, for many of those who did not have direct access to the headquarters information of the Allies, it seemed that in Prague, albeit temporarily, the Americans would be the first to enter. This was convinced by the Czechs, Germans, as well as the command of the Wehrmacht No. 600, which was arbitrarily withdrawn from the German subordination of the Wehrmacht, who was also the First Division of the Russian Liberation Army (ROA) of the collaborator General Vlasov. And it was precisely in accordance with this conviction that the three above-mentioned participants in the events tried to act in early May 1945. For the German command, the main goal was to withdraw to the west almost a million of their troops who were at that time in the territory of modern Czech Republic. The main Czech transport problem, which has generally survived to this day, is “pragcentrism,” in which all major railways and highways from west to east and from north to south of the country pass exclusively through the capital. In this situation, about 600 thousand people with heavy weapons were supposed to be transported through Prague from the front-line units of Army Group Center Field Marshal Ferdinand Schörner, who was then the last large, integral and fully combat-ready formation of the German armed forces, with a total strength of over 900 thousand soldiers and officers of various branches of the armed forces. Evacuation was also required by the garrison of Prague (about 15 thousand people), a large number of crowded hospitals and hospitals in the city, the German civilian population and numerous refugees from the eastern territories of the Reich. It is not very clear where, in fact, all of these people were still going to be evacuated, but, apparently, the main thing for everyone was just to get away at least somewhere from the advancing Soviet troops. From the German side, initially there was no question of any defense of Prague.

Throughout the Second World War, the Czech patriots of the most diverse, but initially mainly pro-Western sense, counting on the imminent appearance of the Americans in Prague, as well as on the lack of resistance from the Germans engaged in their own evacuation, practically did not declare themselves from inside the country. suddenly they decided to spontaneously take up the division of future power in the country, which, in fact, no one had really offered them yet. This resulted on May 4, 1945, in what was officially called the "Prague Uprising", but in reality it was most of the time simply mass armed street riots, without a specific centralized command and organization. In which various, hastily put together, political groups tried to trivially grab some benefits for themselves in the rapidly approaching “bright future”. Subsequently, a certain appearance of a centralized command of the uprising was created by a group of former officers of the Czech army disbanded in 1939 and members of the Czech People’s Rada, an organization that, in fact, created itself on April 30, 1945, that is, just 4 days before the start of the Prague events, from representatives several pre-war political parties, including the Communists.

The chaos that began in the city, of course, greatly hindered the Germans in their plan of their own evacuation. And, after unsuccessful attempts to reach an agreement with the Czech administration (which, however, still did not control the situation on the streets) to end the riots, the German command decided to harshly suppress the uprising in Prague. The Germans had more than enough forces and means for this, and the rebels themselves were weakly armed and disorganized, so, in principle, they did not represent a real danger to military personnel. This is where the “blood bath” of the Czech rebels promised by Mr. Kiselyov would happen, but for the quick and successful implementation of it, the Germans more than had the strength of the Prague garrison, plus the units that had come to the rescue from nearby military training grounds, only a total of about 30 thousand people. with equipment and heavy weapons. But on May 5, a third party unexpectedly intervened in the Prague events - the ROA division consisting of more than 22 thousand bayonets with artillery, tanks, self-propelled gun mounts and other armored vehicles. The Vlasovites in Prague pursued exclusively their own goals, and initially acted solely in their own plan, clearly worked out in advance. Apparently, the command of the division of collaborators who left the German subordination set themselves the task of quickly compelling the Prague garrison to surrender, which, again, the Vlasovites did not expect much resistance from, and then wait for the arrival of American troops in the city. General Bunyachenko, the commander of the ROA division, was apparently about to hand over the symbolic “key” to the Czech capital he had freed, thereby counting on the protection of the Americans for himself and his people. The appearance in the city of an abnormally large and quite combat-ready Vlasov’s division, in fact, saved the rebellious Czechs from the inevitable reprisal, dramatically changing the balance of power in the city.

Approaching Prague from the west, the ROA regiments immediately went into battle with the German units, and by the end of the next day, May 6, they already controlled the Prague airport in Ruzini, as well as almost the entire left-bank part of Prague, including bridges over the Vltava and the dominant heights. In 1945, left-bank Prague was a fairly sparsely populated part of the city, all the main institutions, industrial enterprises and train stations were located on the right bank of the river dividing the city, but at the same time, the Vlasov’s control over the Vltava bridges completely blocked all German forces, preventing them from going west. And that is what became the biggest "headache" of the German command. The forces of the rebellious "Russian" Wehrmacht division, even with the assistance of the rebels, were clearly not enough to completely capture the city. But to hold for a rather long period of time the left bank of the Vltava, preventing the German troops from crossing, was quite within their reach. And in the conditions of a rapid approach to the city from the east of the Red Army, for the Germans this would be tantamount to a death sentence. During the day of May 7, ROA forces, already with some interaction with local rebels, went on the offensive on the right, eastern bank of the Vltava.

In this situation, all the flows of German units, hastily and massively leaving the Eastern Front, were redirected already bypassing the Czech capital, which greatly impeded their movement. In the city itself, meanwhile, fighting continued. In this situation, the German command was already ready to negotiate with the rebels, not realizing that the ROA and the Czech "revolutionaries" were not at all a single whole, and they did not "play along" with their actions of the Red Army. What, in fact, the soldiers of the ROA are doing in Prague, then neither the Czechs nor the Germans fully understood. Late in the evening of May 7, another significant event took place, again completely changing the situation in the Czech capital. A convoy of the US Army arrived in Prague, consisting of cars, jeeps and several M-8 Greyhound armored vehicles with artillery towers, from the 16th US Army Armored Division. It is from here that the legends about American tanks originated, allegedly participating in the Prague uprising. In fact, this convoy, in agreement with the Germans, was sent for negotiations with the Soviet command in the town of Velikhovka, which is 130 km east of Prague. Arriving in the capital of the then Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, the Americans held a short meeting with the command of the local German garrison, then briefly visited the Bartosz rebel headquarters, and, so to speak, attesting to both sides of the conflict, but without interfering, calmly proceeded further to the main goal of their path. But the main thing is that when passing through warring Prague, the Americans clearly told the Germans, Czechs, and Vlasov that the US army was not going to the city under any circumstances. And this radically changed the whole situation. The very next day, May 8, the ROA forces began to leave the battle in order to leave the city as soon as possible. The German command hastily signed an agreement with the rebels on a ceasefire and the free withdrawal of their forces from Prague, which began to be carried out immediately on the same day. In the leadership of the rebels themselves, in anticipation of the imminent imminent arrival of Soviet troops, all the leading posts were quickly taken over by representatives of the Communist Party. And in the early morning of May 9, the first Soviet tanks with an armored landing party entered Prague. That's all.

What is Marshal to blame

Of course, there can be no talk of any liberation of Prague by the Vlasovites. The ROA forces, even at the time of the maximum development of their own offensive, together with the armed Czechs, controlled no more than 30% of the city. Moreover, it was the rebellious Russian collaborators, in fact, who saved the Czech insurgents from the inevitable destruction, and it was the appearance in Prague of a whole division of Vlasovites with a full range of heavy weapons that made the German garrison command sit down at the negotiating table with the Czechs. And, of course, not from the disorganized and weakly armed Czech patriots, the maximum number of which is “under arms”, even the most optimistic Czech historians determine about 15 thousand people, and not from the ROA soldiers, thousands of Wehrmacht and SS soldiers fled the city. They escaped from the advancing Soviet troops, from participants in the very “Prague operation” of the Red Army. And therefore, it was as a result of its holding that the Czech capital was cleared of Nazi troops. And in no other way. And this is the merit, including Marshal Ivan Stepanovich Konev. So what is there to hide? And the fact that the capture of the last of the European capitals was almost bloodless can only be rejoiced.

But I didn’t please, see, Marshal Konev Kiselyov, Myagkov and other cheers-patriots - ugly took Prague. Neither a bloody bathhouse, nor a crushed “half-million garrison” for you, the date is no longer suitable - it’s been late for a whole day, and even the traitors from Vlasov spoil the whole picture of their magnificent liberation with their appearances ... And why did he then in Prague monument? - It's my pleasure. Let the Czechs demolish. It’s better to lie further, but it’s beautiful ... The truth is with her, and with Prague, and with the marshal ...

So, probably, these people somehow argue. Otherwise, I can’t explain it to myself. And the results of their “patriotic” activities we then sadly see on television. And we'll see for sure.

In the presence of such patriots, all "Russophobes" can only clap their hands ...
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  1. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 19 September 2019 09: 43
    And TIME really puts everything in its place - no matter how you paint the facade with propaganda, the truth still manifests itself ...
    1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 19 September 2019 17: 35
      truth still manifests ...

      From their side, it has long been manifested and not from the best side, they have repeatedly, showed their true insides.
    2. Warrior Offline Warrior
      Warrior 1 June 2020 08: 06
      The TRUTH is one ....
      DON'T DESTROY the USSR of the Nazis in Europe and in Germany itself, would not have been freed from the German fascists and Prague, together with all of Czechoslovakia ....
      It is clearly written after all that the Nazis RUN from Prague from the Soviet (Red) Army, and not from Vlasov (ROA), who themselves, like the German fascists, fled from the Soviet Army to the Americans.
      If the Soviet Army and Konev hadn’t come in time, then the Czechs who rose in revolt in Prague would have been DESTROYED by the German fascists, together with the cowardly Vlasovites who expected that the Americans would liberate Prague and be counted ...
      I don’t understand why the Czechs do not blame the Americans, who DID NOT come to their aid in Prague, although they were 80 km from it?
  2. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) 19 September 2019 11: 48
    Thanks to the author for the article !!! Clear and intelligible! There should be no white spots, this is our past ...
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 19 September 2019 12: 28
      You are welcome! One addition: for some reason, the admin didn’t manage to attach both videos that were there. And the first, in my opinion, is much more revealing. Link below to both

      1. Warrior Offline Warrior
        Warrior 1 June 2020 07: 50
        It is necessary to ALL monuments to the whites, as well as to the Poles (Katyn), on the territory of Russia to DESTROY - for us they were and remain ENEMIES ....
    2. Warrior Offline Warrior
      Warrior 1 June 2020 08: 16
      The author did not write anything special ...
      He only confirmed that if the Soviet Army had not arrived in Prague in time with Konev, the Czechs who had raised the uprising, hoping for the help of the Americans, the German fascists, who alone in Prague had about 1 million people, DESTROYED, together with the Vlasovites (ROA). ..
      Therefore, the Czechs should be eternally grateful to the Soviet Army and Konev, who REALLY liberated Prague and ALL Czechoslovakia from the German fascists ....
  3. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 19 September 2019 17: 32
    The monument to Marshal Konev is not demolished by Czech Russophobes, but by Russian propaganda

    That's how, now they have learned to turn around, from their actions and deeds, hiding behind, by subspecies, our propaganda. And so, the article turned out informative.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 19 September 2019 17: 55
      They just do not hide behind this. Some of us need to think about the meaning of the proverb "Having lied once, who will believe you?" This is the problem.
      1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 19 September 2019 18: 01
        They just do not hide behind it.

        Well, yes, they openly support the Natsiks, there is such a thing on their part.

        Some of us need to think about the meaning of the proverb "Having lied once, who will believe you?"

        And here, in more detail, please, please, how this is manifested, that the West began to rewrite history and began to refute all our actions.
      2. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 19 September 2019 18: 19
        Alexey, of course you have an interesting look at this problem. Perhaps you are right in something (at least about who should monitor the monuments).
      3. Warrior Offline Warrior
        Warrior 1 June 2020 07: 44
        Here they are ALWAYS and LIE, and rewrite HISTORY for themselves, so I DO NOT BELIEVE them ...
    2. Sake Offline Sake
      Sake (Sake) 15 November 2019 14: 39
      We must remind the majority of the Russian public that n.n. "Russophobia" is a cart on a trailer near the "Russian world". While there were no aspirations in the Russian Federation to transfer borders, the countries of the former "socialist camp" were tolerant of the Soviet legacy. But as soon as Russian troops captured Crimea and unleashed a war with Ukraine, they remembered along the perimeter of the western borders that there was no liberation in 45, but there was a new occupation, but now Soviet. In the Baltic countries, Poland and especially in Ukraine, processes of accelerated de-Sovietization began, the monuments of the Soviet era began to be demolished and moved, streets were given new names. The conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine has already accelerated the process of de-Russification in Ukraine, with which I congratulate the local people! Every Ukrainian killed in his own land is 1000 new Russophobes! By the way, last year the last street of the Soviet era, Furmanov, was renamed, thus, the process of de-Sovietization in Kazakhstan went quietly and without dust, there was nothing left that would remind of the "great achievements" of the Soviet period.
      It must be reminded here that the liberators are liberating, they are grateful and they go home, if this does not happen, then this is a new occupation. But as we know, in the history of Russia they never returned voluntarily from where the Russian boot stepped, they only drove them out or kicked out! Worse, the Russian is in the habit of evicting the indigenous population and populating Russians in their homes, which, in fact, is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions on the conduct of wars.
      1. Warrior Offline Warrior
        Warrior 1 June 2020 07: 01
        In the Donbass, the damned Bandera neo-fascists staged a civil war and a genocide of civilians.
        Therefore, in Ukraine ALL Bandera will be destroyed, and Ukraine itself will fall apart and disappear as a state.
      2. House 25 Sq. 380 (House 25 Sq. 380) 21 August 2020 09: 57
        there is nothing left that would remind of the "great achievements" of the Soviet period

        Except for Kazakhstan itself)))
      3. Ivan Ivanov_20 Offline Ivan Ivanov_20
        Ivan Ivanov_20 (Ivan Ivanov) 29 March 2021 18: 24
        Well, you ... Whom did the Russians evict? Kazakhs? Kirgizov? Armenians? Yakuts? Who was forbidden to speak their native language? In which republic was the national language not the state language? Where were there no national universities, film studios, writers' unions?
        And the monuments to the Russian world - roads, factories, cities, gradually falling into decay, after the departure of the Russian world .... :)))
        In the USSR, the Russian Federation lived the worst of all, and now it is better than any former republic. This is the question of who oppressed whom ...
  4. Yuri Mikhailovsky (Yuri Mikhailovsky) 19 September 2019 18: 27
    Time then, on May 9, 1945, EVERYTHING put in place.
    1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 19 September 2019 18: 34
      Quote: Yuri Mikhailovsky
      Time then, on May 9, 1945, EVERYTHING put in place.

      Exactly, May 9 always shows the true course of the war and the essence of it all.
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 19 September 2019 19: 35
        I absolutely agree with this. And I also agree with the fact that they are trying to rewrite. And it just infuriates me just the same, and I argue with them the same way.
        But I do not understand, why OUR LIE about the Second World War? To lie, in fact, in the little things, is that just, in principle, does not change anything. But on the other hand, the very fact that they are caught by us on completely concrete and absolutely primitive examples on primitive lies, then gives them the right to question everything else ... Why give such reasons? I’m talking about this mainly ...
        1. Savigne Offline Savigne
          Savigne 19 September 2019 21: 45
          But I do not understand, why OUR LIE about the Second World War?

          And "yours", who is this?
          If the Bolsheviks, Communists and scoops, then their very tale about the Second World War is pure lies. Which is not necessary to check, everything lies on the surface.
          The Soviet-German war, which the Bolsheviks called "Great, and even Patriotic" out of some fright, ended on September 24.09.1941, 2. It did not end with the defeat or victory of the USSR, it ended with the entry of the USSR into WWXNUMX on the side of the Anglo-Saxons.
          Here immediately a nuisance for the Bolsheviks, a position subordinate to the Anglo-Saxons. And the unenviable role of "cannon fodder of the Anglo-Saxons in Europe", similar to the Chinese in Asia and the Ethiopian in Africa.
          Therefore, joining WW2 was "forgotten", and the shabby people continued to tell the tale about the Second World War.
          But if in 1945 the Second World War ended, then it turns out that the Anglo-Saxons also participated in it. After all, they were allies for the USSR.
          But they did not participate in it unambiguously. Because they fought with Germany long before the start of the Second World War. Britain since September 1939. And the USA (hybrid) since March 1941.
          So, the allies of the USSR, USA and Britain were 2MB each. And it was she who ended on 08.05.1945/XNUMX/XNUMX
          What is indicative of the section of the fruits of victory - what if the Allied occupation zones could have occurred if the Great Patriotic War ended, if they did not participate in the Great Patriotic War?
          Therefore, the USSR lies in everything. Including and on the Great Patriotic War.
          But the world more or less knows the real story. He doesn't mind telling her to the scoops. But the scoops do not want to know the real story. They want to know only a funny set of Soviet tales. And attempts to tell them a real story, in fact to teach them, they call "attempts to rewrite history."
          They are strange creatures, these scoops. Natural adherents of the pseudo-religious cult. Sectarians, in short.
          1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 19 September 2019 22: 45
            "OUR" for me today is the representatives of the Russian Federation, and all those who consider this to be their Motherland, although I was born and raised in the USSR and Russia, both by name and by state, I still perceive it somehow strange ... Apparently , it will remain so.
            About the Second World War and the Second World War, I partially agree with you - the USSR really was a participant in the Second World War from its very beginning to the very end. And in the beginning it was precisely as the one who attacked the neighboring states. That is why we have always talked about the Second World War, everything turned out "more beautiful" there: they attacked us, we defended ourselves, and so on. And the term itself is really an invention of Soviet propaganda. Nevertheless, WWII is a completely legal term for one of the parts of what is called World War II, its most important part for us and for the European continent. It is likely that for the British the "Battle of Britain" is more important, and for the Chinese the war in Southeast Asia ... Everyone has a right to it. The rest of what you wrote is, sorry, complete nonsense ...

            the world knows the real story more or less

            - the fact of the matter is that he does not know. Neither history nor geography. If you mean what is called "West". But they, in fact, do not want to know it. And Russia, unfortunately, having embarked on the "western" path of development, rushed there ... Recently, there is some hope that it will come to its senses. But I'm personally not sure if it's not too late ...
            1. Savigne Offline Savigne
              Savigne 19 September 2019 23: 53
              The USSR was indeed a participant in World War II from the very beginning to the very end.

              Not at all. I remind you that France and Britain declared war on Germany, but the USSR did not. Therefore, the USSR was not involved in this process (2MB) in 1939. There was a local Soviet-Polish war, but it took place OUTSIDE THE 2MB FRAME.
              At the same time, the same Poles and Germans fought in Poland as part of 2MB.
              Well, what to do - politics is a delicate matter. And the British guys are prudent. They needed a German skin. But Soviet, no. From this and a different approach to those who attacked Poland. In addition, the British needed spare cannon fodder in Europe (the Poles were clearly not pulled, and the French were unreliable). And once again, they correctly calculated everything.
              And in WWII the USSR joined the Anglo-Saxons on 2, signing the Atlantic Charter. Actually, he began to ask for allies to them as early as the end of June (so strongly Dzhugashvilya was sure of the final victory over the Germans). But they did not take him to their allies, at first they demanded to abandon Zap. Ukraine, Zap. Belarus (refused the Maykoy-Sikorsky agreement of July 24.09.1941, but then, in 1941, received these lands back in exchange for the reparation lands of Germany), then, from the Baltic states (refused, pledging to hold an independent referendum after the war in the Baltic states, but then then forgot about it).

              Nevertheless, the Second World War is a completely legal term for one of the parts of what is called World War II.

              No, the Second World War, this is the war that the USSR waged from 22.06.1941/24.09.1941/2 to 1939/2/24.09.1941, and WW08.05.1945, this is another phenomenon that began in September 1941. These two wars do not intersect in any way, they were waged in parallel to each other. And the USSR participated in WWXNUMX in Europe from XNUMX to XNUMX, i.e. one war for the USSR flowed into a completely different war. This is because the Soviet Union itself did not extend the Soviet-German war (WWII) independently. For deliveries in the summer and September XNUMX (they went for money, but on credit), the USSR then calculated long and tedious.

              It is likely that the British are more important "Battle of Britain",

              But this is just the stage of 2MB. Unlike WWII.

              The rest you have written, I'm sorry, complete nonsense ...

              Nothing like this. Everything is correct and logical there. But it breaks the pattern for you, so you don’t perceive logic and truth. Nothing, somehow over time you realize what and how it really was.

              the fact of the matter is that he does not know.

              The fact of the matter is that he knows. And only the victims of "the world's best education" don't know a damn thing. Rather, they only know a set of funny Soviet tales instead of history.

              And Russia, unfortunately, having embarked on the "western" path of development

              Which way of development?
              There is no western way. There is a development of civilization and its degradation.
              In Russia (through the USSR) we had a tremendous degradation of man and society. It is a shame to say, in 20 in Europe there was a place to be a slave society! This does not climb into any gates. This is Europe, after all. But, nevertheless, you won’t throw words out of a song - Soviet socialism is one of the varieties of the slave-owning OEF. And the system of slavery in Europe lasted until the end of the 20th century. Until the death of the USSR.

              Recently, there is some hope that will come to its senses.

              Want back to slavery?
              Well, yes, the footman from the "Hussars" also did not want to get free.
              Slavery, it’s in the genes. Two generations are necessary, under favorable conditions, for slavery to leave the genes (even Moses knew this). Therefore, the scoop will leave 50 years after the death of the USSR. This is if you're lucky. And if you are not lucky, then it is not known when. But it will definitely leave. Insanity always ends. Or cure, or death. But it does not happen forever.
              1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
                Pishenkov (Alexey) 20 September 2019 09: 37
                You know ... how could I say so softly, you really upset me ... After this

                The USSR was not involved in this process (2MB) in 1939. There was a local Soviet-Polish war, but it took place OUTSIDE THE 2MB FRAME.
                At the same time, the same Poles and Germans fought in Poland as part of 2MB.

                and this

                The Second World War is the war that the USSR waged from 22.06.1941/24.09.1941/2 to 1939/2/24.09.1941, and WW08.05.1945, this is another phenomenon that began in September XNUMX. These two wars do not intersect, they were fought in parallel to each other. And the USSR participated in WWXNUMX in Europe from XNUMX to XNUMX, i.e. one war for the USSR flowed into a completely different war. This is because the Soviet Union itself did not extend the Soviet-German war (WWII) independently.

                ... the rest I, apologize, did not even read, which I usually do not. In my life on this subject I saw a lot of different nonsense, but you just surpassed it all in one fell swoop. Congratulations. It simply sucks the highest test ... No, it does not suck, it’s better than Azstoy, with a capital letter ... To bring you some arguments and prove something, in this particular case, there is clearly no sense No.
                Here I recently heard the phrase "... it's useless, like playing chess with pigeons - all the same, the pieces will be scattered, they will shit on the board and fly away ..." - this is just the case.
                So, thank you, I will not answer you anymore ...
                1. Savigne Offline Savigne
                  Savigne 20 September 2019 16: 45
                  Quote: Pyshenkov
                  In my life on this subject I saw a lot of different nonsense, but you just surpassed it all in one fell swoop. Congratulations. It simply sucks the highest test ... No, it does not suck, it’s better to Aztoy, with a capital letter ... To bring you some arguments and prove something, in this particular case, there is clearly no sense

                  You won't succeed. You are simply poorly educated, because you received not education, but "Soviet education" (such a surrogate). Which is "the best in the world", as you know.
                  Those. you know something from what Ulyanov, Marx and Engels wrote. But you practically do not know the materiel. Those. subject of conversation.
                  Therefore, nothing to prove to you, and even more so, to refute the facts cited to you, will fail. Qualification is not the same.
                  1. plabu Offline plabu
                    plabu 6 November 2019 23: 49
                    Whoever wrote about qualifications))) a set of stamps, not even mossy, but moldy with you, but ambitions ... - however, these are your problems, although you do not like Soviet education, but you haven’t yet demonstrated, so repeat your set of mantras further on your own ...
                  2. The comment was deleted.
          2. plabu Offline plabu
            plabu 6 November 2019 23: 44
            Essentially, almost the entire author of the article has written to you, study it)
          3. Sake Offline Sake
            Sake (Sake) 15 November 2019 14: 49
            Totally agree with you!
          4. Warrior Offline Warrior
            Warrior 1 June 2020 07: 34
            You are the one who sells your fascist "tales" here.
            The USSR is the first state of workers in the world, created for the people, and not for the capitalist thieves, because it, like a "bone in the throat", hindered the capitalists.
            It was for its destruction that the capitalists purposefully raised Hitler, armed him, gave him ALL capitalist Europe to help him and set him on the USSR, which was forced to defend itself and, as a result, the Soviet people, the Red Army, led by iron Stalin and the socialist system, VICTORY all European fascists, having finished off Hitler in his lair - in Berlin, and LIBERATED THE SIGNIFICANT part of Europe from the Nazis and capitalists, which WELCOME the European peoples freed from capitalism ...
            Eternal Glory to the USSR, the Soviet people, the Red Army and Stalin!
          5. Xo-xo Offline Xo-xo
            Xo-xo (Yovan) 28 July 2020 00: 43
            SavIgn, you remained illiterate, studying, apparently, in Soviet times. This is my own fault, there is nothing to blame on the Bolsheviks, who, they say, are guilty of something ... Live easier, and people will be drawn to you. Perhaps you will become more literate!
          6. Ivan Ivanov_20 Offline Ivan Ivanov_20
            Ivan Ivanov_20 (Ivan Ivanov) 29 March 2021 18: 33
            Britain from September 1939 And the USA (hybrid) from March 1941 - yeah, participated in ...
            "strange" as they called it themselves, the war without a single shot, but with football matches between the Germans and the British ... :)))
            And the United States traded with Germany in a hybrid for billions of dollars for 44 years.
            it was she who ended on 08.05.1945/2/02.09.45 - De Bill ears, teach materiel. World War II ended on XNUMX. :))
            The generation of the Unified State Exam has grown up, it has begun to be clever ...
      2. Sake Offline Sake
        Sake (Sake) 15 November 2019 14: 46
        Without Anglo-Americans, there would have been no May 9, 45, and there would have been a complete defeat and prostration, like October 16, 41 in Moscow.
        1. plabu Offline plabu
          plabu 19 July 2020 08: 05
          Quote: Sake
          Without Anglo-Americans, there would have been no May 9, 45, and there would have been a complete defeat and prostration, like October 16, 41 in Moscow.

          Personally, even a study of historical facts is unlikely to help you - you have everything running, but this is purely your problem. hi
    2. Savigne Offline Savigne
      Savigne 19 September 2019 21: 49
      May 9, 1945, EVERYTHING put in place.

      And what's up? As far as history knows. 09.05.1945/XNUMX/XNUMX, nothing historically significant happened in the world.
      If anything, 2MB in Europe ended on 08.05.1945/XNUMX/XNUMX
      The Second World War ended on September 24.09.1941, XNUMX.
      1. kartalovkolya Offline kartalovkolya
        kartalovkolya 21 September 2019 08: 16
        Somehow I heard from one old and wise woman words directly relating to you and people like you:

        ... there are a lot of educated now, but very few smart ones ...!
        1. Savigne Offline Savigne
          Savigne 23 September 2019 14: 13
          Quote: kartalovkolya
          there are a lot of educated now, but very few smart ones ...!

          Another uneducated, not even knowing the basics of history.
          1. plabu Offline plabu
            plabu 6 November 2019 23: 52
            Your attempts to disprove something are nothing more than ridiculous - learn the materiel)
      2. plabu Offline plabu
        plabu 6 November 2019 23: 51
        Your ignorance is your problem)
      3. plabu Offline plabu
        plabu 19 July 2020 08: 10
        Quote: Savigne
        May 9, 1945, EVERYTHING put in place.

        And what's up? As far as history knows. 09.05.1945/XNUMX/XNUMX, nothing historically significant happened in the world.
        If anything, 2MB in Europe ended on 08.05.1945/XNUMX/XNUMX
        The Second World War ended on September 24.09.1941, XNUMX.

        Not for you to identify yourself with the whole world - but did you get in the way of studying the dates and time zones of your education at the fence-building institute?
        Well, it happens, do not worry so, it was not so for everyone ...
        Maybe it will pass for you - then maybe ...
  5. art_2 Offline art_2
    art_2 (Mikhail Yuryevich Artemyev) 13 January 2021 22: 46
    These are not people.
  6. chakryzhnik Offline chakryzhnik
    chakryzhnik (chakryzhnik) 6 August 2021 16: 44
    The most important anti-Sovietists, historians and Russophobes have settled in the Moscow Kremlin and the State Duma.
    Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised at in this situation.