Our answer to Ilon Mask

It's no secret that Americans are ahead of the rest in matters of PR, marketing and of technologies. The launch into space of a private space company electric vehicle Tesla Roadster created a worldwide sensation.

Our answer to Ilon Mask

This event raises a number of important questions that need answers.

How could it even happen that a private space company could take place in such a short period of time?

How did a private American company reduce the cost of startups and take away a number of contracts from Roscosmos?

How will Roskosmos respond to its SpaceX rival? And can it?

For comparison, we have two models of management effectiveness - American and modern Russian.

American managers are able to create a competitive product and are able to competently sell it. By launching Tesla into space, Ilon Musk simultaneously advertised two of his projects at once to the whole world - Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

What are our managers able to do, whose “effectiveness” has long become a byword in the heathens? Write yourself huge salaries and huge bonuses? Choose contractors whose beneficiaries are their friends and relatives? Carry out such personnel policies in organizations, as a result of which old, trusted specialists are dismissed and empty-headed majeure majors of the “Pepsi generation” are taken in their place? Is it any wonder that rockets fall due to the fact that defective components are placed in them or high-quality components are placed, but upside down?

Managers of American companies earn by selling their goods and services, as well as attracting investor funds. Russian "effective managers", as a rule, earn by mastering budgets.

So what can Roskosmos answer Ilon Mask?

Noteworthy is the appointment in 2014 of the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov, who, from 2009 to 2013. was the head of AvtoVAZ. Strictly speaking, Komarov, like Elon Musk, "also made cars," but cars are different. You can send Lada Kalina into space, but it will not become a good machine and sales will not grow in principle.

It is alarming that Igor Komarov’s experience at AvtoVAZ was so successful that they decided to extrapolate it to Roscosmos. Evil tongues say that this appointment is a step towards the privatization of Roscosmos. This can be done by restructuring the organization, highlighting profitable areas and their corporatization under the slogan "to attract three private rubles per state ruble."

And then the “effective managers” of the joint-stock company will decide for themselves what to do with the company. And it is possible that in a few years we will hear that the privatized Russian space will require additional investments, for example, from Chinese or Arab investors. There is nothing to be surprised at after 20 percent of Rosneft first went into the hands of the Qatari, and then the Chinese.

Does our country need RosKitaArabkosmos?

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