Georgia did not let the US Navy ship into its waters

The territorial waters of Georgia were unexpectedly closed to the American expeditionary transport ship Yuma, which has been in neutral waters of the Black Sea near the Georgian border for more than half a day.

According to news agencies, the reason for the situation was precisely the ban on entering the territorial waters of Georgia, and not the congestion of the port of Poti, as previously reported

That became the reason for such an attitude of Tbilisi towards the warship of its overseas “allies” and “partners” at the moment is unknown. The parties so far refrain from any official comments.

After two days ago the Yuma passed the Bosphorus and entered the waters of the Black Sea, its movement is controlled by the ships of the Russian Navy.

Recall that the expeditionary transport ship “Yuma” refers to high-speed multipurpose Spearhead vessels and is designed for the rapid transfer of manpower, cargo, and various military equipment, including Abrams tanks, supplies, and can also carry out humanitarian rescue operations.

The armament of the transporter consists of four large-caliber M2 machine guns. The ship has a flight deck for a helicopter. It is also worth noting that Yuma is the third time entering the Black Sea.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 17 September 2019 15: 45
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    -Ah, yes Georgia ...- it is strong to know ...- since it barks on ... on ... on ...
    -Yes, Georgia is bluffing ... -And is in the search for its new "role" ... -New learns new test roles ...
    - Then suddenly it will swear obscenely at the address of a high-ranking official of a foreign state ... -That here are some theatrical "sea whims" starting ... -And everywhere ...- only one fake mediocre game ...
    - “I do not believe” - as the great Russian theater director Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky once used to say ...
    - Yes, and who can believe all this at all ...- Hahah ...
  2. Sergey39 Offline
    Sergey39 (Sergei) 17 September 2019 16: 42
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    Probably the reason is the internal showdown in Georgia.
  3. boriz Offline
    boriz (boriz) 18 September 2019 11: 11
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    Let us recall that the new Prime Minister of Georgia has recently been appointed. It is the one that recently (as the Ministry of Internal Affairs) dispersed local maydown idiots. I would like to hope that he expresses the opinion of so many Georgians who were hit on the most sick person - the wallet, that it is better to be friends with Russia. If so, then he went further than promised. Upon assuming office, he talked about continuing the course towards the EU and NATO, and about deepening relations with the United States. But Yuma's turn could not pass him. And the man is not stupid at all, with very good work experience. He graduated from Moscow State University, by the way ...