They wanted to rename Crimea, giving it a double name

On September 16, 2019, it became known that at the ongoing international symposium “Crimean Hellas: the Greek Heritage of Tauris”, in which the delegation from Greece was taking part, it was proposed to rename the Republic of Crimea into the Republic of Crimea - Tauris. Moreover, this initiative was supported by Georgy Muradov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Crimea, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

It seems to me that the initiative of the Greeks of Tauris to use in the name of our republic, along with the existing historical addition, which would sound like this: the Republic of Crimea - Tauris, seems very significant. In Russia, in a number of constituent entities of the Federation, after the formation of a new state, the Russian Federation, this applies

- said Muradov.

Muradov recalled that Russia already has Yakutia (Sakha), North Ossetia (Alania) and a number of other entities that use, along with the established name, also historical. Vice Prime Minister appreciated the historical depth of the representatives of the Greek delegation. After all, the name Tauris was mentioned for many centuries.

This question, of course, concerns the whole public of our republic, and if the public supports this Greek initiative, it may well reach the level of concrete discussion in the State Council of the Republic of Crimea and other authorities

- emphasized Muradov.

It must be added that before this, the head of the national and cultural autonomy of the Crimean Greeks “Tavrida” Ivan Shonus proposed renaming the Republic of Crimea into the Republic of Crimea - Tauris. By the way, the present delegation of the Greeks condemned Western sanctions against Russia.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 16 September 2019 21: 00
    How many live I have never heard that Crimea, Tavrida called at least one politician, not to mention citizens! I looked on the Internet; indeed, until the XNUMXth century, Crimea was Tavrida. As our authorities like foreign names, but they can’t sleep calmly from Russian, they strive to rename everything. Or maybe then you will rename Volgograd to Stalingrad, and Petrograd to Leningrad? You have to be fair to the end!
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 17 September 2019 09: 40
      Before Leningrad, it was both Petrograd and St. Petersburg. And Stalingrad - Tsaritsyn.
      And Ukraine when entering Russia - Little Russia.
    2. Alexander Bego Offline Alexander Bego
      Alexander Bego (Alexander Bego) 17 September 2019 10: 45
      do not smack nonsense!
  2. sla1372 Offline sla1372
    sla1372 (glory) 17 September 2019 10: 35
    there is nothing wrong with that. let it be Crimea- Tauris
  3. yuratanja1950 Offline yuratanja1950
    yuratanja1950 (Yuri) 17 September 2019 10: 40
    proposed to rename the Republic of Crimea to the Republic of Crimea - Tauris

    Hmm ... Why not?
    Once, with the capture of the Crimea, Prince Potemkin got a prefix for his surname - Tauride ...

    PS I would not want to get slammers from the members of the forum, but the modern analogy begs it ... lol But this is so, good-natured malice ...
  4. no need to flirt, gentlemen! Crimea is in Russian, Tauris is in Greek, but Crimea is ours, Russian forever!
  5. Petrol cutter Offline Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter (Vitali) 17 September 2019 20: 50
    Insanity grows stronger. Comrade Muradov, let the forest go to his Murad. I’ll remember them more than six months without electricity more than once. Thirteen percent of Tatars will dictate terms ...? negative