Oil production in Saudi Arabia collapsed twice after drone attacks at refineries

The result of the night drone attack on the Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco most likely came as a surprise even to the organizers of the terrorist attack.

According to the Saudi Arabian Minister of Energy, Abdel Aziz bin Salman, the oil and gas company was forced to suspend the work of two enterprises as a result of the attack, which led to a 50% reduction in oil production.

In addition, associated gas production was discontinued in an amount sufficient to produce 700 thousand barrels of liquefied natural gas.

On Monday, it will become clear how world exchanges will respond to the event. However, it can now be assumed that oil prices will go up.

Despite the fact that the attack was carried out from the territory of Yemen, and the Hussite rebels took responsibility for it, the US administration, in the person of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, blamed Iran for the terrorist attack, declaring an “unprecedented attack” on the world energy market.

At the same time, Pompeo pretended to never hear of the presumption of innocence. His entire argument against Tehran boils down to the fact that there is no evidence that the drone launches were committed from Yemen. However, the presence of convincing argumentation never bothered Americans.

Recall that in the morning of September 14, explosions that led to a fire occurred at the enterprises of the Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco in Abkaik and Khurais. The authorities said that this was the result of an attack by drones.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 15 September 2019 13: 02
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    - Nothing unexpected ... - everything is as if written ...
    - Personally, I have already written in the topic "The USA are defeated on the oil front against Russia" dated August 9, 2019 that

    ... that the United States can easily play not by lowering, but by increasing the price of Brent crude oil ...
    - Yes, they will lift sanctions from Iran, declare themselves the main reseller (Saudi Arabia will easily meet them) and at a good price will start buying oil from Iran; for some time pushing aside China, India, Japan ... and ... and setting a good price per barrel ... and lowering its dollar as much as possible (at the same time the price of Urals oil will fall ... "into the abyss" ) ...
    - And where then is Russia with its cheap Urals spread ???

    Today it’s just the time for Americans to stir up such a thing ... - True, Trump is constantly late with “his actions” and the situation has already changed in many ways (China has begun to show serious activity in relation to Iran) ... but even today it’s similar might work ...
    - Trump will try to drive Russia (such a wholeheartedly devoted to China) out of a number of allies of China; or at least for a while to neutralize Russia, having concerned it with its own Russian serious "oil problems"; and try to start making huge purchases of oil from Iran, lifting many sanctions-restrictions from it ... - as if offering Iran to take Russia's place in the oil market ...
    - What Trump can do well ... - Iran can really push Russia very much (with its “Urals spread”) with its supplies of first-class oil to the international “oil market” ...
    - Well, and there - continue to confront China already in the "new situation" ...