Masons on the Lubyanka and the anger of the Leader: how Stalin fought with mysticism in the NKVD

The mystical and supernatural component in the activities of the most famous and powerful special services of the world always excited the minds and aroused burning interest, both of researchers and ordinary citizens. This interest was especially fueled by the secrecy and mystery of this aspect of the activities of structures, and so, in general, not striving for publicity and openness. Alas, this same moment allows some to openly speculate on this topic and turn around it utterly utter nonsense - they say that since there is no documentary information, then you can invent everything that comes to mind without hesitation.

Of course, we will refrain from such unworthy tricks, and talk about very real things with a clear occult connotation, going on in the bowels of the Soviet special services at the dawn of their formation. And at the same time, we will look for answers to questions about who and why put an end to them.

Truth and fiction, origins and forerunners

As I said above, in the search for materials on this topic, you can easily stumble upon such pearls that even take out the saints. I just can’t forget the little article dedicated to the “bloody secrets of the NKVD”, the author of which completely “danced” in the experiments of Professor Ilya Ivanov. The very one who stubbornly tried to cross the monkey with a man in order to get - either hard workers, able to put to shame Stakhanov's labor valor, or a super-soldier. Riding around the world in plenty, ditching a bunch of folk money on this nonsense (in currency, by the way), and, of course, didn’t get a damn thing. As a result, he escaped with just a link to Alma-Ata, where he died. But he became the prototype of the Bulgakov professor Preobrazhensky. That is the true story. However, the "blood mystery investigators" strongly disagree with her! Everything the professor did, it turns out! As "evidence" is given "a genuine report of a German officer who served in Africa," and faced with "humanoid creatures, extremely small stature, who fought desperately and did not feel the pain of bullets." And also - the testimonies of eyewitnesses who saw "humanoid creatures of extraordinary power working in the mines of the Gulag." According to them, "experiments on crossing continued as directed by the NKVD leadership in the 60-70s." Well, after the "NKVD in the 70s", in principle, we could not have read further. The idiot from the Wehrmacht, of course, ran into the pygmies, and as for the "mutants in the Gulag" ... Was there little prisoners there? And by the way, Ivanov did not finance the NKVD at all, it had no relation to his crazy experiences, but the Council of People's Commissars directly.

Such a scribble tightly, it would seem, discredits any attempts to start a serious conversation about some mysterious things in the work of the Cheka-GPU-NKVD, especially about occultism as such. And yet - it was! They spoiled things like that, and, admittedly, on a large scale. However, before proceeding to a detailed analysis of the subject, with specific examples, names and dates, we should first recall some signs of the time when this all happened. The fascination with mysticism in all its manifestations literally swept the Russian empire from the end of the XNUMXth century and reached a peak in the years preceding the Revolution. The "Silver Age" - Soloviev, Blavatsky, Roerich, Bely, Blok, Gippius, Merezhkovsky ... Philosophers, poets, artists, newly-minted "prophets" and "messiahs" cannot be counted all. Almost all the representatives of the then cultural elite of Russia gave a tribute to esotericism. The devil knows that it just didn’t breed on this shaky and poisonous soil - all kinds of “societies of spiritual knowledge”, spiritualistic “salons”, mystical “circles” and the most natural sects appeared in great numbers, united and disintegrated, confusing minds and casting a shadow over the wattle fence . The Orthodox Church, of course, did not welcome this whole coven in any way, but who among the "cultural people" then paid attention to it? The infection of atheism and atheism began to penetrate into Russia already then, and not with the Bolsheviks. They only accelerated and expanded the process. However, something similar happened in those years all over the world. German national socialism in many ways “grew up” from the exorcists of the occult-mystical societies there, such as Thule. However, this is a slightly different story. Let's get back to what has grown with us ...

Red Cagliostro

The man whose name most serious scholars inextricably associate the esoteric component of the Soviet "punitive organs", of course is Gleb Bokiy. The figure, indeed, is the most colorful. A member of the RSDLP (b) since 1900, Bokii took the most active part in the revolutionary movement. For which he was awarded 12 arrests. I drank all over the place, the links and all that the true "fiery revolutionary" was supposed to go through. After October, Bokiya’s career was connected exclusively with the “organs” - in March 1918 he became deputy chairman of the Petrograd Cheka, and after the assassination of Uritsky took his place. During the Civil years, he headed the special departments of several fronts, and after its completion he “settled” in the capital, having received a high position in the central office of the Cheka, and subsequently, the NKVD. It is from this very moment that, in fact, begins that part of the life and activity of Bokii that interests us. However, I’m lying ... The first data about his connections with terry occultists appeared very, very long before Gleb Ivanovich began to occupy high posts in the Cheka, and indeed before that. During one of the trials devoted to his revolutionary activities (and there were as many as a dozen, as we recall), a pledge of 3 thousand rubles (more than a substantial sum at that time!) Was made by the young Bokiya, except Professor Pavel Mokievsky, a well-known medium in Russia, who organized mass "enlightenment sessions", with training technology hypnosis. According to reliable data, our hero belonged to his best students. Also, George Gurdjieff and Petr Badmaev, the “first magnitude stars” of the occult world of Russia, took a direct part in his fate.

The creation in the structure of the OGPU of a special department, which from the very beginning was headed by Gleb Bokiya, was the initiative of Felix Dzerzhinsky, agreed and approved personally by Vladimir Lenin. In any case, according to the official version, this unit should not have been flying on a broomstick or fortunetelling on coffee grounds, but thoroughly prosaic and, moreover, vital to any special service. Moreover, the one that conducts foreign intelligence and counterintelligence activities. That is - encryption and cryptography. According to reports, considerable success was achieved in this matter by subordinates of Gleb Ivanovich. For example, one of the employees, a talented chemist, managed to solve one of the most important problems of scouts of that time - the destruction of the cipher book. Such often represented voluminous volumes, and, in the event of failure, falling into the hands of the enemy, meant gaining them access to all secret correspondence of the residency. Bokia developed a composition, after processing which thick tomes flashed with a clear flame and turned into a handful of ashes, it was only necessary to bring a lit cigarette to them. However, the department was not limited to research only in areas designated originally for him. They experimented with poisons and psychotropic substances, worked in the direction of influencing the human psyche through hypnosis and various radiation. Over time, the center of gravity of the “Bokiya office”, in which, if he wanted, he could hide (and hid it!) The devil knows what and whom, very distinctly began to shift into mystical and exoteric areas, and he himself began to turn into a kind of red count Cagliostro - perhaps that with a mandate, in a leather jacket and with a Mauser.

From Shambhala to Hyperborea

Surely, to a large extent this was facilitated by the appearance in Bokii's entourage of another extremely interesting personality - Alexander Barchenko. This character was generally a physician by training, but showed the greatest activity in his research, again, in those areas that concerned various ways of influencing the human brain and controlling its behavior. It was on this subject that he “moved” first to the rostrum of the Brain Institute, and then to the position of either the chief consultant, or even the deputy “for science” of Bokii himself. This was preceded by the following event: Barchenko embarked on a scientific expedition to the Kola Peninsula, the purpose of which was to establish the causes of the so-called "polar rabies" or, as the locals called it, "frivolities." This is a serious mental disorder, quite specifically described by researchers of the North, the same Raul Amundsen, for example. Being in this state, people completely lost control of themselves and committed senselessly aggressive actions, killing and mutilating their own comrades and associates. What Barchenko dug up there on Kola, is not known to anyone exactly. There are at least two versions. According to one, he really received some data revealing the essence of the phenomenon, and possibly the key to managing it. However, more skeptical researchers are inclined to believe that, after being summoned to high classrooms in the Lubyanka after a scientific report, Barchenko scribbled there with three boxes about the "incredible and fantastic" discoveries he made in the North - almost about the real traces of ancient Hyperborea. This is easy to believe, given that, in addition to science, he indulged in literature, and just in the form of science fiction novels. This one could ...

Since then, as they say, it started. It is not known for certain which of the two, either Barchenko, or Bokiy himself, was more obsessed with the idea of ​​searching for the unknown Shambhala, supposedly located somewhere in the mountains of mysterious Tibet and inhabited entirely by “supermen”, possessing absolutely incredible abilities, including in the field of parapsychology. Thrown into the “masses” by violent apologists, the doctrine of the “wise elders of Tibet”, capable of either saving or destroying humanity, like Madame Blavatsky and her many followers, turned out to be extremely popular and tenacious. The same German Nazi mystics were literally crazy about her. “Shambaloids” from the NKVD were also bursting into the mountains. However, here they were expected by the most severe bummer - Chicherin, responsible for organizing the expedition to the East, the People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs, once thoughtfully talking to Barchenko, saw in him either an ordinary charlatan, or simply an overly keen person. Yes, and Shambhala, as such, was the People’s Commissar, sorry, to the stove. He was interested in a completely different project: an attempt to find a common language with the Buddhists there and captivate them with the ideas of the “world revolution” in order to take very concrete joint actions to kindle a “fire” in the East. The expedition was led by Roerich, which, however, did not contribute to its success. For the Dalai Lama, the Moscow envoys were not allowed to take a cannon shot, and for some reason, their co-religionists did not like the idea of ​​the “bow” in the spirit of “Buddhism-Communism”. Bokii and Barchenko had to be content with more modest routes, such as the Crimea, Altai, and again, the Kola Peninsula. In all the places visited, organized by the Chekists' expeditions, it seemed, extremely fascinating things were discovered - either the "gates of time", or gates to another dimension, or the ancient pyramids, or something else. Solid Hyperborea, in a word ...

Masons in the Lubyanka and the anger of the Leader

The special department of Bokiya, more and more beginning to look like some kind of witching coven, frolic in this way for a rather long time. They “examined” mediums, shamans and healers, set up “experiments” that gave away the most natural devilry. Tables turned, ghosts were called, spirits were interrogated ... But along the way, they organized new expeditions on the principle of "go there, I don’t know where, find that, I don’t know what." Each such “research” escapade cost, by the way, according to some sources, a hundred thousand full-fledged Soviet rubles. It is reliably known that Bokii, for the entire existence of the special department, was refused only once to finance his crazy undertakings. Is it any wonder that, within the walls of the department, Gleb Ivanovich had more than enough envious people, ill-wishers, as well as those who believed that he was engaged in the most complete nonsense, blowing up people's money? But okay, just that. On top of that, Alexander Barchenko has gone too far so that he has set up an ambitious secret occult organization right in the walls of the NKVD! It was called “United Labor Brotherhood”, it was something like a Masonic lodge (and Barchenko belonged to the Masons unambiguously), and also sought to either get to Shambhala through spiritual enlightenment, or vice versa - to enlighten in Shambhala, it does not matter. The point was that everything smacked of it, from the point of view of the state security organs, was extremely bad, because, in addition to his own boss, Bokiya, Barchenko slowly began to involve people in his ETB who were categorically not supposed to be in any secret societies - like a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) Moskvin or deputy People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Stomonyakov. According to some reports, Henry Yagoda, the head of the NKVD, also attended meetings. Also, it seems, Shambhala was fond of ... Well, on the other hand, this type was much more fond of, moreover, you can write about most of his addictions exclusively in publications of the "adult only" category ...

"Sweep" and Bokiya, and Barchenko in 1937 (at the same time as Yagoda, by the way). Gleb Ivanovich to a very large extent contributed to the collapse of his own career with statements, such as: “And what do I need your Stalin? Ilyich put me here! ” Well, Joseph Vissarionovich didn’t like those who publicly talked about such things, and in general, one could understand it ... Although the matter was, of course, not only and not so much in bragging as in Bokia’s tricks with the Trotskyists ( by the same famous Yakov Blyumkin, for example) and in the utterly "muddy" activities of his notorious "special department." Barchenko was "seized" as a freemason and an English spy, but Bokiy signed a verdict on him, as a result of which stated that they were supposed to gather as much as "to blow up the Kremlin from a distance using the energy of atom decomposition." And who submitted this idea? That's right, Barchenko ... Bullshit, you say? Well, maybe. However, the "seeker of Shambhala" was shot a year later Bokiya - in 1938, under Beria, who dealt with each case in great detail, and saved many, among other things, from death and deadlines. But Barchenko did not. And here is another noteworthy detail - before the sentence was carried out, the scientist was given paper and writing utensils, offering to state the most significant personal developments. So - instead of ravings about Hyperborea and ancient civilizations, Barchenko painstakingly painted "a methodology for the influence of a volumetric energy field." Something tells me that it was not about the new principles of communication or something similar, but about weapons. Perhaps - capable of exploding something there at a distance ... By the way, this manuscript disappeared subsequently completely without a trace.

Was Stalin right?

And now, by the way, about espionage. Whether Bokiy and Barchenko had a relationship with foreign intelligence, now, of course, one can no longer find out. However, according to some reports, back in 1935, immediately after the creation by the Nazis of the well-known “Anenerbe”, his boss, Wolfram Sivers, ordered the search and detailed study of all materials about the expeditions and works of Barchenko. So I knew about them. Where from? From whom? The question remains open ... However, God bless them, with spy games. When dispersing the mystical "special department", Stalin and Beria, I am sure, were guided, first of all, by completely different considerations. They were both, as has been said many times, great pragmatists. And to watch calmly how the homegrown “masters of esotericism” frolic for the state cat, they did not intend at all. Would be of benefit! So it wasn’t there ... All the results of numerous expeditions, experiments, and “research” of the warm company of occultists that nested in the NKVD fit into a very rude, but extremely suitable, popular expression: “Zero to zero and horseradish along!” Neither superweapons, nor superknowledge, nor any other intelligible achievements, could bring the Leader to the Leader with all his will. And they spent money, like some military research institute or design bureau, engaged in really useful developments. The country needed new tanks, planes, guns and ships! Bredyatina about the "third eye", "death rays" and "omnipotent Tibetan elders", Joseph Vissarionovich did not warm from any side. Some researchers, by the way, are seriously trying to assert: “Since Bokiya’s activities continued to be financed, it means that it yielded results! Only so secret that they are still classified ... "

Well, what can I say? On the “world revolution”, through the channels of the same Comintern, such tremendous sums were pumped out of the Soviet treasury that Bokii and Barchenko had never dreamed of! And with the same, by the way, the result is absolutely zero. All this lasted until Comrade Stalin stopped this whole mess with an iron hand, quite rightly reasoning that gold and currency were needed for the industrialization and development of the Soviet Union. And let the "world proletariat" deal with its problems somehow somehow. I am sure that exactly the same thing he thought about the mystics of the NKVD. The shop was covered, and since then no one else suffered nonsense there. They fought with the enemies of the people, they caught spies, the Great Patriotic War began - they fought heroically with the Nazis. And to breed devils in cabinets - no, no! Was the Supreme right to slam this occult nest? What do you think? There, in the Third Reich all this filthy bloomed in a riotous color. The runes were explored, they were digging in ancient graves, castles were restored, they were wound in Tibet, in Iceland, in Scandinavia, in the Middle East. They also gathered in Latin America, probably the Incas with the Aztecs, to study for ancient knowledge, but did not have time. The Reichsmark was exhausted - fear alone, how much. To this day, no one has counted, and will not count. After all, in “Reiner” in the Reich who just did not “unfasten” - from the SS to the BMW company. The Führer personally fumbled with astrologers, chasing mystical “objects of power” and the like, believed in horoscopes, in dreams, in chohs, in a whisper of women ... And did this help him greatly? It would be best, of course, to ask him himself - in May of the 45th. But I’m afraid, at that moment, the Führer, who had proclaimed his “millennial Reich” at that moment, was hardly located for conversations on esoteric topics ...

And we defeated the Nazis who drowned in their occultism, and built the greatest country in the world without any mysticism, but with comrade Stalin. So, he was right, I think. Right around ...
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  1. Yuri 5347 Offline
    Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 14 September 2019 18: 56
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    ... Stalin, of course, was in many ways right. But, there are also facts when he spread rot, how much in vain, and certainly talented, and promising - and Korolev was sitting with him, and Tupolev, and many others. So, if there was time and money, perhaps they would have found Shambhala. And further. Petr Badmaev, who helped Bokii, is not an occultist and esoteric, he is a well-known Tibetan physician from Buryatia, he was number 2 doctor in the Russian Empire (together with Botkin he treated the family of Nikolai 2).
    1. Cetron Offline
      Cetron (Peteris) 15 September 2019 16: 57
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      Korolev, Tupolev, and many others sat for inappropriate squandering of funds allocated for development - the results are zero, but I wanted to live well!
      As promising and talented engineers, they sat in SHARAGs, where they achieved well-known results. The executed Kurchevsky behaved like a millionaire Howard Hughes, only Hughes spent his money and got results, and Kurchevsky - popular, and got zilch.
      So Joseph Vissarionovich was 1000% right, now this is very lacking - a lot of charlatans have divorced.
  2. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 15 September 2019 06: 56
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    The article is good and on time. The surgeon told me:

    I come from work, a friend sits on the porch.
    “Why don’t you enter the house?”
    - There our doctors are engaged in spiritualism.

    Television has announced a plethora of films and programs dedicated to such matters. And all this is allegedly supported by the luminaries of science.