What happened in Armenia: explain in 5 minutes

Among the latter Newscoming to us from the still friendly Armenia, it is difficult to find something positive. A coup d'état in this country just the other day is too strongly reminiscent of the events in Ukraine in the scenario, of course, adjusted for the scene.

Among the calls of the protesters, familiar calls are heard to curtail all cooperation between Russia and Armenia. And while no concrete action has yet been taken in this direction, the question of the interaction of the two countries has clearly been called into question. Who will hit the gap the most?

The main export item of the Armenian economics is food products, and Armenia’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Union, of which Russia is the largest market, greatly simplifies trade by abolishing import duties and reducing the time and complexity of cargo handling. In addition, Russia ensures the energy security of Armenia by ensuring the operation of a nuclear power plant, which provides 40% of the electricity to the country's system. In addition to the economic component, Armenia is a member of the CSTO, a military organization in which Russia acts as a guarantor of the absence of tension in Nagorno-Karabakh. The possible withdrawal of Russia from the territory of Armenia at the request of the new authorities of the republic sharply increases the danger of the resumption of large-scale hostilities.

On the other hand, Armenia for Russia is the best demonstration that our state is a guarantee of stability and security. Agricultural products can be bought in dozens of other countries, and the strategic location of Armenia makes it very difficult in terms of supplying the territory, but in this case, mercantile interests are almost the most insignificant factor in the whole situation. The loss of one of the few allies, the emergence of a hotbed of tension in our friendly country and the next victory of the next "Maidan" is a serious reputation blow for Russia, and in the current situation this is a very unfavorable result, which can be followed by a series of even more sad consequences.

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  1. shirkoled Offline shirkoled
    shirkoled April 26 2018 22: 36
    Armenia profiled, the next Kazakhstan?
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) April 27 2018 08: 41
      And Kazakhstan - no matter how profiled before - there is not so "revolutionary" advancing Russophobia. Slowly but surely.
    2. commbatant Offline commbatant
      commbatant (Sergei) 4 May 2018 23: 03
      Quote: shirkoled
      Armenia profiled, the next Kazakhstan?

      She doesn’t need herself, 20 million Armenians live outside of Armenia (in Armenia itself there are less than 3 million, it’s easy to be a patriot in a warm place), if the Armenians themselves do not need it, why the hell doesn’t it?
      In the event of a war, the entire 102nd WB of the Russian Federation will turn into a prisoner of war camp ... and most importantly, in return for Armenia it receives the Russian Federation, can the recognition of Crimea as a part of the Russian Federation?
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 27 2018 04: 05
    -Russia needs to be prepared for the fact that a US military base will be deployed in Armenia ... -This will be the beginning of the creation of a military "NATO axis" ... - "Armenia -Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan" ... -And Russia can not oppose anything this ...
    -Russia has played too long in "fraternal loyal-friendly" relations with Kazakhstan ... and in infinitely long "victorious actions" in Syria ...
    -And here, right under my nose, Russia stopped solving its pressing issues ... -simply turned out to be unforgivably careless ... -The indecisive actions in relation to Ukraine made Russia sufficiently predictable and vulnerable to create new such “Ukraine” in the hands of Russian enemies Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and so on ...
    -And at the moment Russia has no choice but to make every effort to offer Armenia to become a part of Russia ... -On the one hand ... is completely absurd ... and on the other ... -Just there is no other way ...
    -I would like to make mistakes in my “forecasts” ... -but today there really is no other solution ... -may just start a kind of “chain reaction” ... and Russia will fall into a very dangerous death trap ... -A Americans great masters to set such "traps" ...
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) April 27 2018 07: 35
      Unfortunately, this is true ... Although there is one more point. Let’s take a closer look at our story from a different angle.
      So. The collapse of the USSR was predetermined not only by the betrayal of the country's elite, but also by the end of the perception of the ideology of SOCIALISM as an urgent and explanatory binding of our society (and not communism, as declared today from every iron). The people stupidly ceased to understand WHAT HE LIVES FOR. But there is no idea — there is no sense in the existence of a state, all the more so huge as the USSR. Indeed, the meaning of building the USSR (if we take it briefly, without going deep) is the equality of all before the law (doesn’t it remind anyone of anything today?), The absence of the rich (just like a class, fattening and robbing the rest of the people), JUSTICE (where it is today - AUUU !! !) and the value of EVERY member of the society, NOT OPPOSING TO THE SOCIETY IN GENERAL. Here you can add the obligation to work not only for your own food, but also for the prosperity of society (read - countries), it does not matter who you are - an internationally renowned academician or a janitor in a neighboring yard - RESPECT FOR ANY WORK was instilled!
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex (Secret information) April 27 2018 07: 41
        I would like to dwell on one more point - private property. The definition of private property in the USSR, although it was absent in the law, in everyday life (at the level of ownership of housing, a car, a summer residence) was, like trade in what you could grow on a PRIVATE farmstead. There was no possession of what the whole country was building — factories, enterprises, ports and a fishing fleet ... in general, large means of production.
        In general, what I would like to say in conclusion - the system in the USSR was the next step in the development of society ... Only our society was not ready for the next step in its development - socialism ...
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
          gorenina91 (Irina) April 27 2018 08: 43
          Yes .., I already mentioned somewhere about this ...
          The USSR as a state ... as a social society of a new type ... as a socio-economic formation ... as a humane progressive formation, oriented and aimed at creating a human society, where a person ... - as the essence itself was spiritual, educated, humanistic and a creative person ... -just ahead of time ...
          -Well, and ... the entire society of the USSR again slipped to the vulgar primitive cave ...- "man is a wolf to man" ...
          -And now ...- those people who are more respectable age hopelessly nostalgic about the past .., and those .. who are younger ...- just use the free achievements of the former scientific and technological progress of the USSR (presenting these achievements as their own) and arrange songs of the "previous years" and sing them in a new arrangement ... and also try to interpret and imitate cinema and other art that were created during the USSR ...
        3. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex (Secret information) April 27 2018 08: 44
          You can also add personnel problems - too often those who come to power and cannot be allowed to come close to power. a bear-labeled and citizen proofless to that.
          Or the national question - let it go, got the "falling away" of the national outskirts from the Union. But our country is still multinational. And the disintegration may continue - take, for example, the same Tatarstan and Bashkiria.
          1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
            gorenina91 (Irina) April 27 2018 09: 54
            -It's a little different ... -Earlier, the Bolsheviks ..., through the lips of Lenin proclaimed ... that, they say ...- everything that was created by the revolution must be reliably protected ... and more .. that ... that the class struggle should escalate ... -First, all these slogans were taken seriously and they served as slogans ... -And then they began to sneer at this and laugh ... .e. over time, the people in the USSR simply lost their "immunity" ... -Everyone was just already sure that the bars and landlords and exploiters had been finished once and for all ... -and they were cruelly mistaken ... -Here they are ... bloodsuckers. .. -oligarchs ... -owners of the country's bowels, factories, newspapers, steamers ... and you shouldn't expect any pity or generosity on their part ... -They will easily destroy hundreds of thousands of people for their own profit ...
            -Something like this...
            1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
              A.Lex (Secret information) April 29 2018 22: 07
              Irina, you missed (between "served as slogans" and "ironic and laugh") two periods:
              1. The Great Patriotic War - there were a lot of other slogans there (although these were present).
              2. Post-war reconstruction - there were also slightly different words there ...
              And when people began to live better, they returned to pre-war slogans, but they lost their relevance and strength. And they were too lazy to invent others (after all, those who BELIEVED in these slogans THEN - before the Second World War stood at the helm). And time passed, everything changed. And THEY simply did not notice that the train had left.
              Although ... in and then they turned out to be right (oddly enough)! Indeed, imperialism - is, the class struggle - is present (and even escalated)! That's just the idea ... moldy, there is no that sharpness and brightness. We lack those who would light the people with their own word and lead them!
    2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) April 27 2018 20: 44
      It would be better then to agree with Azerbaijan on the introduction of Karabakh under the protectorate of Russia. To spite the Armenians, they may agree. And the Karabakh people themselves will breathe a sigh of relief! A kind of Armenian national autonomy (such as Birobidzhan)
      1. commbatant Offline commbatant
        commbatant (Sergei) 4 May 2018 23: 07
        Quote: Vladimir Bulanov
        It would be better then to agree with Azerbaijan on the introduction of Karabakh under the protectorate of Russia. To spite the Armenians, they may agree. And the Karabakh people themselves will breathe a sigh of relief! A kind of Armenian national autonomy (such as Birobidzhan)

        Well, at whose expense is the banquet? In the Russian Federation there are only 10-12 donor regions, the rest are subsidized, you still want to hang Nagorno-Karabakh on our neck, you won’t take refugees to your apartment from there, no, it’s good to be kind at someone else’s expense ...
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  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. turbris Offline turbris
    turbris (Boris) April 29 2018 14: 48
    We didn’t scam anyone, how is it that someone expresses it? And Armenia should remain an independent state, any leader who now comes to the management of Armenia will not be able to refuse to cooperate with Russia, because this is not beneficial primarily to Armenia itself. Therefore, it is not necessary to draw hasty conclusions; let the people of Armenia decide on their leader, the main thing is that this happens without violating the Constitution of the state.
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) April 29 2018 21: 57
      Boris, are you so sure about this? I’m not. Have you paid attention to the statements of this Pashinyan? As he said there: "If I am not the head ... then there will be NO ONE." (!!!) Will a competent and reasonable person say this? Probably not. This can only be said in the former Ukrainian SSR - there, yes. They are generally not capable of that. But what the Armenians who have received permissiveness are capable of - we will see in the near future.