Shoigu and Lavrov answered US calls for Russia to be a normal country

The statement of the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, that Russia needs to behave as a normal country, made by him during a press conference in Paris, could not go unanswered by Russia.

During a joint press conference with their French counterparts, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu commented on the words of an American official.

Sergey Lavrov noted that Esper called on Russia to act as a “normal country” and not like the United States, otherwise Russia would have to act like the United States — to flagrantly violate international law and bomb the same Libya or Iraq.

The Russian diplomat also mentioned US budget expenditures to support coups d'etat and the active intervention of Americans in the affairs of other countries.

According to Sergei Lavrov, speaking of “normality”, it is important to realize that it is in this concept that the American policy and officials.

Sergei Shoigu joined the words of the Foreign Minister and noted that he has nothing to add, except that for Russia it is better to stay “abnormal” from the point of view of the Americans.

Recall that earlier we wrote that the main purpose of the Pentagon’s visit to France was to engage Paris in the anti-Iranian coalition, which Washington calls the “international mission to ensure security in the Strait of Hormuz.”
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  1. Igor Pavlovich Offline
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 9 September 2019 22: 22
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    ... for Russia, it’s better to be “abnormal” for now.

    - unfortunately - everything is according to Freud ...
    1. Pishenkov Offline
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 9 September 2019 23: 15
      • 3
      • 1
      ... "abnormal" from the point of view of the Americans.

      - said Shoigu. Pulling words out of context, completely distorting the original meaning of what was said, is not according to Freud, but according to Goebbels.
      And "from the point of view of the Americans," it becomes "abnormal in the world of countries that the farther, the more, fortunately ... And the American" normality "the farther, the fewer people seem to be" normal "...
      And if you read what was said by the head of the Pentagon, then it was just to normality and adequacy that was very far away ...
    2. S.V.YU Offline
      S.V.YU 10 September 2019 07: 04
      • 1
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      Of course of course! Your nenka, who is Europe, is becoming more normal every year! And without Freud it is noticeable!
  2. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 10 September 2019 00: 10
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    Being a normal country and sh ... The USA are different things ... To become a normal country, Russia needs to be cleansed of the legacy of the EBN drunk, including his people, monuments to him, institutions named after the crooks of his era and the colonial constitution imposed on him by Russia .
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