ROC priest calls Russian men a national tragedy

In an interview with the clergy of the Syzran Diocese, the Head of the Patriarchal Commission on Family, the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood, Archpriest Dimitri (Smirnov), expressed his opinion about modern Russian men.

According to the clergyman, modern Russian men are weak, and this is the national tragedy.
The archpriest calls female education the reason for this state of things.

According to him, the Russian woman has strong genetics and she can give birth to 5-10 children, but at the same time, Soviet propaganda made a big mistake "and drove this woman out of the house to work."

Father Demetrius admits that there are real men among the Russians, but this is rather a “piece of goods” that will not solve the problem nationwide.

The clergyman also believes that the constant female environment plays a negative role: in the family, at school and in the church.

Interfax cites the words of Archpriest, who bitterly states:

At home, mother - she is her husband, who is a sissy of a mother, he is twisted into a ram’s horn, and even when he is looking for a wife, he is looking for a second mother so that he can fall to his chest and watch TV. What can he do? Sports, or something to do? No, he can shout: “Puck! The puck! ”

At the end of his conversation, Father Demetrius proposed "slowly preparing new people", transferring the boys to schools under the supervision of the best officers.
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  1. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 9 September 2019 08: 57
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    This is all from the evil one. To tell the truth, then to the end. At least one court in our child was given to his father for upbringing with a living mother? If a man gets married, he will lose everything. And now they want to force them to pay, even if there was no marriage, but fatherhood has been proven. When women tell me that all men are sv ..... and, I ask the question: "And who brings up these men?" A woman has too many rights in comparison with a man. If before school, the Komsomol, the party, the army, the factory were engaged in upbringing. There were moral principles that could not be violated and which were severely punished. Now remember how the teacher was put a bucket on his head? Now all pedophiles and blueness - their mothers are 99% alive! Conclusion - we need a state policy of upbringing and equal rights. It is impossible for a man to take away a child and half of the earned money from a divorce, and still be forced to pay child support!
    1. Bitter Offline
      Bitter (Gleb) 9 September 2019 22: 11
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      You probably wanted to write "divorced." recourse

      But there are two fronts, one is trying to not share anything with the other, as far as possible, and the other is trying to remove everything from the first to cowards. It is possible and vice versa. Selfishness, cynicism and not always unjustified anger at the former partner.
      The child, like a stumbling block, either suffers or uses these contradictions personally for himself. This does not pass without a trace.
      Apparently, it's time for everyone to become more discriminating in the choice of sexual and marriage partners.
      The essence of marriage is not divorce at all, but the creation of a full-fledged family and JOINT education of children.

      And all these ... phyla and other "gender flowers", these are often children from single-parent families or families with distortions. The collective education of kindergartens, schools, Komsomol and so on, is a thing of the past, nobody needed collectivism. Everyone needs only leaders, and the rest is so simple - the "mass".

      You can’t take a child during a divorce, of course. Be sure to need regular contact, not sudden raids with gifts.
      Where a child under 14 years old should live, the parents themselves can agree (if not, the court decides), and then the child should have the right to vote.
      Well, as for the sharing of "acquired overwork" - a difficult question, maybe you should not go in cycles and trifle, or in advance to make marriage contracts and adjust all options before the wedding.

      A real Russian (married) man should not fuck everything
      crosses the road (sometimes intentionally wassat )
      and does not have time to climb a tree (also intentionally wassat ).

      Pride must be held and responsibility for those who are waiting for you at home.
  2. Rinat Offline
    Rinat (Rinat) 9 September 2019 09: 25
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    The fact that there are problems in raising real men in Russia, I agree with this. But the upbringing of real women is a huge problem.
    Children see little healthy male presence throughout their growing up years. By the way, a healthy female presence is not enough.
    In kindergarten, nurseries should be predominantly women; in schools at universities, men should be half, minimum.
    The state of things in the field of child rearing is such that a self-reproductive system of upbringing has been built for both bad men and bad women.
    The rapid change in this provision requires a strong-willed decision of people who see this problem at the state level.
    First of all, stop introducing the norms of juvenile justice, stop the state support of various pederastic projects in culture, art, in society as a whole. This is just the beginning.
    1. Bitter Offline
      Bitter (Gleb) 9 September 2019 22: 20
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      Do not translate the arrows, we are talking about Russian men, as a national tragedy. bully
  3. Bitter Offline
    Bitter (Gleb) 9 September 2019 09: 26
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    First of all, you need to ask him, how many children do he have?

    ... Father Dimitry suggested "slowly preparing new people", transferring boys to schools under the supervision of the best officers.

    As I understand it, the church has plans in the foreseeable future to start building separate Orthodox kindergartens, schools and boarding schools, where girls and boys will study separately, and strict officers will teach and educate boys. wink

    ... strong genetics, and she can give birth to 5-10 children, but at the same time, Soviet propaganda made a big mistake “and drove this woman out of the house to work.

    I don’t even know what the Soviet propaganda is to blame for, request but something seems to me that any woman will want to decide for herself, or together with her husband - to sit at home or go to work.
    And about 5 - 10 children, so it's generally simple, at the legislative level. For example - the fewer children, the higher taxes on a progressive net, and the pension is automatically cut by 50%, well, education for women must, of course, be imprisoned for this matter.
    Uncle, it seems, completely divorced from reality and lives in the past or the century before last. repeat

    There are real men among the Russians, but it is rather a “piece of goods” that will not solve the problem nationwide.

    We need to somehow more accurately determine what this "piece of goods" is. In many cases, this "piece of goods" simply eliminates the educational process for various reasons. Some simply pay off with money, but those who do not have this opportunity - on the contrary, have less time due to the very duty of "hunting for mammoths", spend more time at work.

    I am sure that the bulk of Russian fathers raise their children appropriately. Isolated cases do not count, but this priest simply has a roof going.
  4. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 9 September 2019 09: 29
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    And he never offered to steal less ....
    In my memory, a bunch of normal men left schools because of the low salary ... On the labors, now the boys sew and fry eggs - no screwdrivers, machines, wires ...
  5. nf033334 Offline
    nf033334 (ulia levina) 9 September 2019 09: 46
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    The whole system is designed to ensure that there are no strong men in Russian society.
    Strong are those who get the state budget and rub everything that is possible.
  6. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 9 September 2019 12: 33
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    The national tragedy of the Russian Federation is snickering priests of all faiths and snickering officials who are far from the needs of the people and affairs that benefit the Russian state.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  7. Pishenkov Offline
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 9 September 2019 18: 00
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    The priest of the Russian Orthodox Church called Russian men a national tragedy.

    It was he who, probably, before that looked in the mirror for a long time ...
  8. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 10 September 2019 06: 57
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    Combing everyone under one comb is an unnecessary thing. We are different, and this is our strength. Abroad, they are often proud that each person is an individual. But if you reset the masks, then most are held together by one "meander." Someone wants to deny the presence of temperament. But this is the same as fighting the river.
  9. Need to fight, my friend! With a belt!
    1. Bitter Offline
      Bitter (Gleb) 10 September 2019 19: 48
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      To tear my friend, with a belt! good You correctly noticed it. yes
    2. The comment was deleted.
  10. Kuramori Reika Offline
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 10 September 2019 12: 45
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    In Russia, men are weak-willed. Even despite all the abomination that women showed themselves at the World Cup2018, someone manages to marry women from Russia, and many still have a woman with a child. And everyone considers it an honor to win the right to pay bills and be a clown for some ... All he said correctly, miserable men in Russia.
    1. Bitter Offline
      Bitter (Gleb) 10 September 2019 19: 45
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      It seems that you’ve been well hooked by this same “some kind”, wassat Oh, good... laughing
      Are you trying to shift responsibility for your problems (negative experience) onto the wrong shoulders? no It happens, but it will not help.