Zelensky announced the preparation of a withdrawal of forces in the Donbass

During the meeting of the liberated, as a result of the exchange of Ukrainians, Vladimir Zelensky told reporters about plans for further implementation of the agreements reached during telephone conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Ukrainian president stated that the first stage of the agreement with the Russian leader was completed by both parties without changing the agreement.

Vladimir Zelensky noted that Kiev and Moscow know what to do next.

According to him, the next stages should be the return of all prisoners, and the continuation of the process of separation of troops within the Minsk process in two stages: first in the settlements of Zolotoe and Petrovsky, then along the rest of the contact line, with a further ceasefire in full and an end to the war.

The head of Ukraine expressed hope that a meeting in the “Norman format” would be held soon, where the parties should take steps to completely end the war.

The return of prisoners home, of course, is a good deed, both for Ukraine and for Russia.

However, in light of the constant violations of the terms of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian army units, and the sympathies unseen by part of the military personnel to former President Poroshenko, who set the vector for "war to a bitter end", further compliance with the terms of the agreements on the Ukrainian side looks very problematic.
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  1. Jack clubs Offline
    Jack clubs (Eugene) 7 September 2019 21: 37
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    Joyful comments are NOT visible. What, Zelensky disappointed? Not funny?
  2. Bakht Offline
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 8 September 2019 00: 30
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    What comments will be funny? The withdrawal of troops is always good. And then what? Deputies from the Donbass will enter the Rada and will speak Ukrainian? And, as Comrade Morpheus in the Matrix said -

    Knowing the path and going through it is not the same thing.

    Or, as Comrade Konstantin Sergeyevich Alekseev said -

    I do not believe.
  3. Sergio gonsales Offline
    Sergio gonsales (Sergio Gonsales) 9 September 2019 00: 11
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    It seems that the world should come according to the above, like I read good news, but I do not understand one thing: why did the APU recently erase several 152-caliber houses in the village the other day? I feel sorry for the people who lived there, very sorry for them and their homes. Itself worked from this caliber, but not according to people - according to the technique of the enemy. But you can’t do it like these, what have peaceful people to do with it? I have two answers: either the spotter was drunk, or he kept personal scores (or from the authorities who was ordered). The gunner has nothing to do with it - it’s a 500% guarantee. There can be no other. It's a shame that I myself am from the Ukrainian army in the former, but we did not allow ourselves this. Now I think a lot of things, but I still can’t find the truth. Lies come from all sides, a lot of things aren’t being negotiated, but simply kept silent for decades to come. So how do we live then: by the principle - each for himself, or what? Damn it all: the tops of the countries lead politics, and we are simple people, how (everywhere) we should and will suffer ...