“Chicken is not a bird”: how many times has Bulgaria betrayed Russia?

The sharp demarche of official Sofia, whose representatives, singing along to Polish professional Russophobes and alternatively gifted Baltic politicians, they began to insist that the entry of the Red Army into Bulgaria in 1944 was not liberation, but a real "occupation", which can hardly be called something out of the ordinary. Alas, I have to admit - the policy of this country in relation to our state has always been distinguished, let us say, by lowered social responsibility.

Yes, practically, by the complete absence of such ... What flag was fluttering over the expanses of our Motherland, did not matter. Bulgaria was our adversary in two World Wars, waged both against the Russian Empire and against the USSR. And this is despite the fact that she received her statehood just from Russian hands ...

There are several points of view on this issue. According to one, the Bulgarians appear to be almost the main “Judas of the Slavic world”, who invariably hit their own saviors and liberators in the back. There is, however, another opinion: they say that they do not owe us anything, and what really is so bad, if you look, Bulgaria did Russia Russia ?! Well, she was regularly listed in the allies of Germany, when she fought with our country ... So this is politics, not a real war! What are clinging to poor little "little brothers"? Well they always wanted the best. Well, it turned out how it turned out. Truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between. So we will try to find her, having abandoned extreme opinions and turned to historical facts.

"Great Bulgaria" on Russian blood

Let's start with the statement that without Russian soldiers no such Bulgaria on the world map would have existed at all. True? Holy truth! Located about five hundred years under the Ottoman yoke, the country was really liberated from it by the troops of the Russian Empire, which in 1877 declared war on the Turks, who at that time were far from the weakest opponents. In fairness, it should be noted that initially St. Petersburg was against such a solution to the issue and tried to act by diplomatic methods. Serbia and Montenegro, eager to fight with the "Ottoman oppressors", were strictly warned:

Do not meddle! Get the first number!

So, by the way, in the end it turned out ... Without a doubt, the Serbs entered the war with the Turks, relying solely on the intervention of the Russians, who "would not allow the Slav brothers to die." And after all, which is characteristic, they were not mistaken, bastards! Forced to hell with all the peace conferences and the treaties signed earlier, Emperor Alexander II gave the order to force the Danube. At the same time, however, having previously secured the neutrality of “enlightened Europe”, which has traditionally supported the Turks in all their anti-Russian escapades.

However, the fact that sooner or later the British would get into the situation was clear initially. The war, as usual, was planned "small, fast and victorious." As a result, everything turned into almost a year of bloody battles that were fought both in the Balkans and in the Caucasus. Shipka and Plevna, Ardagan and Kars were added to the places of glory of Russian weapons. For the victory in this war and the freedom of the Bulgarian "brothers" (by the way, by the way, who were not eager to fight their own oppressors), the Russians paid 15 and a half thousand killed in the battles, 7 thousand who died from wounds. Moreover, the patriotic upsurge in our country reigned simply unprecedented: everyone was eager to help the “Slavic brothers” - from writers and other “representatives of the creative intelligentsia” to those who subsequently made up the color of Russian medicine, especially the military field (Botkin, Pirogov, Sklifosovsky ) Of course, there was more benefit from them at the forefront than from pen workers ... This war ended for Bulgaria in the most beautiful way - gaining independence and vast expansion of the territory. But all this happiness did not last long.

According to the original San Stefano Peace Treaty, Bulgaria turned out to be almost a Balkan superpower with access to two seas: the Mediterranean and the Black. However, the emergence of such a state, which, unambiguously, would have been wholly and completely in the political orbit of Russia, London, for which any strengthening of our country (and even in Europe!) Was tantamount to a wave of the sickle (you understand why), infuriated extreme limit. In truth, those who were dissatisfied with such a sweeping redistribution of borders were found in the Balkans themselves - the same Serbs with Romanians, for example. The air clearly smelled of a new war, for which Petersburg was emphatically unprepared. The British, after all, are not Turks. And the battles with the latter once again showed the lag of the Russian army in matters of armament, equipment and much more. The Ottomans had much better rifles ... Mindful of the tormenting monarch's vanity of the not-so-old Crimean War, Alexander II retreated. Russia returned to the Turks a lot of things, in an honest battle “taken with a bayonet”, and even the Bulgarians did it at all hard. Under a new treaty concluded in Berlin, their newfound territories were cut in three! Sofia, it seems, gained independence from Istanbul, but exactly what it seems. The state was a vassal principality of the Ottoman Empire. Well, and many other extremely unpleasant moments, in fact, that laid the foundation for a whole series of wars and conflicts.

"Impossible treason has happened ..."

The words subtitled are taken by me from the manifesto of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, announced on October 5, 1915. On this day, the Russian Empire declared war on Bulgaria, which before this not only joined the Triple Alliance hostile to our country, but also attacked Serbia. The monarchy appeal to the Russian people contains many bitter words about self-interest, betrayal and fratricide, however, let's try to consider the issue from a purely pragmatic point of view. Well, as the Bulgarians themselves always did. We need to start here with the fact that by that time no “brother” was sitting on the throne of Bulgaria, but Ferdinand I Coburg, who had a purely Austro-German origin. Already his ideas of “Slavic brotherhood”, “single faith” and similar moments did not touch him completely. However, not one thing in it. It should be remembered that before that, in Europe, one after the other, two armed conflicts, which had the name - the Balkan Wars, died. We will not go into the most complicated questions about who owed what to anyone and who wanted what from whom, here and now. And then we wander into such a jungle that Susanin did not even dream of ... Let us dwell on what Bulgaria wanted. Territories she wanted! And from Serbia, and from Romania, and from Greece. In a word, everything - yes more.

Russia honestly tried to restore order in the Balkan madhouse. At the same time, do not intervene there by military force. It turned out lousy. Mutual grievances and claims multiplied, appetites grew. Some, in search of allies to satisfy them, the further - the more, began to look at the West, and not at the East. About Sofia, in this case, and speech. If the same Serbs planted a pig of the Russian empire, dragging it into the First World War, then the Bulgarians simply decided to use it to implement their own plans to expand the borders. Do Germans and Austrians promise Serbia and Macedonia? Perfectly! We will fight for them ... Serbia "menacingly" pearl a drill to Vienna, with the hope that Russia would fit into the fray. She climbed onto her head ... And the Bulgarians, without further ado, took and hit in the back of both of them. Not immediately, however, but for a whole year for Blaise to play in "neutrality." Then followed the mobilization and entry into the war of as many as 300 thousand "little brothers" who enthusiastically began to slaughter the Serbs, and in the very near future, converged in battle with the Russian soldiers. Alas, the talk that our peoples did not shed each other’s blood on the battlefield does not correspond to the truth at all. Even as they spilled!

In 1916, on the Romanian front, Bulgarians and Russians met face to face, and the battles were very fierce on both sides. Until now, some in St. Petersburg had seriously expected that when they were against the Russian army, the "brothers" would run to surrender in rows and columns. There it was! Children and grandchildren of those who had been "rescued from Turkish captivity" for less than four decades, fought with the descendants of their liberators, according to the recollections of the participants in the fighting, "desperately." Moreover, there is evidence of the atrocities perpetrated by the Bulgarians against the civilian population, in which they almost surpassed the very notorious Ottoman Bashibuzuks, who were implored by Russia in 1877 to be rescued. The Russian press of those years gives a very clear idea of ​​the anger, resentment and perplexity that reigned in our country about such a reversal. Otherwise, they did not call “little brothers” Jews or Christ sellers, and the soldiers at the front, who were angry with them more than the same Austrians or Germans, talked about the fact that for such an unprecedented treachery from Sofia it would be necessary “not to leave a stone on stone "...

"Drang nah ..." in Bulgarian

From World War II, the situation was repeated almost one to one. Sofia, who in 1918 ended up in the camp of the losers and, accordingly, remained with her nose, again scratched her hands for conquests and territorial acquisitions. As a matter of fact, the whole post-war period was for the vast majority of European countries only time for preparing for a new conflict, and Bulgaria was no exception. At first they were guided by Paris and London, having won there in 1937 a $ 10 million loan for the rearmament of the army. But a year later, Berlin offered much more for the same purpose - 30 million Reichsmarks. Yes, and hinted very transparently: "As for the redivision of Europe, guys - this is here!" And so began the tender friendship of Bulgaria with the Third Reich, which later grew into a military alliance. Over time, the widest pro-German propaganda unfolded in the country, and then its own Nazi movements and parties arose. Yeah, and these Aryans decided to go, comedians ... In any case, the persecution of the Jews was carried out there quite seriously. However, on the other hand, Sofia also did not want to quarrel completely with the Soviet Union. Diplomatic relations were not broken even after June 22, 1941, and in the country where the German Abwehr felt at home, another year since 1940, they enthusiastically began to "frolic", sorting out the relations, Soviet and Hitler intelligence. It was fun...

Yes, initially the "bros", as usual, did not want to get involved in a fight personally. From their territory, the Nazis bombed Greece and Yugoslavia, in early 1941, Nazi troops entered the country, but not as occupation forces, but, as was believed, using Bulgaria as an operational base. However, it was perfectly clear to everyone - click Hitler’s fingers - and from the Bulgarian "independence" and wet places will not remain.

Along the way, Sofia was getting a taste, and soon her troops had already moved to new lands, graciously granted to her by the Führer and Duce. Hapanuli Bulgarians in 1940-1941 with their help were not weak - more than 42 thousand square kilometers of territories, with a population of almost 2 million people. Yes, they really did not fight against the Red Army, although Hitler constantly demanded this. But each Bulgarian military unit operating on Greek or Yugoslav territory liberated regiments and divisions for the Wehrmacht, which he could transfer to the Eastern Front. The arithmetic of the war ... Well, there is no need to talk about the enormous military supplies that regularly went from Bulgaria to the Third Reich, as well as about the German soldiers who massively improved their health in its hospitable territory. In 1943, especially after Stalingrad, the business suddenly went awry. The Greeks began to rebel, bombs of British and Americans fell on the country, with which Bulgaria had “fought” since 1941. The main thing - in Sofia they began to understand that again, damn it, they put it on the wrong horse. Trying to correct this omission, Tsar Boris, extremely unsuccessfully rolled into Berlin. Whether he died almost immediately upon arrival from there, from poisoned poison, or from communication with the Führer in the vein: “Boris, you are wrong!”, Remained a mystery.

After that, the Bulgarians stopped twitching especially, patiently waiting for the denouement. She came in 1944. The Fritzes defeated in Romania, despite the weak indignant squeals of the "little brothers" about "neutrality", trampled across the territory of Bulgaria "nah vaterland" from all technique and weapons, so that regrouping, again to kill our soldiers. The Soviet government twice officially demanded an end to this outrage, regarding it as direct assistance and assistance to the Wehrmacht. In Sofia, a uniform circus was being created at that time - one government was succeeding another, trying to sit on all chairs at the same time. The peak of idiocy was the announcement of the next prime minister, on September 5, 1944, the war of Germany ... with a delay of 72 hours, during which this decision was kept in the strictest confidence. From Moscow - including. Far from the angelic patience of Comrade Stalin burst, and on September 5, the USSR declared war on Bulgaria. True, it lasted as long as 4 days, after which the "little brothers" who had suddenly come to mind changed their shoes again, and, having received arms from the Red Army for 5 infantry divisions, they went to clatter yesterday’s allies - Germans, Hungarians and Romanians. We fought, we must pay tribute to them, not bad. They even got the honor of walking on Red Square at the Victory Parade. It was for what ...

16th republic. Failed ...

As a reward for such zeal, Stalin, in 1947, at a Paris peace conference, twisted cookies to the Greeks, who, at the suggestion of the British, tried to rip off a billion dollars from the Bulgarians for the occupation. It’s clear that Sofia wouldn’t have found such money, even if they sold the whole country by pebbles ... By the way, some people are trying today to argue that Hitlers could not be pulled to the Eastern Front because they “remembered about being released from Turkish yoke ”and felt terrible gratitude. Yeah, how ... In the year 1915, it really hindered them? Especially considering that at that time they were at war against the Russian empire that liberated them, and not the USSR, which had no legal relation to this. The point here, I am sure, is different. In 1941, Sofia saw perfectly well that the Soviet Union was not Tsarist Russia. And Joseph Stalin is not Nikolai Romanov at all. This, perhaps, in which case, crush and will not notice. Well, at least this time the mind was enough ... While weaning something about the "Soviet occupation" there, the Bulgarians somehow bashfully forget about how they were eager to get into the USSR, trying to get there, forgive me for the word, at least a carcass, at least stuffed. Who, you sick people, “occupied” if Sofia twice turned to Moscow with a request to accept her into the “Unbreakable Union” ?!

The first attempt was made under Khrushchev, in 1963. The second - already under the "dear Leonid Ilyich." The then leader of Bulgaria, Todor Zhivkov, openly declared that his country could be sovereign and independent “only as part of the Soviet Union”! However, both general secretaries refused such an "enviable" proposal. And for good reason: at the time of Khrushchev, decent war reparations of $ 70 million still hung on Bulgaria, Moscow would have had to resolve the issues with payment of which. And later on, they perfectly understood what Sofia wanted - to sit on the neck of the USSR economically no longer indirectly, through the Council economic mutual assistance, but directly and forever. Bulgarian canned tomatoes in our stores were not translated anyway, and the local resorts regularly received Soviet citizens. It was then that the same thing was born among the people:

Chicken is not a bird, Bulgaria is not abroad!

So why was there a fence in the garden - there were enough of their free-killers.

How do we perceive today's disgusting attacks of the Bulgarian authorities? Yes, as usual: with awareness of their inevitability, with disgust, with indignation. Here someone like it more. It’s best, in simple terms, to spit and grind. Having chosen the EU and NATO as friends, having embarked on the path of the ungrateful and evil Russophobia, Bulgaria simply once again set the wrong horse. They just didn’t realize it yet ...
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  1. polev66 Offline polev66
    polev66 (Alexander) 7 September 2019 08: 31
    It’s time to hammer a big bolt on internationalism.
    1. Tolik_74 Offline Tolik_74
      Tolik_74 (Anatoly) 7 September 2019 10: 34
      That's right, and to demand from all such "Bulgarians" debts from the Soviet era. And then the GDP clinks with everyone.
  2. Port Offline Port
    Port 7 September 2019 11: 10
    Quote: polev66
    ... hammer on internationalism a big bolt.

    Not only to score, but also tighten tightly, and for tolerance - for the company.
    1. Sergey Nikolaev_2 (Sergey Nikolaev) 9 November 2019 13: 39
      Killness! This is a general trend of behavior, it is an enduring itching in one place! There will be no bros, someone else will appear! Have you heard anything about the African continent? Recently excitedly bursting!
  3. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
    S.V.YU 7 September 2019 14: 23
    Russia, when will you stop being a "gullible simpleton"? When, at last, will you REALLY ASK from the BETTERING you !?
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter (Gleb) 8 September 2019 14: 23
      Then, when the powers that be, there will be a global course for the development of the country, both promising, far away, and not very consistent steps and plans. As there it is now fashionable to call "road maps".
      In the meantime, there are only inconsistent throwing with glances to the West and East, from there and "sudden betrayal" and spokes in the wheels on the part of partners.
    2. Ha hahov Offline Ha hahov
      Ha hahov (Ha Hahov) 14 November 2019 21: 29
      When you learn not to betray your friends, then.
  4. LeonidS Offline LeonidS
    LeonidS (Leonid Samofalov) 7 September 2019 17: 29
    The assertion that the Bulgarians were not on the eastern front, I came across more than once. Well, but how to explain that after the war, there were 1.1 million EU citizens in Soviet captivity, and 60 thousand of them were Bulgarians? I was not mistaken - not 60, but 60 thousand!
    1. alatanas Offline alatanas
      alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 16 September 2019 19: 38
      Show the source about "60" Bulgarian prisoners of war.
  5. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 7 September 2019 19: 00
    Therefore, it is impossible to give independence and even the national republic in such a way, maximum - autonomy, or better, simply regions by the structure of Russia, and all unreliable for life I’ve felled ... Russophobia needs to be burned to the root ...
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter (Gleb) 8 September 2019 14: 32
      Pioneers, in the first place, should be many prominent Russian and Soviet, former and present, political dealers. Which by their unprofessional, ill-conceived and inconsistent actions, give this very Russophobia the opportunity to develop and smell. Do not give out axes and saws, only jigsaws. good
  6. zenitovets Offline zenitovets
    zenitovets (Ivan) 7 September 2019 19: 12
    There have been no Bulgarians for a long time, there is an abdication, and I do not want to have anything to do with them.
    1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 7 September 2019 19: 21
      Everything is TRUE! And the RETAINED, as they say, is WORSE worse than the Turk!
      1. Ha hahov Offline Ha hahov
        Ha hahov (Ha Hahov) 14 November 2019 21: 28
        Right. Poturnak is unhappy.
  7. filippino lippi Offline filippino lippi
    filippino lippi (filippino lippi) 8 September 2019 09: 22
    Can you explain where you got such a CRAZY trait, try to help EVERYONE, even those who don't ask YOU for this "HELP"? EVERYONE, THE WHOLE WORLD CONDEMNS YOU for your "HELP"! Who asks you for "HELP"? WHO? You MUCHED on "HELP" and "PEACE"! Why, having freed EUROPE from Hitler, you didn’t GET to your KHAZARIA? WHY? IT WAS NECESSARY TO CUT OUT ALL GERMANS, EVERYONE, TO ONE, and BACK HOME! You have made the whole world angry with YOUR "HELP"! Why do you climb THERE, WHERE YOU DO NOT ASK? THE PEOPLE OF RUSSIA does not live, it SURVIVES, you DO NOT SLEEP AT NIGHTS, THINK ABOUT WHO STILL HELP! This is AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF RUSSIA! ALL MONEY FROM RUSSIA goes to HELP other COUNTRIES and PEOPLES! And what do you get for THIS? ONE EVIL, ONE HATE! USA HITS Japan WITH ATOMIC WEAPONS, and NOW THE JAPANESE ARE US FRIENDS FOR AGE!
    1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 8 September 2019 10: 46
      WHY WHY? As they say, ON THE ROUGHT! Your cheat sheet is rotten! Pass it on to the one who handed it to you! And about the Khazars, it is you, the Ukrainians, its direct heirs! BLACK-BROWN-CHERNOOKI, CHERNOUSY, CHUB-OSELEEDS, BRAND-TRIZUB! And all habits are Jewish! The Khazars are the same SUMMITS!
      1. LeonidS Offline LeonidS
        LeonidS (Leonid Samofalov) 8 September 2019 13: 58
        About Khazaria in the bullseye! Yaroslav destroyed their capital, and on the outskirts there were disadvantages that spoiled our lives for a long time, but with lesser dirty tricks. Genetics say that 80% of Ukrainians have a Russian blood group, and 20% have Semitic blood, so the Austrians managed to break the brains of the bulk of 80%. As for the request for help, the Bulgarians recently declared (not those in power, but from below):

        We ourselves cannot, we need help, as it was before.
    2. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter (Gleb) 8 September 2019 14: 46
      Why so much bitterness? recourse

      .... Why are you climbing THERE ...

      am The problem is not that someone is climbing, the problem is that some leaders so easily come to power and surrender everything, request for which at one time not only resources were wasted, but blood was also shed.
      If you have already arrived, then everything is "point", there is no turning back. Only forward. yes

      Your example with the Japanese clearly shows that "I came, I saw, I conquered" is not even half the battle.
  8. kgv51 Offline kgv51
    kgv51 (Gennady) 8 September 2019 15: 30
    Army and Navy! And no one else!
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter (Gleb) 8 September 2019 16: 10
      Perestroika 2.0, the army and the navy will also become nothing.
  9. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
    Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 8 September 2019 17: 52
    ... I hope everything is clear with the Bulgarians? And also with others like them ?!
    1. Eee aaa Offline Eee aaa
      Eee aaa (Eee Aaa) 16 September 2019 12: 39
      I did not understand what exactly is clear to you ......
    2. Ha hahov Offline Ha hahov
      Ha hahov (Ha Hahov) 14 November 2019 21: 34
      For example, with the Russians, who again betrayed everyone, including themselves and destroyed the USSR, regardless of the outcome of the referendum, to save the USSR.
  10. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 10 September 2019 18: 10
    So did Bulgaria sell the USSR to Russian capitalists? Here it is, this is how it is, no one has ever seen such a thing!
    1. Ha hahov Offline Ha hahov
      Ha hahov (Ha Hahov) 14 November 2019 21: 35
      Yes, not only Russian - American and the rest of the bastard.
  11. Setty Offline Setty
    Setty (Biser) 11 September 2019 15: 39
    Hey. I am from Bulgaria. Believe it or not, but I am very, very ashamed for this vile commentary of our "state". I would like to believe that this is only because we have power forgeries, what they say, that's what they do. I would like to believe that our people are not our "power". We remember and respect. Maybe not each of us, but there are many.
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter (Gleb) 11 September 2019 19: 49
      ... very, very ashamed ...

      Is logical. But they (the ministers) were promised some goodies for this, at least. yes
      The fact that this is just a banal "divorce" is understandable for a woodpecker on a tree, but many especially touchy Russian "brothers" immediately fell for it.
      Someone (you can’t point a finger) is trying hard to drive a wedge of discord between nations deeper and deeper, according to the principle - Divide and conquer! fellow
      Maybe you just need to see what happens somewhere in the shadow and in the background. what
      Perhaps some important treaties or contracts, or political movements that are gaining strength, should be signed. Or maybe just an index of relations, both economic and social, began to develop in the wrong direction, and we urgently need to reduce / cool it. hi
    2. buddha Offline buddha
      buddha (buddha) 14 September 2019 18: 10
      The fact of the matter is that we also remember a lot.)))
  12. filippino lippi Offline filippino lippi
    filippino lippi (filippino lippi) 11 September 2019 18: 38
    Experts of all countries and peoples, answer my question! When will the "INVINCIBLE AND LEGENDARY" start PROTECTING THE RUSSIAN-SPEAKING PEOPLE in the Baltics? Don't you understand that there is a real genocide of Russians? When will take some action in the "Land of the Monkeys" - Georgia! The Russians are also bullied there! In Ukraine, I hope you also know what's going on? And these countries are just a drop in the ocean! This is the situation in many countries! What is the Kremlin doing to remedy the situation? Where is "INVINCIBLE"? Where is "LEGENDARY"? I understand that the Motherland has an Army! And she's not weak! But why such a fear of the Power, to protect our interests, not in Venezuela, but NEARBY? Although in Venezuela it is necessary! Maybe this is something else? Maybe the Power by its actions (the Pension Reform, "turned" against the WILL of the PEOPLE, 90% of the population opposed the Reform, the constant increase in direct and indirect taxes, etc.) made enemies INSIDE THE COUNTRY, in such a SIMPLE, obviously pre-war time? Maybe the "who has done" Del, the Power fears the PEOPLE OF RUSSIA more than external enemies? Do you see what the Bulgarians are saying? They say, "Fuck you" ... And not only they! who says that "We are ALL STRONGER", "We will show them EVERYTHING", and who wants both the COUNTRY and the PEOPLE, living in RUSSIA, to feel good in their HOMELAND, COMFORTABLE, eat, dress, have good medicine, school, etc." The country is not so RICH, having HALF of the natural WEALTH of the World! It is necessary to develop ALL branches of the national economy! Although, according to FACT, NATURAL RESOURCES AND SUBSTANCES OF RUSSIA DO NOT OWN THE PEOPLE OF RUSSIA! They belong to a handful of "who knows how to live" PASSERS, but the people of RUSSIA belong only "on paper"! Why is almost EVERYTHING against RUSSIA? What's happening? All are out of step, one Kremlin "ON LEG"?
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter (Gleb) 11 September 2019 19: 10

      Surround yourself. Yes, never! No.
      Invincible and legendary ... not so long ago, but a very confident march went into legend.
      Today, including in Russia, everything is measured in dollar terms fellow and therefore:
      First, the "economic feasibility".
      Secondly, some kind of secret plan.
      Thirdly, no one sent these Russians to live there.
      Accordingly, no one is obliged to save them.
      Those who wanted (could) have long since moved to the "mainland" or are standing in line to obtain a residence permit at the migration services. The rest didn't fit in ... anywhere. request
    2. LeonidS Offline LeonidS
      LeonidS (Leonid Samofalov) 12 September 2019 13: 34
      In some ways, I agree, about the country's wealth and a bunch of rogues. Where were you when the tanks fired on the Duma? Then, those disagreeing with the bourgeoisie lost 3000 people. And what, do you think everyone forgot about it? People know about this, and they know about the referendum, whether to accept the bourgeoisie or not, and much more.
  13. Peter Apostolov Offline Peter Apostolov
    Peter Apostolov (Peter Apostolov) 14 September 2019 16: 55
    Enough anger towards Bulgaria. Bulgaria fought in all wars only on the territory with the Bulgarian population (the exception was when the Bulgarian army was part of the Third Ukrainian Front - 09.1944-05.1945). In both world wars, Russia and the Soviet Union declared war on Bulgaria, and not vice versa. Bulgaria did not fight against Russia (USSR), but the Russian fleet bombed the city of Varna (1916). You can find out the number of Bulgarian prisoners of war during the First and Second World War in Russia (USSR). I will give you a hint - zero. At the same time, it was just the opposite - there were Russian prisoners of war in Bulgaria - soldiers and officers in the autumn of 1916. I do not think that you know that during the First World War in South Dobrudja (Bulgaria), together with the Romanian army and the Serbian-Croatian division, the Russian 47th corps of the gene fought against Bulgaria. Andrei Zayonchkovsky (1862-1926). The main battles were on September 5,6, 7 and 1916, 80. The Bulgarian army defeated the superior enemy (including the Russian "liberators" brothers). In the name of Bulgarian-Soviet friendship there was silence about these battles for many years. If you mean that the Bulgarians are traitors to Russia - you easily forgot the 90-3s - it was an era of vile betrayal of the Soviet and Russian leadership in all directions - when everything surrendered at once. How else can one explain why the Warsaw Pact and CMEA were dissolved. You betrayed the GDR and the socialist countries, including the government of Mohammad Najibullah in Afghanistan and Fidel Castro. You dismantled the Soviet Union, and now most of the former Soviet republics are your enemies. In fact, you simply don’t need allies, and the Bulgarians are not brothers. Now the Bulgarians are to blame. Today, everything that happens in Bulgaria depends on 4/2,5 external factors (Brussels and Washington), including the statement of the Foreign Ministry. The ruling GERB party (like your EP) strictly adheres to these external guidelines. Most Bulgarians do not accept this position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (which is probably dictated by the famous embassy). I am pessimistic about change through democratic elections. Bulgarian emigrants 7 million. Currently, there are less than 1 million people in Bulgaria, of which 200 million are gypsies and 000 Turks. The 400 officials are the designated EMBLEMS (you have the same problem). The prevailing mood is political apathy. I want change, but realities are pessimistic.
    1. buddha Offline buddha
      buddha (buddha) 14 September 2019 18: 08
      There is a Ukrainian proverb:

      Pans are fighting, and at the lackeys, forelocks are torn.

      The main thing is that as a result the number of charter flights from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Belarus is not reduced. And then there are already such messages.
  14. buddha Offline buddha
    buddha (buddha) 14 September 2019 17: 58
    The Foreign Ministry of Bulgaria expressed its official point of view. If it does not coincide with the official point of view of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, then the authorized representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has stated or will say so. Respect for the state begins with the respect of the state for its citizens. Patriotism cannot be one-sided if the state is indifferent to the opinion of the socially vulnerable population, for example, on the issue of pension reform.
  15. Nikolay ZAMYATIN (Nikolai ZAMYATIN) 15 September 2019 10: 29
    Comprehensive article, thanks. However, if you nevertheless climb a little into the jungle, the picture looks a little different. Firstly, the liberation of the Bulgarians from Ottoman slavery is not a cause of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, but a consequence. Any war is always covered by good intentions. Hiding behind the Slavic and Orthodox brotherhood and the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed fraternal people, the aim of the war was to capture Constantinople, the revival of Byzantium and the establishment of pro-Russian rule, secular and religious. And Bulgaria was just a bargaining chip. This was shown by the Berlin agreement: having not achieved the goal, Russia simply surrendered Bulgaria back to the Turks, while the country was divided. It should be noted right away that the Bulgarians will not separate the concepts of Russian and Russian, however, the Russian army of that period was called Russian. But all the peoples who inhabited the once united Russian Empire served in it. For the Bulgarians, until the 140th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman slavery, they were all Russian! It was only the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine that made us reconsider this postulate and continue to call all the nations separately, since they have nothing to do with modern Russia and its politics.
    If to be chronologically consistent, then for a correct understanding of the events in the Balkans on the eve of the First World War, one should also know about the situation after the two Balkan Wars, when Orthodox Serbia and Orthodox Greece, in alliance with Turkey, chopped off a third of the Bulgarian territory, and Russia back in 1913 year took the side of Serbia against Bulgaria, and refused to assist in the return of the Bulgarian lands. So who betrayed whom is a big question. By the way, and this is correctly noted by the author, it was Serbia that dragged Russia into the First World War. Only when at the front Bulgarians and Russians (Russians) found themselves in opposite trenches, "fraternization" began (that's why brothers!). Remembering this, Hitler did not exhibit the Bulgarian units allied to the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front!
    And more about betrayal. The USSR agreed in principle to join the "Axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo" bloc, which Bulgaria intended to join, along with other countries, only the USSR deserted itself to the enemy's camp - the Anglo-Saxons, while the Bulgarians remained.
    Yes, and the Red Army cannot be called the "liberation" of Bulgaria. The Bulgarians issued an ultimatum to the Germans, and they left its territory. And then Soviet units entered, occupied the entire country and ... declared war on Bulgaria. Then the puppet communist government was brought to power, at the same time giving up the members of the old cabinet for reprisal. What is this, no matter how occupation? By the way, no corresponding medals were instituted in the USSR for the "liberation" of Bulgaria or Sofia, since there was no liberation itself. The USSR knew this. Why don't they want to know now?
    I think that one can not speak about how the USSR, cracking at the seams, abandoned Bulgaria, in which all industry and agriculture were imprisoned exclusively under the CMEA. The country simultaneously was left without a sales market and Soviet tourists, i.e. without 98% of the budget. Without the ability to get out on their own. Where was she supposed to go? Naturally, to the West. But Russia has turned its back on the West.
    1. Eee aaa Offline Eee aaa
      Eee aaa (Eee Aaa) 16 September 2019 12: 47
      Yes, it’s impossible to simply describe what happened in Bulgaria in the XNUMXth century and the beginning of the XNUMXst!
  16. alatanas Offline alatanas
    alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 16 September 2019 19: 41
    Russophobia in the Bulgarian media, as well as Bulgarianophobia in the Russian media are paid from the same place. Guess where you come from.
  17. Andrey Vylev Offline Andrey Vylev
    Andrey Vylev (Andrey Vylev) 4 October 2019 00: 19
    Bulgaria is ruled not by Bulgarians, but by Jews. Of course, there are Bulgarians who work for them. And why doesn’t Neukropny first say who runs his Ukraine and Russia, who pushes them and where they are going today ???
  18. Nikolay ZAMYATIN (Nikolai ZAMYATIN) 15 October 2019 19: 19
    Nicely laid out! But for some reason not a word about how many times Russia, the USSR and again Russia betrayed Bulgaria? Why are we silent that Bulgaria was a "gateway" for the capture of Constantinople and the landing there of "its" emperor and patriarch, and the liberation of the "fraternal Slavic Bulgarian people" is just a declaration, as it were, a pretext? Why not a word that Russia liberated Bulgaria, and then gave it back to the Turks, while dividing it in two. Why is there a complete silence, that as soon as Bulgaria began to fight with someone, then the Orthodox Serbia, always supported by Russia, plunged a knife into Bulgaria's back? Russia, however, refused to Bulgaria in her desire to return the lands conquered by Serbia, and Germany agreed! The USSR, having agreed to enter the "Axis" Berlin-Rome-Tokyo, left Bulgaria with the Germans, and itself deserted to the camp of their enemies, the Anglo-Saxons. And then he declared war on Bulgaria, when it fulfilled all the conditions and expelled the Germans from its territory ... As far as the collapsing USSR was not up to Bulgaria, completely "sharpened" under Soviet GOSTs, it makes no sense even to speak. And the fact that the Russian Federation, represented by Putin, who, after negotiations with Erdogan, did not come to sign the South Stream treaty and said that "the project is closed," refused for Bulgaria and South Stream to comply with the requirements of the European Energy Charter and met them thoroughly for Turkey and Turkish Stream, although Turkey is not even a member of the EU, how is that? Learn materiel!
  19. Ha hahov Offline Ha hahov
    Ha hahov (Ha Hahov) 11 November 2019 19: 07
    It is interesting when the Russians finally begin to study their own history so that they do not write nonsense. Who, whom, how much, why sold - a long conversation and it is pointless to hold it with people who do not know and do not want to know their story. And so, offhand the Bulgarians somewhere a third less betrayed the Russians, RI, the USSR and Russia.
  20. Ravshan Offline Ravshan
    Ravshan (Jamsut) 4 December 2019 12: 19
    began to repeat that the entry of the Red Army into Bulgaria in 1944 was not liberation in any way, but a real "occupation"

    Of course, the Soviet attack on Bulgaria in 1944 was an act of aggression, followed by a long occupation of the country.

    According to one, the Bulgarians appear almost the main "Judas of the Slavic world"

    In fact, Bulgarians, Serbs, etc. - these are not Slavs at all. This is the so-called. "South Slavs".
    This term was coined during the late Romanovs, in order to justify the expansion of Russia to the Balkans and there, in the direction of the coveted Straits.
    Real Slavs are Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, Rusyns (including Transcarpathians), Litvins (today only Belarusians are left of them), Rusichs (they are Little Russians under the Romanovs), as well as "Soviet Russians" (they are also Great Russians under the Romanovs).
    There has never been any genetic similarity between the Slavs and the "South Slavs".
    PS For those who are not in the know, the term Tatar-Mongols (and, in general, the Mongols) was also coined under the Romanov Germans. Throughout its history, the modern Mongols, both from the MPR and from the PRC, were called Manchus (in Tartaria, Muscovy, Russia, initially China).

    Russia honestly tried to restore order in the Balkan madhouse.

    Yes? And who authorized her to do this? Who asked her about this?
    This is not called "to put things in order", it is called "to impose their own rules."

    And so began the tender friendship of Bulgaria with the Third Reich, which later grew into a military alliance.

    The author "forgets" to say that exactly at the same time there was a strong friendship between the Reich and the USSR. Which later grew into an alliance (in the war with Poland in 1939).
    Well, the fact that the Reich later changed his views and attacked the USSR in 1941, so he did not consult about this with the Bulgarians.
    And even in such conditions, Bulgaria refused to enter the war against the USSR. As a result, the USSR itself attacked Bulgaria in 1944.

    Who, you sick people, “occupied” if Sofia twice turned to Moscow with a request to accept her into the “Unbreakable Union” ?!

    Not Sofia.
    And not Bulgaria.
    And not the Bulgarians.
    And Soviet puppets and ghouls, Bulgarian communists. Which actually were absolutely not legitimate. And with the same success they could ask for a part of the Martian civilization too.

    And for good reason: at the time of Khrushchev, decent military reparations of $ 70 million still hung on Bulgaria, Moscow would have had to resolve the issues with payment of which.

    70 million for the USSR was nothing at all. Not even pocket money, but just a trifle from the bottom of the wallet.

    Having chosen the EU and NATO as friends, having embarked on the path of the ungrateful and evil Russophobia, Bulgaria simply once again set the wrong horse. They just didn’t realize it yet ...

    This author has not yet realized much.
    And the average Bulgarian today (at the end of 2018), thanks to Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union, is almost twice as rich as the average Russian (193%). His welfare is quite comparable with the welfare of the average Pole (194% of the average Russian). And how the Poles live, any resident of the Kaliningrad region will tell you. And this, Marfa Vasilievna, is only the beginning.
  21. olpin51 Online olpin51
    olpin51 (Oleg Pinegin) 3 June 2020 16: 50
    There is a saying: They do not expect good from good.