Ex-Ambassador of Israel said that Ukraine has never been, and the language had to be invented

The fact that Ukraine is an artificially created public entity, and the language is invented, do not hesitate to declare even representatives of countries that are partners of Kiev.

During an interview for the ITON-TV portal, a former Israeli diplomat, Zvi Magen, who had been an ambassador to Moscow and Kiev throughout his career, said that Ukraine had to invent its own language and statehood.

According to him, the adoption of the act of “independence” is not a guarantee of the country's independence, and therefore Ukraine had to create a state out of nothing, since before that “there was no Ukraine”.

The ex-ambassador believes that Kiev is still at a stage where it is necessary to defend its independence, but at the same time “it has potential”.

It’s hard to say what kind of independence we can talk about if Ukraine doesn’t even hide its almost complete dependence on the United States, which decide how much this “independence” will be enough for Kiev.

However, it can be assumed that Israeli officials, whose existence as a state for the most part depends on Washington, have precisely this idea of ​​security.

As for the potential of Ukraine, against the background of the flight of the able-bodied population from the country and the dying state of entire industries, talking about it is simply stupid.
Photos used: https://www.zoda.gov.ua
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  1. nikolaj1703 Offline
    nikolaj1703 (Nikolai) 5 September 2019 12: 19
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    Sailed, however.
  2. Port Offline
    Port 5 September 2019 13: 51
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    You don’t have to deceive yourself much, the Zionists say the same about Russia, they have Russians like a bone in their throat.
  3. Panting Offline
    Panting (Vyacheslav) 6 September 2019 07: 22
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    What about the existence of the state of Israel, nothing is said?