Japan was indignant at the opening of a Russian plant in the Kuril Islands

Any action of Russia on the islands of the Kuril Ridge is an irritant for Japan, since it makes it clear that these islands are rightfully Russian territory, and all talk of a return is a waste of time.

The opening of a new fish processing plant on the island of Shikotan, which caused the burning of famous places among representatives of the Japanese authorities, was no exception.

Yoshihide Suga, general secretary of the Japanese cabinet, said that such a move by Russia would not go unanswered by the Japanese government.

What is the essence of the “answer” and whether an official protest will be made against Russia, Suga chose to remain modestly silent, but noted that the legal position of the Japanese government remains the same: first returning the “northern territories”, and then concluding a peace treaty.

The sadness of the head of the Japanese cabinet is easily explained: the opening of a fish processing plant on Shikotan suggests that Moscow is not even considering the possibility of his return.

At the same time, the representative of Japan should understand that while his country is a protectorate of the United States and the largest American military base in this region, it is hardly worth even dreaming of the return of the Kuril Islands.
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  1. Victor N Offline Victor N
    Victor N (Victor n) 5 September 2019 08: 19
    It’s a good thing to build factories! Let there be more reasons for the Japanese to rebel.
    1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 5 September 2019 09: 01
      Quote: Victor N
      It’s a good thing to build factories! Let there be more reasons for the Japanese to rebel.

      And even better, to form a regiment of children's artillery battalion there, then it’s for sure, they will be completely covered.
  2. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 5 September 2019 08: 57
    Any action of Russia on the islands of the Kuril ridge is an irritant for Japan.

    Better this irritability was shown against the stripes, who are atrocious over them.
    1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 5 September 2019 15: 55
      So against the "striped mattress" they CANNOT say! Scary, you know!
  3. Pound Offline Pound
    Pound (Alexander) 5 September 2019 10: 51
    Let the japas stall, our territory - what we need, we are building.
  4. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
    S.V.YU 5 September 2019 15: 53
    Yaposhka forgot that there was a SOVIET delegation on board the battleship Missouri among those accepting the CAPITULATION of the Japanese Empire!
    1. Alexander Skorik (Alexander Skorik) 5 September 2019 22: 39
      He didn’t forget, he just didn’t know that, they don’t teach this at school. They are taught that the USSR dropped atomic bombs on them and half of the Yaps already believe this.
  5. zenitovets Offline zenitovets
    zenitovets (Ivan) 6 September 2019 11: 35
    We don't care what the Japanese think! The main thing that Russians think!