Replacement for Ruslana: why Kiev was alarmed by a new Russian aircraft

Toward the close of the MAKS-2019 air show, a curious statement was received from Kiev. The Ukrainian airline Antonov demanded not to use the An brand in designating a new heavy transport aircraft, which is currently being developed in Russia on the basis of the famous Ruslan. Hmm, no one was going to, but what does this, full of hard-to-hide sadness, desire testify to?

An-124, also known as "Ruslan", was developed in the USSR in the eighties. The unique cargo plane, which set a lot of records, was created by many dozens of enterprises throughout the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, after the collapse of the great country, the intellectual property of the heavy transporter went to Ukraine, where the headquarters of Antonov was located.

The main operators of Ruslan are the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Volga-Dnepr company. The importance of such a cargo aircraft for the needs of military transport aviation (BTA) is difficult to overestimate. For example, the operational transfer of S-400 systems to Turkey on these giants was very impressive. Prior to this, the An-124 was used for the quick delivery of the S-300 to Syria. Thanks to the powerful VTA, the capabilities of the Russian army are sharply increasing. That is why Ukraine, at the suggestion of its Western curators, dealt a blow to cooperation with Russia in the militarytechnical sphere. In particular, in the aviation industry, joint projects for the production of An-70, An-124, An-140, An-148, aircraft engine D-27, etc., were buried.

After the rupture of traditional industrial ties between countries, the question of import substitution naturally arose. Last year, the topic of the possibility of starting production of Ruslan in Russia was actively discussed, especially since the aircraft was generally assembled in our Ulyanovsk until 2003. But almost immediately, experts pointed out the weaknesses of this project: dependence on Ukrainian components, on Ukrainian engines and on Antonov, in the issue of using his brand. Moreover, the aircraft engine was the most serious problem of the above.

It seemed that the revival of the legend is impossible neither in our country, nor in Ukraine, where the aircraft industry has already de facto died quietly. However, at the MAKS-2019 air show, Minister Manturov gave hope, saying that Ilyushin was preparing a project for a deep modernization of Ruslan:

Airborne electronic equipment and general aircraft systems will undergo modernization. The implementation of these measures will make it possible in the near future to consider the An-124 aircraft as “Russian”.

If the authorities are seriously interested in turning the An-124 into an Il-124, then this really can happen. We have our own design bureaus, as well as most of the production chains. All the missing can be gradually restored, with emphasis on modern components. The hardest part is with the engine, but the PD-14 has already been developed, work is underway to create its younger and older brothers.

The task is not easy, which will require maximum cooperation in the aircraft industry. Rumor has it that all enterprises of the Russian aviation industry can be combined into a common new brand, as was done in Europe with Airbus at one time. A well-known expert, Ruslan Gusarov, explains:

A single trade brand is easier to develop than a dozen individual batteries, which are already forgotten in the world.

As for the name of Ruslana revived in Russia, the complaints of Antonov on this subject are simply ridiculous. Nobody in their mind would invest in a new plane, so that later they could put the Ukrainian logo on it and have problems in the courts because of this. Statements from Kiev look like a rather pathetic attempt to remind themselves of a ditched aircraft manufacturing enterprise.
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  1. misanthrope Offline misanthrope
    misanthrope (misanthrope) 2 September 2019 11: 18
    Outskirts need to forget about brands. This was done within the framework of the great and mighty USSR, the successor of which was Russia, and let the outskirts be satisfied with the place in the UN that was inherited from the USSR.
    1. Atilla Offline Atilla
      Atilla 5 September 2019 03: 11
      We are developing a new heavy transport aircraft. Yes, do not make laugh already normal people with these already endless developments, and yes, the author forgot to write that this, as always, is UNIQUE development. You will not hear more about this development, because the money will be cut to those who need it. Hooray to Putin.
  2. LeftPers Offline LeftPers
    LeftPers (Anton) 2 September 2019 12: 39
    The Antonov brand belonged to the USSR, not some kind of Ukraine. And Russia, legally, is the legal successor of the USSR, so let it stink under the AN brand, and - don't give a damn about the gurgling of the abscess that has fallen away, let it stink slowly, we'll survive.
  3. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 2 September 2019 15: 19
    At first I was offended by the fraternal people, then there was pity and regret, then there was a period of disgust, but now they are indifferent to me. They wanted to go their own way, let them go, we can live well without them.
    As for the name "Antonov" in the new plane - why not name it? It was, after all, a Russian aircraft designer. Well, fate brought him a little further from his native places, so what? To forget him? Our tanker "Christophe de Margerie" goes to sea, we call streets and squares the names of all overseas personalities. And here is our man! Worthy! Don't forget him. And let them at least "demand", "insist", "beg", and even figs with them, do not pay attention. Even as a trolling, it would be normal to call the plane "Antonov", but here it is at the discretion of the enterprise team and the country's leadership, they know better.
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) 2 September 2019 19: 43
      Well, why as a trolling? That's how you justified it all, and answer all the claims! And to call ... the name is not the first problem in the production of aircraft ... As with the latest modern weapons - they asked the people. And the people gave an answer!
    2. Arborist Offline Arborist
      Arborist (Sergei) 2 September 2019 20: 00
      Let them go their way ...

      For the first time, or something, they went over to the "lyakham". When they start to flourish - will we live.
  4. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 2 September 2019 17: 40
    They are no longer capable of anything, Antonov has not produced any aircraft for a long time, and exists due to repairs and upgrades of old, still Soviet equipment.
  5. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 2 September 2019 18: 12
    Lord, yes they are even now, when their whole country ......, puff out their cheeks in their worthless worthlessness.
  6. Izya Shniperson Offline Izya Shniperson
    Izya Shniperson (Izya Shniperson) 3 September 2019 08: 49
    Antonov is, in fact, the Novosibirsk Design Bureau, he was transferred to Kiev to help Ukraine.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 3 September 2019 12: 11
      In vain, of course, they did it. It was a big mistake, the same as the inclusion of the Khrushchev Crimea in Ukraine.
  7. mr.Parker Offline mr.Parker
    mr.Parker (Wind) 3 September 2019 16: 22
    "Antonov", like OKB-153, was created in 1946 in Novosibirsk. Oleg Antonov, who was born in 1906 in the Moscow province, was appointed chief designer. In the summer of 1952, the OKB moved to Kiev. So, given the history, Antonov is a Soviet enterprise, not a Ukrainian one. And the AN-124 Ruslan aircraft was created in the USSR, not in Ukraine. Therefore, the "demand" to change the name of the aircraft has no basis.
  8. Dan Offline Dan
    Dan (Daniel) 4 September 2019 06: 54
    If the authorities are seriously interested in turning the An-124 into an Il-124, then this really can happen.

    I think that all conversations and discussions on changing the name of the product should be carried out during the period of the end of tests of your engine for this aircraft. Until the PD-35 is ready, there is nothing to talk about. It is clear that the An-124 is a product of the USSR, but today Antonov is legally Ukrainian. Why are these lamentations about the logic of historical processes? The fact that Ukrainians are "not our brothers" has long been clear "not only to everyone." For the current Bandera leadership of Ukraine, the priority is not to move towards the prosperity of their country, but towards its separation from Russia. Unfortunately, in this case we can change little. Therefore, today Ukraine will do everything that can harm us. This must be borne in mind, and by organizational and technical means, we must strive to minimize possible damage. By expressing our grievances against Ukrainians on every corner, we are only showing our weaknesses. You cannot take offense at the enemy, you have to fight with him.
  9. jury2477 Offline jury2477
    jury2477 (Yuri Vladimirovich) 4 September 2019 13: 05
    Rumor has it that all enterprises of the Russian aviation industry can be combined into a common new brand, as was done in Europe with Airbus at one time.
    How's that?
    Military aircraft - SUMIG, civilian aircraft - ILTUYAK, and MIKA helicopters?
    1. Evgeny Rodzevich (Evgeny Rodzevich) 25 November 2019 10: 31
      Military aircraft - SUMIG, civilian aircraft - ILTUYAK, and MIKA helicopters?
      Already almost united, I propose my own version of the name: POGOSYASERDUKYAN TABURETKIN.
  10. kisham Offline kisham
    kisham (Arthur Shevchuk) 10 September 2019 19: 43
    The biggest mistake was - the creation of the Ukrainian SSR with the addition of purely Russian territories to it!
  11. Andrey Kiryakin Offline Andrey Kiryakin
    Andrey Kiryakin (Andrey Kiryakin) 11 September 2019 10: 30
    Quote: jury2477
    Rumor has it that all enterprises of the Russian aviation industry can be combined into a common new brand, as was done in Europe with Airbus at one time.
    How's that?
    Military aircraft - SUMIG, civilian aircraft - ILTUYAK, and MIKA helicopters?

    It will be called, for example: "United Aviation Industrial Holding", it does not tie it to the name of the aircraft. The point is in building and optimizing capacities within a single organizational system. This excludes, for example, double work in one direction. At the moment we have a lack of production and scientific capacities. Consolidation will redistribute the load. Assembly plants that assemble the final products will not go anywhere, and Su-shki will be assembled dry, etc. As an engineer, I imagine it like this.
  12. Dimon Dimonov Offline Dimon Dimonov
    Dimon Dimonov (Dimon Dimonov) 14 November 2019 20: 57
    Skakuasy ... let them jump in the forest ...
  13. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 20 November 2019 01: 29
    I looked at this fantasy, in my opinion - absurd and eclectic, as for a "transport worker", general view (reminding me with its "aerodynamic scheme" of a small nimble swallow, the one with a light straw in a small beak, although the plane is a "heavy draft" by to all its "habits" - this is a sedate pelican, majestically carrying a large fish through the air in its capacious goiter), eloquently speaking about the blatant inertia of the thinking of its designer, and unexpectedly (from such an outrageous "dissonance" of image and function ?! winked ) a very interesting layout hit my head.
    Roomy, a priori strong and simple, like doors, very technologically advanced in production, with an absolutely aerodynamically clean wing and a stable multi-wheeled one (in principle, with such an arrangement, it is easy to get an "air cushion" instead of wheels - whoever is "in the subject" is probably already guessed what the "highlight" and "cornerstone" are ?! smile ) landing gear suitable for take-off and landing from unpaved airfields.
    In fact, designers (and aircraft designers in particular!) Need to know thoroughly the history of technology and the genesis of machines and mechanisms of their specialization, but also - to be able to tune out the learned stereotypes of thinking and try to go to the set goal of the project in many ways, including unbeaten paths , so that all these ways, in a balanced way, achieve maximum "target efficiency" from your creations!
    In this case, the super-transporter must move the maximum (in weight and dimensions) cargo from the airport of departure to any point on the planet with a reasonable complex expenditure of resources and time (for the flight itself, its preparation and loading and unloading) - this should be the starting point, not to make people laugh with such schoolboy "general views" of a slightly altered - modernized "Ruslan", whose layout (like "Mriya", C-130 "Hercules", C-5 "Galaxy" and the like) has long been outdated - Why should the Russians be marking time in the same place (once found and being really successful AT THAT TIME, the layout solution), and not go ahead and farther again ?! IMHO

    It has long been removed from aircraft modeling (and in it now rotorcraft attract me more winked ), but I’ll probably get puffed up and, like a thread at my leisure, closer to summer, I will make a cord model, albeit not on jet (or impeller) engines, even on conventional compression engines with propellers (the layout is quite possible) to check my inspiration (for me, as well as for other people - yes, the same Casey - is a well-known vivid example, sometimes there is also a connection with our Common Information Field, in which there are already all questions and answers, and all that have been carried out or only flickered by someone -that in thoughts, the creations of all times and peoples of the past, present and future, of all civilizations (I'm not sure that all of them were and will be human, there are very many features that are uncharacteristic for people, for our human thinking ?!) - I just see in my mind's eye, as in a "cartoon", such a flying airliner and its takeoff and landing, maneuvers on the ground and fast, combined in time and space, loading and unloading! smile
    Thanks to the site and the respected Author - Sergey Marzhetsky for the fact that this Article (and the like, with pictures, and all the visual designers, we better see once than hear a thousand times! yes ) prompted me to come up with interesting thoughts and curious insights (this is when to yourself, with surprise, you think: "Bah, how easy it is - why did not those who had to do it for their work come to think of this before ?!" I immediately recall the famous "dazibao" of the outstanding Soviet Tank Designer - dvuzhly Hero of Socialist Labor Alexander Alexandrovich Morozov:

    It’s hard to do - everyone can, but simple to do - only a thinking and hardworking designer can do!