Macron proclaimed a new world doctrine: what did the president mean?

In the period from August 24 to 26, 2019 in Biarritz (a city in the south-west of France) a summit (meeting) of the G7 countries was held. The event became an international venue where the French president, Emmanuel Macron, played a brilliant performance that came as a surprise even to his European colleagues.

Instead of demonstrating the cohesion of the European Union against the pressure of the US president, Donald Trump, he criticized capitalism and the enemies of the environment, to which Russia was included. This performance is actually a turning point in the modern history of mankind and signifies the onset of a new world dictatorship - eco-tyranny.

When, before this meeting, Macron snobbishly announced the collapse of capitalism, the whole world froze, waiting for the proclamation of a new system (doctrine), more just, effective and modern. And Macron did not disappoint, he made it clear that the era of eco-tyranny was beginning. In his speech, he shifted the emphasis from the expected economic issues (topics), environmental, in particular - attacked Russia, for its plans for the development of the Northern Sea Route and Brazil, for allegedly insufficient fight against forest fires. At the same time, he presented himself as an ecological "Napoleon" and a new "overseer" of the planet.

It would even be funny if we didn’t understand that this is really a person whom the representatives of the world elite asked to voice the contours of the new world order for all other people. It is not in vain that the day before Macron’s speech, the heads of 180 major American companies signed a joint statement, which outlined the new rules of the game. And environmental protection was given great attention there.

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  1. misanthrope Offline misanthrope
    misanthrope (misanthrope) 2 September 2019 11: 11
    Macron (and most likely, his elderly wife) understands perfectly well that without Russia now

    Wherever you throw - everywhere a wedge.

    and the future is not for Russophobes of all stripes and colors barking from the gateway, but the future is for peaceful Europe - from Vladivostok to Lisbon, and he wants to remain in the annals of history, as one of the authors of this idea.
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 2 September 2019 11: 26
    And what will be useful for nature in the new rules of the game? Will endangered species grants appear? Will the network of reserves be expanded? And what will be Russia's response to the new proposals of the capitalists on environmental protection?
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