What if China throws Russia with the CR929?

At the MAKS-2019 air show, its visitors had the opportunity to visit the fuselage of the joint Russian-Chinese CR929 aircraft. The product of cooperation between the two countries is designed to destroy the existing duopoly of Boeing and Airbus. Can the CR929 be able to do this, and with what will Russia remain if its paths with China eventually diverge?

CR929 is a promising long-haul liner, modifications of which will be able to carry from 230 to 320 passengers. In my time, technology Only the USSR, the USA and France possessed the manufacture of wide-body liners. Now China is planning to enter this specific niche, using the remaining Russian experience and competence.

The abbreviation of the project itself indicates that China is a senior partner in it, and the Russian Federation - a junior. Our country will have to develop and create wings, while Beijing will be engaged in the production of the fuselage and the final assembly, which will be carried out in Shanghai. At the initial stage, the liner will fly on American or British engines, subsequently they can be replaced by currently developed domestic PD-35. At the same time, the financial burden, estimated at $ 20 billion, is divided equally between the parties.

For the modern Russian Federation, participation in the project is considered a good chance to enter the major league of aircraft manufacturing. However, even now in the Russian-Chinese sky, not everything is so cloudless.

At first, there are questions on components for a wide-body aircraft. Russia is under ever tougher sanctions, and China is in a state of trade war with the United States. Initially, the CR929 project was built on the basis of broad international cooperation, but now there may be problems with the supply of components from the United States and allied countries.

First of all, this can affect American and British aircraft engines. Recall that the PD-35 is still under development. Therefore, now there are questions about the exact dates of the first flight of the Russian-Chinese liner.

Secondly, not the best way against Russia can play the fact that it is in the project as a junior partner. For our country, the whole point of participating in it is to gain equal access to the promising Chinese and Asian markets as a whole. It is estimated that in aircraft of this class the PRC needs are estimated at 1200, for comparison, Russia - from 50 to 120. So, CR929 could be the first truly commercially successful project of the domestic aviation industry.

But here, not everything is smooth. Last year, Russian media reported that the parties could not agree among themselves on who would hold the certificate for the liner. Moreover, it was reported that allegedly the Chinese state corporation COMAC proposed Russia to split the sales. That is, the Chinese sell CR929 themselves in their own market, and our country - in their own home and in the international market, where, judging by the example of the Superjet, we are not brilliant in this.

However, subsequently, “UAC” disavowed this information, allegedly, the Chinese did not even think to offer anything, why would it suddenly. But the sediment, as they say, remained. The documentation for the liner is good, the wings are also, but this is perhaps all that will be on hand if the PRC suddenly decides to go further on its own. They themselves will make wings, if necessary, we can’t even ban the supply of aircraft engines to them, since we have a banal PD-35. By the way, the Chinese themselves have already entered Motor Sich.

What will Russia do if Beijing ceases to need its services?
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 1 September 2019 15: 30
    What if China throws Russia with the CR929?

    - So, and all the "partnership", "joint cooperation" (and all other any "relations" concerning financial, scientific, industrial, raw materials and other spheres) of China and Russia and is based on the Chinese "kidalov" - this is the main goal for Chinese companies and the state of China itself ...
    - Personally, I said, I say and will continue to say (as long as I have enough strength) that China is a "boa constrictor"; and Russia is a "rabbit" which, of its own accord, climbs right into the jaws of this "boa constrictor" ...
    - Here the author of the article is worried about the CR929 airliner ....
    - Ha, yes, this is such a trifle that it is not worth discussing ... - Ahead of Russia there is such a "scam" from China that no one will remember this liner ...
    - All the agreements, commercial transactions, joint agreements, etc ... that Russia and China have concluded are absolutely unnecessary for Russia, moreover, they are harmful and lead Russia to such a terrible ending that any economic disaster will look like just a child’s misunderstanding ... - Only the supply of Russian gas to China can turn into a real national disaster for Russia ...
    - The rest of the "partnership" with China is no less dangerous and destructive for Russia ... - There is simply nothing more to add ... - Horror ...
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 1 September 2019 22: 38
      Can you justify why cooperation with China is so dangerous, especially the "terrible" gas sale?
      1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
        gorenina91 (Irina) 2 September 2019 11: 05
        - Justify ???
        Take, for example, Turkmenistan, which has been selling for a long time and unsuccessfully, or rather, supplying gas to China ... - and Turkmenistan has become rich from these "gas supplies" ???
        - For all this time, China has peeled Turkmenistan ... like sticky ... - with what it came to this bargain ... - with that and left, only without its gas ...
        - For comparison ... - the extraction of Turkmen gas is much cheaper at cost than the production of Russian gas (cold; swamps; taiga; deep deposits where labor-intensive drilling is required; remote northern areas where shift workers must be delivered, etc. , etc. ..) ... - And how many thousands of kilometers do you need to pump Russian gas through pipelines (how many contain pumping stations and maintenance personnel) ...
        - Here you are, for example ... - on which floor do you live ??? - But gas doesn’t rise above 5-6 floors (then it needs to be supplied with special pumps) ... - Today in Russia multi-story residential buildings are already served by electricity (there are no gas stoves) ...
        -But we will leave these nuances ...
        - After Gazprom has greatly lost its position in the supply of Russian gas to Zap. Europe "through gas pipelines", then Gazprom will have to make concessions on the price of gas supplied ... - Let's not climb into the European jungle, let's return to China ...
        - And China has already docked the Russian gas pipeline with its own; Russia, at its own expense, laid the Power of Siberia gas pipeline through taiga, tundra, mountains and swamps, across Siberia ... - These are huge costs, who will pay ??? - Obviously, the grandchildren of today's Russians ...
        - We have laid a gas pipeline, but what next ??? - And then ... - the still unsettled price per cubic meter of gas ... - China dictates its prices for Russian gas ... - And where does Russia go now ??? - In Zap. Europe - "gas fiasco" ... - And what to do in Siberia ???
        - Russia is already driving its gas to the West. Europe at dumping prices ... - And then at what price will China have to sell Russian gas ??? - In general, at prices below the cost price ... and with what "money" will China pay us ???
        - Fantik-yuan, or even in general - its outdated second-hand equipment and equipment (similar to what China supplied to Belarus) and slow-moving stale goods, and other consumer goods ... which he accumulated in abundance during the "confrontation "with the US ... - All this unrealized junk will push China to Russia ..
        - A lot more things can be "brought" ... - And that's enough ...
        1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
          sgrabik (Sergei) 2 September 2019 12: 58
          Do not write this nonsense, there is no gas fiasco in Europe and will not be until the time when American liquefied gas becomes cheaper than our natural gas, and it never becomes such, because it is economically impossible in principle, especially since in Yamal the huge Yamal-LNG gas complex has already been built and continues to increase its capacity, capable of making more than worthy price competition for US supplies of liquefied natural gas. Secondly, the yuan is already regarded as a reserve world currency, literally within a decade, the American dollar may lose its world hegemony, this is quite real and confirmed data, and not sucked out of your finger, like yours.
          1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
            gorenina91 (Irina) 2 September 2019 15: 04
            The Yamal-LNG gas complex was late yesterday; and tomorrow no one is waiting for its products anywhere ... - it was necessary to think earlier ... - the market was already occupied ... - Yes, and who, and on what, and in what it will be delivered to consumers ... - is needed a whole fleet of specialized missions .. - The Americans do not have enough of their fleet, and Russia is what - with Chinese ships; Russian gas will be lucky in Chinese containers ... in ... in ... in ... China ???
            Currently, the Yamal LNG project is serviced by 7 LNG carriers. There will be 15 of them in total, of which only one belongs to the Russian company Sovcomflot ...
            - And what is the share of the "participation" of Western European companies in the development of Russian Yamal and the entire Russian gas structure, which has yet to develop the expected capacity ... - Who in general owns more than half of Gazprom itself ???
            And what kind of yuan is "going" to become a "world currency" ??? - Who delegates him there ... -Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia ... or even Chinese Taiwan ??? - About Zap. I will keep silent to Europe ... - Yes, tomorrow China will lose its factories and Russia will support it, as it already supports Turkey ... not good for anything ...
        2. 123 Offline 123
          123 (123) 2 September 2019 19: 37
          So, in Turkmenistan, neither I nor you know the exact cost data, but the Americans somehow manage to sell their shale gas, and it’s even more expensive. In my opinion, everyone is dumping now. The difference between Russia and Turkmenistan is that Russia can build a gas pipeline, but Turkmenistan cannot. China built it for their money. The wise new Turkmenbashi signed an enslaving agreement, however, he had no choice - he had neither technology nor money, he did not have an independent building. It remains only to supply gas through Russia at the price that they will give, and there is nowhere to sell anymore, all the neighbors except Afghanistan have their own. The ability to independently deliver gas is very important, which is why such passions around Ukraine and the Nord Stream, without them we will turn into Turkmenistan, and we will give gas almost for free.
          I live on the third floor, all on gas, stove, autonomous heating and water heating. Very convenient and inexpensive. From the window right now I’m watching new nine-story buildings, and on them on the side is a yellow gas pipe.
          Excuse me, where does the data indicate that Gazprom has lost its position in Europe? By reference -


          write that the third year records are updated. About what kind of fiasco you are talking about, is unclear.
          The payback period of the “Power of Siberia” is 10 years.


          I doubt that during this time the grandchildren will grow up. With what fright to sell gas below cost, I do not understand. Do not forget that gas will go to China from new fields in Eastern Siberia, but they are not connected to the gas pipe to Europe, and a gas pipeline must also be built. Yes, and selling only to Europe is unreasonable, as well as diversification.
          As for the transition in trade to national currencies, you, excuse me, as from another planet, have everyone heard about sanctions?
          By reference:


          in the second paragraph it is written that

          ... up to a third of dollar payments are delayed due to sanctions.

          In the third paragraph - data on trade in dollars, euros and yuan. So, I do not see any reason for panic.
          And about the backward Chinese technologies, tell the Americans, otherwise they do not know, they are trying to crush all Huawei with its 5G.
          1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
            gorenina91 (Irina) 3 September 2019 04: 50
            - Hi ...
            Well, what can I answer you ... - only that you yourself can easily recognize and easily be convinced of everything ...
            I will not start from "Turkmenistan", from "Adam and Eve" ... - or rather, from Norway and Saud. Arabia ...
            - And what about Norway ??? And Norway was fishing; grazing cows in stony meadows; I was engaged in metallurgy (not the most successful in the world), etc ... - Well, Norway lived in harmony with its trolls, or rather, with its "cockroaches" ...
            - And in the 60-70s of the last century, Norway suddenly decided to become an oil and gas producing country ... and began very expensive and very unsuccessful exploration of these hydrocarbons ...
            - From the very beginning the Americans and "other oil companies" tried to poke their attention to the Norwegians with "their help" ... - But the Norwegian authorities came to a wise decision - not to enter into negotiations with individual companies regarding the rights to the Norwegian continental shelf.
            And on May 31, 1963, "Norway's sovereignty on the Norwegian continental shelf for the exploration and exploitation of natural resources" was proclaimed.

            Norwegian oil and gas history is a history of wise political decisions, industrial development on a global scale and the creation of value potential.
            In March 1965, an agreement was signed between Norway and Great Britain on the division of the continental shelf on the principle of the midline. In December of the same year, a similar agreement was signed with Denmark. Thus, the dividing lines were determined before the start of exploration, and now it was possible to determine without difficulty which country the resources found at the field located on the border between the two countries belonged to. Elsewhere in the world, these types of dividing line agreements were not negotiated in advance, just before the start of the search activity and the determination of available resources. Such a situation, for example, has developed in the Caspian Sea, where Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia are fighting over borders and the rights to already explored deposits.
            1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
              gorenina91 (Irina) 3 September 2019 04: 52
              In 1971, oil production began at the Ecofisk field. Norway has declared itself as a serious oil nation. The Ecofisk field also had significant gas reserves. Gas began to be transported through pipes to Germany since 1977, and the field acquired the status of “open doors” for large volumes of gas from Norway, which subsequently entered European markets.

              And then there was

              The Frigg field has been discovered. It was a gas field, which was located on the border between Norway and the UK. The Norwegian part of the field turned out to be the largest, so it was decided that the field would be developed by Norway with the help of Elf Aquitaine, the operator.

              And Norway did not save before the mighty Britain, and defended its rights ...
              The Norwegian Parliament also adopted the Ten Oil Commandments concept, which will become the cornerstone of future oil policy.

              The Ten Oil Commandments

              1. All activities on the Norwegian shelf should be carried out under the supervision and control of the state.
              2. Oil resources should be used in such a way that Norway can independently extract and process crude oil.
              3. New economic activities related to oil should be developed.
              4. The new oil industry must take into account existing environmental standards.
              5. Gas burning on the Norwegian shelf can only be approved for short periods.
              6. Oil from the Norwegian shelf should primarily be delivered to Norway, with the exception of a number of cases where public political considerations may serve as the basis for another decision.
              7. The state is a participant in all activities related to oil. The state will also pursue a policy to coordinate Norwegian interests in the oil industry and facilitate integration with the international community in this area.
              8. A state oil community will be created to uphold state commercial interests. The community will interact with both local and international companies.
              9. Oil production at latitude 62 should be conducted in such a way as to satisfy the socio-political conditions in that region.
              10. The discovery of Norwegian oil will present Norway with new prospects for action.
              Public administration and control, the creation of the Norwegian oil community and state participation were important in Norwegian oil policy in the 70s. The wise decisions made initially are the reason why Norway is by far one of the best countries to live in and a world leader in a number of areas of the oil industry.

              The main thing is that little Norway initially did not want to become Turkmenistan, ... and ... even ... - compliant in everything and shy Russia ... - That's it ...
              1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                gorenina91 (Irina) 3 September 2019 04: 54
                - And what about Russia? And Russia all its life needed the participation of imported specialists (it still cannot breed its own) - at least give it the same Norwegians, who themselves learned to build "mining platforms" in the sea ... - Some foreign "freeloader companies" all of Russia are necessary ... - she doesn't have enough of her own de ... bil ... of Gazprom ...
                - "Gazprom Russia" suddenly closes the development of the colossal richest unique "Shtokman field" ... - There are such gas reserves that only in fairy tales it happens ... - It was possible for the entire future and today's generation of the Russian people (as in Saudi Arabia and Emirates) to endow such "shared privileges" that one can only dream of such a thing ... - Russia already 8 years ago could have started producing its LNG in world volumes and become a world leader and monopolist ...
                - But "Gazprom's Russia" got scared of American sanctions and fell for a primitive "American fool" about American shale gas ... - and ... and ... and ... curtailed the entire development process of the Shtokman field ... - as "not profitable "and" unpromising "... - All costs - at the expense of Russian taxpayers ...
                - By the way ... - now the whole world has already learned about the fabulous riches of the "Shtokmanovskoye field" and many "territorial contenders" for this field have already appeared ... - Now everyone is "claiming their rights" to this field ... - So that now Russia has problems over there ...
                - Well, the development of Yamal begins (this is already a real territory of Russia) and with such "equity participants" (and, of course, the Chinese are already "accomplices" here) ... - Then I just don't want to continue ... - Everything that should belong exclusively to Russia alone suddenly becomes only a fraction of what should belong to Russia ...
                - Soon Poland will become an "equal partner" for Russia in the gas business ... - Hahah ...
                1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                  gorenina91 (Irina) 3 September 2019 05: 07
                  I live on the third floor, all on gas, stove, autonomous heating and water heating. Very convenient and inexpensive. From the window right now I’m watching new nine-story buildings, and on them on the side is a yellow gas pipe.

                  Ha ... - You ... as Professor Pleischner (Yulian Semyonov "Seventeen Moments of Spring)" ...
                  - You live in some old house on the third floor and do not see further than your own ... mmmm ... third floor ... -Hahah ...
                  - Go to these new nine-story buildings and find out ... - to which floor do these "yellow pipes" supply natural gas ...
                  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                    gorenina91 (Irina) 3 September 2019 05: 21
                    ... they write that the third year records are updated. About what kind of fiasco you are talking about, is unclear.
                    The payback period of the “Power of Siberia” is 10 years.

                    Well, of course ... they write ... - it's really simple - no comment ... -Hahah ...

                    As for the transition in trade to national currencies, you, excuse me, as from another planet, have everyone heard about sanctions?

                    - Yes, I heard, I heard ... - And I also love very good candies, in a nice cool wrapper - in beautiful candy wrappers ...
                    - But it's one thing to play with these candy wrappers, and another ... - to deal with a serious currency ... - Russia should not "play candy wrappers" ... -Hahah ...
                    1. 123 Offline 123
                      123 (123) 3 September 2019 10: 44
                      Good morning!
                      Correspondence becomes voluminous)) I am very happy for the wise Norwegian Vikings, who independently produce oil and gas, but all countries have different conditions and they develop differently. You will not tell how in Saudi Arabia they independently and without the involvement of foreigners started production, although you give them as an example. How are these two countries similar? They are both small, with a population of 5 million in Norway and 23 million in Saudi Arabia (another 10 ml. Of non-citizens who do not rely on buns), so it’s easier to provide an acceptable life for the population with oil money. Yes, they still did not have Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Remember how under Yeltsin oil was divided on Sakhalin? Under him, the Americans and the British appeared. Yes, production technologies in Russia are lagging, especially on the shelf, so what? Work, catch up. Not a single country can produce everything at world damage. The same Norwegians what else can? To grow salmon and ....? Oil and gas are produced in more than 50 countries, someone is able to use resources better, while someone does not succeed.
                      The Shtokman field was closed after France and Norway left, and could not independently develop. So what? They will return to him. The industry is developing, equipment is being made, gas carriers and tankers are building. All at once does not happen. Russia may become a leader in LNG production (8th place, 7th USA), but will not become a monopolist. Tell me, how is this possible? LNG is produced by 18 countries. Just tell them not to do it? And the fact that “they claim” is their problems, there is nobody stronger than Russia in the Arctic.
                      About the third floor .... You asked, I answered. The house, by the way, is 10 years old, and pipes on nine floors go along the outer wall to the roof. We also have mini-boiler houses installed on gas on our roofs. I do not think that installing a pump makes gas use unprofitable. What are we talking about? You think that gas is not needed?
                      About the "records", "fiasco" and "payback", I'm sorry - the data does not expire? Maybe show where the right ones are? Please share the source of wisdom.
                      About the transition to national currencies. Here you love sweets, and imagine that you might just not sell them, or sell them on the condition that you will behave as the seller needs. Avoiding the dollar in the calculations is fully justified. By the way, this is a global trend, Russia is not alone. England - and she is trying to get rid of the dollar. In addition to delays, there is simply the inability to pay, with India for weapons, for example. And what is the way out? Switching completely to the euro? Then wait until the Europeans also begin to ban everything? This is addiction, and you need to leave it. Yes, the yuan is not very good, by the way, like the ruble. But this must be done. Or do you have another option? Tell me, where is that good currency worth trading in? Or do you still cover trade in general? At its core, American candy wrappers are not much different from the renminbi, just the calculations go into them.
                      1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                        gorenina91 (Irina) 3 September 2019 15: 10
                        I began to answer you because you seemed to me to be "not a minus player" ... You asked - I tried to answer ... - All the cases ...
                        And now you are carrying some nonsense (sorry), or rather, you started talking to yourself ...

                        Yes, production technologies in Russia are lagging, especially on the shelf, so what?

                        The Shtokman field was closed after France and Norway left, and could not independently develop.
                        So what? They will return to him.

                        Ha, what then will be "what" ??? - Since such important and basic things for you "so what?" ???
                        - "Gazprom's Russia" stupidly and ineptly missed the greatest chance - to break out into the leaders and become unattainable in the gas industry ...
                        - In Soviet times, Russia itself escaped into space - without the help of Norway and France ... - So what ??? - Hahah ...
                        - And today Gazprom and Novatek are too un-advanced and low-tech, unpromising, weak and dependent organizations in order to develop the gas business in Russia ... - And even more so, once you start to develop the Shtokman field ... - Everything is a train gone...
                        You yourself write that:

                        Remember how under Yeltsin oil was divided on Sakhalin? Under him, the Americans and the British appeared.

                        Well, today is the difference ??? - The same thing happens, but already during the development of Yamal and other other gas Russian spheres ... - What is the difference ??? - Came in France, other EU countries; climbed China ... - then what ???
                        - Our Gazprom and Novatek ... - for them it's like policemen during the occupation during the Second World War ... - You can't say anything else ... - And no one will ever let Russia develop the Shtokman field. .. - Russia will not prove anything (now you can sue for at least 200 years ... - it's useless) ...
                      2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                        gorenina91 (Irina) 3 September 2019 15: 31
                        Yes, more.

                        About the third floor .... You asked, I answered. The house, by the way, is 10 years old, and pipes on nine floors go along the outer wall to the roof. We also have mini-boiler houses installed on gas on our roofs. I do not think that installing a pump makes gas use unprofitable. What are we talking about? You think that gas is not needed?

                        Well, I don’t know where you got these houses ... -Hahah ...
                        - There were some experimental projects, but this business did not go ... and wilted ...
                        - Unless they install autonomous gas boiler houses in cottages; but these are two big differences ...
                        I won’t write anything about the currency ... - I see that discussing this with you is useless ...
                        With the departure of Britain from the EU, the euro (oiro) is becoming a very shaky currency ... And the dollar is returning all its "previous priorities" ... But this may not "save Trump" ... that indecision, red tape and gimmick that he divorced with China - the American voters may not forgive him ...
                      3. 123 Offline 123
                        123 (123) 4 September 2019 00: 19
                        Good evening!
                        Ma'am, you still run into me in vain, in my opinion, I did not write anything bad.
                        If possible, please tell us about the problems with the Shtokman field, otherwise I do not know. Who is going to sue with whom? And who will not allow Russia to produce gas there?
                        And in general, it seems to me that you are exaggerating its significance. In general, I found such numbers, if I made a mistake, correct it: in 2018, 642 billion m³ of gas were produced in Russia. It was planned that when the Shtokman field reaches full capacity, production will amount to 67 billion m³ per year. Data, sorry, from Wikipedia. Total, taking into account the Shtokman field, they could produce a maximum of 642 + 67 = 709 billion m³. The USA produced 751 billion m³. So, this is not enough to become a leader, and, moreover, to become inaccessible.
                        As for the house and heating, you do not think that I came up with this specifically for you?
                        Well, in conclusion, I still ask again about the currency. With calculations in dollars, the United States delays or simply does not miss payments; an alternative is needed. As I understand it, we are in agreement with you about the euro, the option is still. So what do you want to trade in?
                      4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                        gorenina91 (Irina) 4 September 2019 07: 09
                        - So, the correspondence is clearly delayed ... - Moreover - why are you not giving me any ... "bonuses" .. ??? - Oh, I really ... it's so interesting here with you ...
                        - Okay ... - I answer for the last time ... - I explain "in rubles and apples" ...
                        - Why did you grab onto playing with numbers, like cubes in kindergarten ... - You can juggle astronomical numbers ... - and what is the "final" ??? ... - And what, and how much exactly did Russia get from these extracted volumes? What is the "remainder"?
                        - Here, to an example ... - you planted a turnip in your garden ...
                        - A big, big turnip has grown ... a rich harvest ... You called to help you to harvest - a dozen hefty strangers ... - And they "helped" ... - determined the weight and volume of all this turnip; loaded it and took it away ... And they left you tops and seeds so that you could plant turnips next year again (well, you personally were fed turnips once) ... - And when someone asked you later, they say, what was the turnip harvest ... - you proudly boasted that the harvest was excellent ... - here the fairy tale is over ... -Hahah ...
                        - These are the "Gazprom" "Novatekovskie" and "Rosneftepromovskie tales" are now widely in use ... It's a matter of principle ...
                        - So ... - "Fight not by numbers, but by skill" ... - Hahah ...
                        - And "Gazprom's Russia" is not capable of "fighting" ... - There are huge, colossal resources and reserves; there are tens of millions of Russian people and hundreds of thousands of qualified specialists who are ready to work for the prosperity of their families and for the good of their fatherland; there are monstrous potential remedies; there is a state and a people who need all this ... Everything is there .., but there is no brains, qualifications, professional education and just natural ingenuity and considerations of a group of people who are leading this "cosmic process" ... - It's one thing - It's just stupid and mercantile to profit from working for your own pocket, but it's another matter to lead ... - Once at the beginning of the formation of the USSR, even poorly educated Bolsheviks were much smarter than this whole cohort ...
                      5. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                        gorenina91 (Irina) 4 September 2019 07: 14
                        Okay, now the specifics ... briefly ... - and again the "story" ...

                        Back in the days of the Soviet Union, in the early 80s, as a result of the hard work of oceanologists and geophysicists, the so-called "Shtokman deposit" was discovered.

                        And then the funds and "aspirations" were enough for this ... - And somehow they managed without "irreplaceable Norwegian specialists" ...

                        Its projected reserves were estimated at three trillion cubic meters of natural gas ... Shtokman alone exceeded all the reserves of Norway combined.
                        Then Russian scientists discovered a new geological formation, which was named the Fedynsky vault (in Norway - "the Yalmar Johansen uplift"). If the entire Shtokman was estimated at 3,9 cubic meters of gas, then the estimated reserves in the Fedynsky vault area are all 9 trillion.

                        Both the Shtokman and Fedynsk deposits were discovered during the life of the USSR ... - The prospects for Russia ... are just space ... but then troubled times came ...
                        - And then Gazprom came - to the best of it ... - gas and oil fields had already been explored and developed; Thousands of km of gas pipelines are involved; an entire army of Russian qualified specialists in the oil and gas industry is ready; a whole bunch of projects have been prepared for the further development and development of this leading industry ...
                        - But the illiterate Gazprom leadership comes and begins to demonstrate to the whole world the "circus of midgets" in the huge world of business ... - Well, the whole world immediately realized that they were dealing with the poor; well, at first they laughed, and then they just started fooling the little-minded ... - Who just fooled them ... - and Zap. Europe; and Turkey; and even Ukraine; and, of course - China ... - Everything and business ...
                        - I could continue ... but there is no time ... - Maybe I will continue ... -Hahah ...
                      6. 123 Offline 123
                        123 (123) 4 September 2019 17: 53
                        It’s getting bored somehow. You don’t answer a single specific question, you jump from topic to topic, and you tell some kind of fairy tales. Can you simply and briefly answer simple questions?
                        1. How do you get information that Gazprom has lost a lot of its position in gas supplies to Europe? (please indicate the source of information).
                        2. What are the problems with the Shtokman field, who is going to sue Russia over it, and will not allow Russia to produce gas there?
                        3. In what currency should I trade if there are problems with the dollar?
                      7. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                        gorenina91 (Irina) 4 September 2019 20: 23
                        - That's how I wanted to continue - the topic is very large and I have not had time to say anything yet; but I see that it’s not worth it ...
                        So - turn on your brains ... or watch on TV ... ... there is enough primitive amusement ... for ... -for such a contingent ...
                        I'm sorry that I started to someone ... to clarify something ...
                        - Not a horse feed ... -Hahah ...
                      8. 123 Offline 123
                        123 (123) 4 September 2019 23: 57
                        But they did not come down to a simple answer to simple questions ... Maybe there is simply nothing to answer?
  • If China “throws” Russia with the CR929 airliner, we will fly on IL-96.
  • Rinat Offline Rinat
    Rinat (Rinat) 3 September 2019 09: 12
    What if China throws Russia with the CR929?

    Question to doubters:

    But what if China does not throw Russia with the CR929?
  • steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 3 September 2019 11: 55
    When Russia cannot pull out a single large project on its own, the article is correct. At the same time, they do not say how it is beneficial to us at a price. We are building nuclear power plants in Turkey, we are fighting in Syria, and in Russia, gas, light, and gas prices are rising. So if these projects are correct, why is the final product for our citizens constantly becoming more expensive?