Ukraine will buy American gas from Poland

The state-owned Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) has officially announced that after regasification (the process of converting liquefied natural gas (LNG) from liquid to gaseous) of purchased LNG from the United States, some of this expensive raw material will be delivered via pipeline to Ukraine. Kiev and Warsaw, allegedly, have already agreed on supplies before the end of 2019.

It is reported that a gas carrier (LNG tanker) from the United States will deliver products to a terminal in the city of Swinoujscie (Poland) in November 2019. Gas will be delivered to Ukraine through a point in Germanowice (Poland). Moreover, the specific volume of supplies and their cost are not given in the PGNiG statement.

At the same time, the president of the board of PGNiG, Petr Wozniak, said that in 2020, a total of 39 deliveries of LNG to this terminal are planned. So Warsaw is ready to sell Kiev significantly more gas, but exports from Poland to Ukraine are limited by the capacity of the pipes themselves. Reconstruction of the required site has already been planned, which should be completed before the end of 2021.

It should be noted that the terminal in иноwinoujсьcie was commissioned in 2015. During this time, he received only 70 gas carriers from the United States and Qatar. However, by 2021, it is planned to increase the capacity of the regasification terminal by 1,5 times, i.e. up to 7,5 billion cubic meters m per year.

We remind you that PGNiG signed a 24-year contract with Cheniere Marketing International (USA) for the supply of 2023 million tons of LNG per year until 0,52, and from 2023 these deliveries should grow to 1,45 million tons per year . In turn, the 20-year PGNiG contract with Venture Global LNG provides for the supply of 2 million tons of LNG per year. At the same time, PGNiG claims that American gas is 20-30% cheaper than Russian gas.

However, no matter how you say the word halva, your mouth will not be sweeter. Therefore, for clarity, it is necessary to clarify how LNG from the USA materializes in the vastness of Europe.

Initially, gas is produced in the United States. Then it is transported via pipelines to LNG plants, where liquefaction takes place, i.e. the conversion of a gaseous substance into a liquid. In this case, up to 30% of the initial amount of gas may be lost. In addition, the closer the LNG plant is located to the equator, the more expensive the process is (therefore, Russian LNG plants are located in the Arctic). Then, LNG is transported across the Atlantic by special vessels - gas carriers, which consume some of the raw materials during transportation. Poland does not buy LNG at its terminal upon delivery, but at the LNG plant in the USA at the time of shipment. So it’s really “golden gas”. But to Ukraine it will cost even more. Since during regasification, another part of the product is lost.

So, Washington is not in vain arranging its puppets around the world, not sparing time and money for it. Pay for everything, ultimately, will be ordinary citizens of these countries. Therefore, there is a high probability that by 2020 gas in Ukraine will once again “market” rise in price.
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  1. Port Offline Port
    Port 29 August 2019 19: 07
    Without loch and life is bad.
  2. Panting Offline Panting
    Panting (Vyacheslav) 29 August 2019 20: 42
    And America buys LNG from Russia, but it (America) does not remember it. And here comes to mind the song of the fox Alice and the cat Basilio from the Soviet feature film "Golden Key" -

    What sky is blue ...

    As long as fools live in the world, it’s from our hands that we live by deception ...
    YATWIAG. BY (Cheslav) 30 August 2019 12: 19
    And that's great...
    1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
      Oleg RB (Oleg) 30 August 2019 19: 23
      And they still didn’t pay attention to your nickname / loginwink
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    2. newbornGP Offline newbornGP
      newbornGP (GP) 30 August 2019 20: 08
      Right. And they will sell it to the whites. Here, the main thing is to have time to buy cheap gas!
      1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
        Oleg RB (Oleg) 30 August 2019 20: 48
        Ok :) We have a free oil and gas station near us. While the Russians are stupid, we are not going to change anything.
        1. Bitter Offline Bitter
          Bitter (Gleb) 1 September 2019 00: 17
          Without loch and life is bad.

          While the Russians are stupid ....

          Stunning and black cynicism. belay
          And not only on your part, but everywhere in the post-Soviet space. sad

          Why can't you just be grateful for any preferences that, in general, are not taken for granted?
          Why is it necessary to always look for sucker and personal gain in everything? You can just say "thank you" sincerely.
          Why did this mentality - how to cut down the loot and do nothing for this - could become stronger and develop?
          Why has it often become impossible to just do your job (fulfill your duties) and get pleasure from it and a decent salary / salary?
          Why is generosity and kindness very often regarded as weakness?
          Because, everything seems to be literate, but some kind of stupid, or something, somehow. fool