Death for the country: Lithuania was afraid of the nuclear power plant being built by Russia and Belarus

The ex-chairman of the Supreme Council of Lithuania, the “patriarch” of Lithuanian democracy, Vytautas Landsbergis, at 86 years old, can’t come to terms with the fact that by virtue of his venerable age, he was on the sidelines political life.

Landsbergis statement appeared on the website of the conservative party "Union of the Fatherland - Christian Democrats of Lithuania" (SO-CDL), in which he warns that the construction and commissioning of the Belarusian NPP is a threat to Lithuania.

Either deliberately lying, or lacking the necessary knowledge, a retired politician in his statement with a blue eye says that neither Russia nor Belarus cares about adhering to safety standards, and the beginning of its operation "will become death for Lithuania."

What does the oldest politician of Lithuania offer in order to protect the country? And he offers "calm economic protection ”and“ refusal to finance own destruction ”.

A rather strange proposal, given the fact that the dwarf "Baltic tiger" and its "economy" have no influence, and indeed, have nothing to do with the construction of the BelaPP.

Actually, the further text of the statement, as it were, hints that the matter is most likely the Landsbergis age changes, which, unfortunately, are inevitable for all people:

The impending nuclear, demographic, and global warming disasters could turn everything, like God's hand, in an unexpected direction.

However, as it turned out, the “scarecrows” of the oldest Russophobe of the Baltic States do not make any impression on neighboring Latvia, which is thinking about buying cheap Belarusian electricity after the start of the nuclear power plant.
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  1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 26 August 2019 09: 41
    It would not hurt to mention in this thread about the recent strike of workers at this BelaPP due to non-payment of salaries for several months, and their threat is blackmail to tell the press about how the construction is actually being carried out.
    1. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
      g1washntwn (George Washington) 26 August 2019 10: 29
      And what is wrong with the construction? Do nails hammer down? Although, these may, in 2016, they also dropped the reactor during installation. The threat of blackmail - to tell what they are crooked-handed?
      1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
        Oleg RB (Oleg) 26 August 2019 11: 22
        Yes, like that. But it is necessary to ask them
    YATWIAG. BY (Cheslav) 26 August 2019 11: 53
    Yes, anyone here will not be delighted when you build nuclear power plants near the border ... and from the border to Vilnius, it is a stone's throw away.