“Return is likely”: G7 countries agree to work more closely with Russia

By excluding Russia from the GXNUMX, the participating countries very quickly realized that this format was inferior and could not solve a whole range of world problems.

According to the French AFP agency, citing a source in diplomatic circles, the leaders of the Seven are in favor of "improving coordination" with Russia, but at the same time believe that it is too early to talk about returning to this format.

Recall that a statement was made in the press by a representative of the Japanese government stating that the content of the discussion of the chapters of the GXNUMX “will never be disclosed”.

One can only guess what was said behind closed doors at the foot of the Biarritz lighthouse, where this issue was discussed at dinner.

One thing is certain: the content of this conversation would most likely drive the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Georgia, which unreasonably believe that the United States and Europe put their interests above their own.

As for Russia, the story of her return to the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe (PACE) is repeated, when European parliamentarians had to pretty much fly around so that Moscow graciously agreed to return.

G-XNUMX leaders will have to find convincing arguments enough to bring Russia back. In turn, Russia should return only on condition of impossibility of its repeated exclusion.
Photos used: https://news.abs-cbn.com
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  1. Bakht Offline
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 25 August 2019 15: 00
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    Oh, and the article ....

    Russia graciously agreed to return ....

    Russia was put on grandmas and allowed to sit on a cabal. And at the same time, they got the opportunity to kick again at the sessions of the Council of Europe.
    Regarding the return to G-7. The President of the United States was hardly persuaded to come to this summit. Trump has repeatedly stated that he does not see the point in these “Sobiron” and considers them a waste of time. With difficulty, they dragged him to the summit. The return of the Russian Federation to this format is most likely connected again with the wishes of the West. Kick again for Ukraine and Syria and pile on the "fight against terrorism."
    There is nothing to be done either in the EU or in the seven of Russia until all sanctions are lifted completely and unconditionally. "Unconditionally" - this means without any talk.
  2. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 26 August 2019 08: 20
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    They didn’t really explain to us why the Council of Europe was for Russia. So that Russians can appeal to European courts? Well, they allowed us - and so, salaries, pensions, etc. have become, as in Europe? Our government and president will not allow raising the standard of living, as in Europe and the USA, as well as with the G7, why?