“They slept 50 of thousands of years”: Siberian microbes can make Europe uninhabited

According to scientists, in addition to the obvious advantages that global warming brings, climate change can lead to disastrous consequences in individual territories.

So, the Russian geophysicist, Sergei Zimov, studying the process of permafrost thawing, believes that global warming will lead to the release of gigantic volumes of carbon dioxide, which will make Europe’s climate uninhabited.

According to Zimov, global warming has woken up microbes that have been in suspended animation for almost 50 thousand years. These germs begin to breathe and feed, turning carbon into carbon dioxide.

The scientist noted that if permafrost melts, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted at the same time will make the territory of Europe unsuitable for human life.

He also noted that there is twice as much carbon in permafrost in the Arctic than in the entire Earth’s atmosphere.

Zimov has been checking his observations of permafrost for about 20 years in a territory that is the size of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Recall that climate change has already led to the fact that diseases and natural phenomena characteristic of the south penetrate further and further into the northern territories, where they have never been observed before.

Among these phenomena, scientists note the emergence of locusts, tropical and subtropical fevers in the Samara region.
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 25 August 2019 13: 08
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    Global warming is a normal climate phenomenon, it has happened before, and despite this, Europe has existed and continues to do so. But locusts used to be in Siberia (here much still depends on the food supply, if there is a lot of it, then there will be plenty of locusts, this is a normal natural phenomenon), long before the so-called global warming. And the fact that the fever appeared in Samara, here it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to the fact how many recent striped biological laboratories have appeared in neighboring countries.
  2. fevralsk.morev.75 (Sergey Morev) 25 August 2019 13: 50
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    I remember that two films were played on NTV. One about global warming, the other about global cooling. Depending on the temperature - in summer or winter. The meaning in both films was the same - "We will all die." Let Europe be afraid, they will die, but we are afraid of nothing. We’ll go to heaven.
  3. YATWIAG. BY Offline
    YATWIAG. BY (Cheslav) 26 August 2019 22: 36
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    • 1
    Right Ren some kind of ...)))
  4. shinobi Offline
    shinobi (Yuri) 27 August 2019 05: 25
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    The reason for the emergence of tropical diseases in the North is that the northerners began to travel to the tropics, and not in global warming. Previously, to get from Europe to Asia, it took up to six months. The incubation period of most fevers is 2-3 days, a week is a maximum. A person fell ill while still at the beginning of the path and either died or recovered on the way. Now on the same road takes 8-10 hours of flight. Locust Siberia visited before.