Gas reserves: Ukraine is looking for money to purchase gas

The lack of funds for the purchase of gas for the winter period forces the Ukrainian authorities, and in particular, the state-owned company Naftogaz, to attempt to extract this money in advance from the population.

So, the head of the company Andriy Kobolev on his Facebook page offered the population of Ukraine the program “Gas reserve”, which provides for the purchase of gas for the winter in the summer, at a time when its price is lower.

One cannot fail to appreciate the business proposal that Kobolev is making to the population of the country he has plundered.

First, he scares the population that from January 1, 2020, Ukraine has pledged to ensure market prices, and this price will be “unpredictable”.

Further, he gives hope that there is a chance to do almost without loss, giving his money for gas right now.

And ends with a restriction: the scheme will work until September 25 and you can buy only 25 thousand cubic meters per family.

Business trainers with whom Kobolev was trained can be proud of: their student has learned everything except, in fact, doing business.

Indeed, the very situation with a possible gas shortage in Ukraine arose precisely as a result of policy company led by Kobolev.

There are big doubts that the "ingenious" Kobolev scheme will be implemented.

Firstly, this is the distrust of the Ukrainians, whom the state has repeatedly thrown throughout the history of the “independent” Ukraine, and secondly, this is an elementary lack of money among the population with which to pay for the mistakes of Kiev and Naftogaz.

In conclusion, we can assume that in a month no one will remember this "charity" action of Naftogaz. And, first of all, Kobolev himself.
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  1. Bulanov Offline
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 22 August 2019 13: 16
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    Yeah! Give money now, and then I will, I will!
  2. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 22 August 2019 13: 52
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    - What did the head of the company Andrei Kobolev offer his compatriots there, this "Ukrainian Chubais" from the ukropovskoye gas "NANO industry" ... - all this is completely unimportant ... Well, you can laugh ... But here’s just Russia and laugh not worth it. - Since Ukraine is now simply pulling time, pretending that everything is not so tragic ... - And then ... And then what? Nothing ... It’s just that Russia, of course, “will provide everything” ...
    - The whole EU will fall on Russia, led by Germany and ... and ... and ... and Russia will simply once again “unscrew their hands” and oblige them to do everything as it should ”... - Otherwise, may be...
    - By the way ... - Russia today is in a hopeless situation ...:

    1. SP-2 has become a long-term ...
    2. The Turkish gas pipeline (it would be better if it didn’t exist at all) does not bode well for Russia ..
    3. With Ukraine on the "gas problem" - everything is in very poor condition ... - But Europe needs gas comfort and coziness ... - And Zap. Europe will do everything for Russia to give it all to her ... - What business is Zap. Europe before the Russian-Ukrainian squabbles ... - Russia will still be extreme anyway ... - So Russia will make concessions ...
    4. With China "on the gas problem" - everything is the same, but only in the worst case scenario ...
    - In general, to date, Russia has not a single gas (gas) problem solved ... - everything hangs in the air ...
    - I already wrote about the illiterate "gas business" that the Gazprom management had started ... - now all this has already begun to get out ...
  3. Port Offline
    Port 22 August 2019 18: 31
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    Have a mum with his mum.