An ambitious project: Iran wants to draw an oil pipeline through Iraq and Syria

While the United States, Britain and Israel are jointly trying to harm Iran, this country is trying to develop cooperation with the countries of the region and the states of continental Europe. For example, Tehran invited Baghdad to resume the operation of the pipeline passing through Iraq to the port of Banas in Syria, located on the Mediterranean coast.

The Iraqi television channel al-Sumaria informed the public about this, referring to informed sources. According to the channel, a corresponding proposal from Iran came to Iraq amid growing threats to tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. At the same time, Baghdad has not yet responded to this proposal.

It is noted that Iran is trying in various ways to minimize American sanctions and wants to minimize the use of the Strait of Hormuz and other waterways around the Arabian Peninsula, considering them unsafe. And in this matter it is difficult to disagree with Tehran, since the “suddenly” awakened “love” of the anti-Iranian coalition for tankers speaks for itself.

In addition, it is said that this project was proposed by Tehran to Baghdad before that. However, in 2014, the ISIS group (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) captured significant territories of Syria and Iraq, so any projects on oil and gas pipelines were curtailed.

Now Iran offers Iraq two options at once: either the construction of a new 1 km oil pipeline, half of which will go through Iraq, or the repair at the expense of the Iranian side of the existing Kirkuk-Baniyas oil pipeline, which has been idle since 1982, and it is not clear in which condition is located. By the way, up to 1,25 million bar can be transferred through the pipeline. oil per day (1 barrel - 159 liters).

Iraq believes that this project is unprofitable, moreover, it could harm it, given that Baghdad can export its oil to the Mediterranean countries through the port of Baniyas, without Iran’s participation.

- noted one of the sources of the al-Sumaria TV channel.

At the same time, another source, an unnamed MP in the Iraqi parliament, said that the project would allow supplying not only oil, but also gas, Syria and even Lebanon. In this case, Beirut can get rid of the most difficult energy problem hanging over the Lebanese for many years.
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 21 August 2019 16: 50
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    An ambitious project: Iran wants to draw an oil pipeline through Iraq and Syria.

    Let them immediately forget about Iraq, no one there will allow it to be done. Yes, and in Syria, the situation is also deplorable, at any time, these installations with pipes, as practice has shown, will be able to destroy Israel.
  2. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 21 August 2019 18: 48
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    An ambitious project: Iran wants to draw an oil pipeline through Iraq and Syria.

    Ha ... but why the hell did Iran pull the pipes through the troubled warring Syria and Iraq ... - Why would it ???
    - Iran has a rather extensive land border with Turkey nearby ...
    - Turkey will easily agree to everything in order to manipulate both Russia and Iran at the same time (especially since Iran does not want to be friends with Russia, no matter how much it wants to and does not "cave in under Iran" with its "supports" ... Sounds rather rude, but we must "call a spade a spade" ... - How is it -

    Affectionate calf of two queens sucks.

    True, Turkey will not particularly "caress", but will demand ... but what difference ... - the main thing is that both Russia and Iran will fulfill all the requirements of Turkey ... - both for oil and for gas. .. - You can not continue further ...
    - Only Iran, "hungry" for large export of its oil and its gas, will be quite satisfied with this "situation" ... - Iran will still be profitable, and even with what ...

    - But what will happen to Russia, stretching for thousands of kilometers (and even in the depths of the sea) its useless pipes ??? - Just darkness ...
    - To my great regret ... - all my "forecasts", which I have already uploaded on this site more than once ... - begin to come true ...

    - In this situation, Russia can save only this, that ... that ... - And this "that" is the US military operations against Iran ... - Shelling of Iran with the Tomahawks, aerial bombardment, sea blockade, etc. d ...
    - And more ... - no way ... - The ex-president, Negro Obama, would have done that long ago ... but Trump, apparently, is not very confident in his Pentagon (he is probably afraid of a coup, or rather impeachment ... ) So Trump is unlikely to get a second term in his presidency ...:

    Do not get reliable glory until the blood has been shed.

    - In the meantime, Iran has "chances" ...
  3. g1washntwn Offline
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 22 August 2019 13: 39
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    If this is a new project, adjust the name. But no, so this stuff there before the American "moderate" project was heaps. Example: Kirkuk Baniyas from Iraq via Syria, to which Iran could only reach. But the Americans came and bombed everything with the words "... so don’t get to anyone." And they will bomb the new one, not with their own hands, but they will. There would have been this trumpet of Biden’s son - then democracy would have been on the edge with a slide.