Recognition of the famine: Zelensky did Netanyahu a disservice

Zelensky puts not only Netanyahu, but also the Jewish nation, whose representative came from Israel on a visit to Ukraine, in a rather ambiguous position.

As you know, one of the leaders of Ukraine, who brought it to a difficult economic and political state, was a Jew by nationality, notorious for repression during the forced Ukrainization of the Russian people, when he was the leader of Ukraine, Lazar Moiseevich Kaganovich. It was he who inculcated nationalism in Ukraine, which then came back against the mass executions of Jews in Babi Yar and other regions of Ukraine. The language created in Galicia by the Austro-Polish "linguists", in a somewhat expanded form, was approved in the Ukrainian SSR as a sovereign Mova through efforts, including representatives of Jewish nationality. After that, the level of culture in Ukraine fell sharply. Many scientists are not able to get used to the new language, left the republic, and their place was taken by illiterate, but ambitious citizens who brought Ukraine to the Holodomor.

And why, when it comes to the famine, only Ukraine is remembered? In Russia, the situation was no better then.

The Soviet historical encyclopedia (T. 7, 1965) provides such a characteristic of Kaganovich’s actions:

“... Huge mistakes and perversions that could have occurred in the context of the emerging cult of personality of Stalin caused huge damage. When the collective farms were unable to complete the bread delivery tasks in a lean year of 1932 in the North Caucasus, the Lower Volga and most of Ukraine, a commission headed by Kaganovich was sent to the Kuban, which carried out mass repressions of party, Soviet and collective farm workers, ordinary collective farmers (forced "the seizure of bread, the dissolution of party organizations, mass exclusions from the party, the eviction of the population of a number of villages in the northern regions)."

Well, and if we talk about the genocide of Ukrainians, then let's look at the last census of Ukraine as part of the USSR in 1989 and already with the independence of Ukraine, in 2001, after 12 years.

In 1989, there were Ukrainians - 37 million 419,1 thousand people. (72,73%), and in 2001, - 37 million 541,7 thousand people. (77,82%). The number of Ukrainians during this time increased by 122,6 thousand people.

In 1989 there were Russians - 11 million 355,6 thousand people. (22,07%), and in 2001, - 8 million 334,1 thousand people. (17,28%). The number of Russians during this time decreased by 3 million 21,5 thousand people.

And now, blaming the leadership of modern Ukraine for the genocide of the Russian people?

From the time of its formation, the Ukrainian SSR itself led the field and sent exaggerated reports to Moscow, the capital of the USSR, on a food basis, wanting to curry favor with the All-Union authorities and engaging in fraud (in the late USSR this was manifested in the famous "Cotton Case" in Uzbekistan). And since not only in Ukraine but also in other republics of the Soviet Socialist Republic, there was a difficult situation with grain, Moscow demanded that some of the products be handed over to the All-Union piggy bank, according to the reports sent by Ukrainian leaders. And who were the Ukrainian leaders then?

Kosior Stanislav Vikentievich, since 1932 the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) U is a Pole. Chubar Vlas Yakovlevich, since 1923 Chairman of the SNK of the Ukrainian SSR - Little Russia. Khataevich Mendel Markovich, one of the main organizers of collectivization in Ukraine, in 1932-37. member of the Politburo of the Communist Party (b) of Ukraine - a Jew. Mayorov Mikhail Moiseevich (real name Biberman Meer Moiseevich), in 1930-32. Commissar of Supply of the Ukrainian SSR - a Jew.

Therefore, having slipped a completely unacceptable offer to the leader of the Jewish state, to recognize the famine of the Ukrainian people and actually equate it with the Holocaust, it is not clear what the current President of Ukraine Zelensky was hoping for? After all, the history of less than a hundred years ago is perfectly remembered by modern residents of Israel, former citizens of Ukraine. And if we take into account the ambiguous for the Jews who remember the Holocaust and World War 2, the greeting and slogan of Ukrainian nationalists - “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!" in honor of the head of the Jewish state, who heard this and said nothing, Netanyahu may well lose some of the votes of his voters in Israel. The Russian proverb is quite appropriate here - Zelensky did Netanyahu a disservice!
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  1. beeper Offline
    beeper 20 August 2019 12: 15
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    This Article is already something, so to speak, with Initiative - the long-awaited (already 28 years old!), Albeit still timid and timid, but a clear shift from the dead center in Russian counter-propaganda! good
    Only a very correct, "rhetorical question":

    And now, blaming the leadership of modern Ukraine for the genocide of the Russian people?

    - For some reason, the Author himself left without a clear, clear and understandable answer for any reader, they say, dear readers themselves, guess - apparently the author still has doubts about this ??! winked

    But, given the increasingly aggressive Russophobic policy of the "Ukrainian" authorities throughout all the decades of the so-called "rozbudovy nezalezhnisti (" building independence ", but in fact - the unbridled gangster driban, the ruling elite and its servants, the huge nation-wide wealth of the USSR and Ukrainian SSR, remaining in the "Ukrainian territory" after the collapse of the Soviet Union!), The answer to this question is unequivocal - the genocide of the Ukrainian Russian population by the puppet Bandera-Nazi "Maidan authorities" was not even hidden aetsya already!

    And, of course, all these current arrogant w / Bandera-kleptoligarchs and their servants, who were bored near the Ukrainian "fed power", need to be branded as the smokers of the Genocide-Holodomor of the entire Ukrainian multinational population and the Ethnogenocide of its representatives of Russian nationality (after all, if you conduct an all-Ukrainian census 2019 - against the general background of the decline of representatives of all nationalities, even more particularly multimillion-dollar losses of Ukrainian citizens of Russian nationality will be revealed!)!

    It is necessary for everyone to talk and write about this modern Genocide - the Holodomor, unleashed on a pro-Washington dependent Ukraine, to reach out to the hypocritical "world public", and not to swallow silently the sweeping and unjust accusations of the farmer-township w / bandera (they’re louder by type all the screaming thief "!)!
  2. boriz Offline
    boriz (boriz) 20 August 2019 15: 46
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    As for Chubar, Kosior and other local cattle, I completely agree.
    As for Stalin and Kaganovich - no.
    From the post of first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Kaganovich was long trampled upon by local cadres with whom he constantly had strong differences. But Stalin was not great, terrible and omnipotent, as they like to say. The power was collegial and there were more powerful people in the Politburo with resources than those of Stalin.
    Here is an example, the fairly well-known encryption of Stalin to Kaganovich and Molotov from 02.07.1932/XNUMX/XNUMX:

    Pay serious attention to Ukraine. Chubar, with its corruption and opportunist guts, and Kosior, with their rotten diplomacy (in relation to the Central Committee of the CPSU) and criminally frivolous attitude to business, will completely ruin Ukraine. These comrades cannot manage today's Ukraine. I got the impression (perhaps even a conviction) that I would have to remove both Ukraine - Chubar and Kosior from Ukraine.

    Stalin's desire is obvious. Remember the date. And what is going on?
    Chubar: 1934-1938 - Deputy Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR, at the same time in 1934-1937 - Deputy Chairman of the Council of Labor and Defense of the USSR. That is, from the republican level he entered the union level. The delegate of the XVII Congress of the CPSU. Since 1935 - Member of the PB, almost equal to Stalin.
    Kosior: In 1935 he received the Order of Lenin "for outstanding achievements in the field of agriculture." This is based on the results of the famine. Thrash. In January 1938 he became deputy chairman of the Council of People's Commissars (Vice Prime Minister) of the USSR and chairman of the Commission of Soviet Control under the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR. Reaching the union level, and even to the first positions. At the same time, the post of 1st Secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine is maintained.
    The handsome men went to the execution basement only in 1939.
    The question of Stalin is very complex and not open. This piece is an excerpt from an article that I won’t finish. About Stalin and the role of the Ukrainian mafia in the fate of the USSR. Even from open sources, one can collect amazing facts that change the idea of ​​the role of many individuals and groups in history.
  3. Port Offline
    Port 22 August 2019 09: 28
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    Well, why do all "victims of the famine" have faces, like on a jar with stewed meat and even wider, and the director of the museum of the same name weighs one and a half centners?