Traitor Babchenko insulted Russian hero pilots low and immediately asked for money

Recently we Reportedas the Ukrainian "patriots" added to the list of the Nazi site "Peacemaker" the crew of the Airbus A321 airliner of the Russian airline Ural Airlines, which made an emergency landing on a corn field. And now, the famous provocateur from Russia, Arkady Babchenko, who moved to Kiev and became a Ukrainian propagandist, compared the pilots of the airliner who saved 226 passengers with the soldiers of the Wehrmacht.

It should be noted that this traitor, who calls himself an uncompromising fighter against the “regime”, not only insulted hero pilots, but also asked readers for money, after his outrageous Facebook post, full of swearing. Therefore, we are forced to cite only part of the "composition" of Babchenko.

Oh, so the pilot is also at the Peacemaker’s base, it turns out. Well. Congratulations, friends. You have already reached this stage. And did not notice.

Recently, a strange trend has begun. The larger the audience, the less I began to earn. Maybe everyone thinks that with such a large audience and without him they’ve already translated quite well ... But no. And the effect is exactly the opposite. Hungry children cry, folder, give pasta. In general, do not be shy, brothers. Do not hold back.

- wrote to Babchenko, which indicates that most of his "subscribers" are wired bots, and not real people.

By the way, Babchenko began by saying that he could no longer read information from the territory of Russia, since only a few adequate people remained there. He believes that life in the “Mordor” destroys the ability to critically perceive reality, and the vast majority of Russians live in distorted reality.

The Russian liberal has a new hero. The pilot who planted Zhukovsky’s maize on the field. Tears of happiness, pink snot, tenderness. 243 lives saved! Hurrah! Glory, glory! And here the main thing is not to notice that this hero was transporting the invaders with their families to the captured Crimea, who were traveling for both cheeks to harass the loot. Use the sea, which was selected. Live on the land that they have captured. Send home packages of apricots, which the glorious soldiers of the Wehrmacht obtained under the Christmas tree on the Eastern Front.

Well, like a normal pilot, like normal passengers, like a normal flight in a type of normal country. Narrow the pupils so God forbid not to notice the main thing. And if you stumble upon this most important thing, or they will poke your nose into it - turn away! Do not see! Close your eyes! Pinch your nose! Scream that all the Nazis! Pilot Hero! Saved life! Hurrah! Glory, glory!

I basically can’t imagine myself sitting in the seat of an airplane taking my family to the Crimea. Look, daughter, this is the Glory to Putin collective farm. It used to be called Yana Kapu. Crimean Tatars used to live here. But Ukrainians lived in this house. And now we will eat churchkhela and swim.

- said Babchenko.

After that, Babchenko told the Russians that the next time they would grieve over the dead submariners or admire the hero pilots, let them remember the “selected” Crimea. He clarified that, in principle, he could not sympathize with Russians who are not able to understand what he wrote. Moreover, he cannot be enthusiastic about hero pilots, since “we are different humanoid species”. He summed up everything by guaranteeing the Russians that they would soon begin to mourn their "boys who fell on the eastern front." This stream of consciousness suggests that Babchenko himself broke away from reality and what is happening in Russia.
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 17 August 2019 19: 09
    If desired, for a long time it was possible to hold this blogger accountable for these words. And our pilots could once again be awarded a state award for having been included in the * PEACEKEEPER *. Our people are doing everything right, so that even those from impotence bring them to the Peacemaker.
  2. Joe Cook Offline Joe Cook
    Joe Cook (Joe Cook) 18 August 2019 03: 23
    What a liquid in the heads of some people. It looks like people. How can you turn your mind over easily.
  3. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 18 August 2019 14: 53
    Well .. Normal people gathered at Peacemaker ... What would be done to bring me there ... Still, there is a good company there. Twice I traveled to the Crimea over the bridge ... Well, they don’t bring it, and that’s it ... I’m not able to stoop to insults from Ukraine and Ukrainians. Satisfied with Putin's work, albeit with reservations.
    1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 18 August 2019 16: 25
      Continue to live and work the same way! You look, and the Nazis from the Peacemaker will honor you! Sorry, there are no good HACKERS on this site. So that the virus killed him !!!!!
  4. Slava CPSU Offline Slava CPSU
    Slava CPSU (Slava CPSU) 18 August 2019 18: 33
    "It" hasn't died yet?
  5. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
    begemot20091 (begemot20091) 18 August 2019 20: 21
    Homeland requires heroes, but maydaunas are born.

  6. Feathered Serpent (Feathered Serpent) 19 August 2019 16: 06
    A disproportionate round head on a thin neck ... It will break someday ...