Nuclear war with Russia: the United States conducted a simulation of the conflict

American scientists from Rutgers University, the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Colorado at Boulder conducted a large study (simulation) of a possible full-scale war between Russia and the United States using nuclear weapons. And, according to the British edition of the Daily Mail, this can lead to a dark (without sunlight) and cold winter lasting about ten years.

It should be noted that this simulation (Nuclear winter responses to nuclear war between the United States and Russia in the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model Version 4 and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies ModelE) looks solid. It presents a huge number of different graphs and sets out a large array of information.

This time, the researchers used a new model for analysis and forecasting, which differs from the previous one in higher resolution and applicability limits (140 km above the surface).

According to the simulation, as a result of the large-scale use of nuclear potential by the parties, gigantic fires will begin. 147 million tons of soot will enter the planet’s atmosphere, which in a few weeks will block sunlight all over the globe. People, animals and plants will be deprived of sunlight for a long time.

This will cause the surface air temperature to drop by more than eight degrees Celsius. Researchers are confident that the temperature anomaly will last at least four years. It will take about seven years for the curtain of soot to begin to clear noticeably, another three years will pass before the luminosity indicators at the surface of the planet return to normal levels.

It should be noted that the above, during the Cold War, was called the "nuclear winter." But that is not all. Simultaneously with dimming and lowering the temperature, there will be a violation of the circulation of air masses. For example, a real collapse will occur with the monsoons, the El Nino cycle will change (fluctuations in the temperature of the water in the Pacific Ocean at the equator). All this will further aggravate negative processes and have an impact on climate.

In fact, the new study only clarifies the simulations performed in previous decades. Somewhere more forests will burn or more rain will fall, and somewhere soot will start to disappear faster or a more severe temperature drop will occur. But on the whole, nothing has changed, the conclusion is obvious, unequivocal and has long been known - the nuclear conflict between Washington and Moscow is catastrophically destructive for all of humanity. And this is without options.
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  1. Bakht Offline
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 17 August 2019 10: 00
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    But there will be no "global warming."
    1. Conn Offline
      Conn (Conn) 17 August 2019 17: 45
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      And the "exceptional" nation will die out like mammoths!
      PS But Russians are not used to living at low temperatures!
  2. Boris Orlov Offline
    Boris Orlov (Boris Orlov) 17 August 2019 11: 00
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    I remember how during the perestroika period a number (group) of certain Soviet scientists excitedly talked about their successful joint maneuver with American (Western) scientists in the matter of forecasting the so-called nuclear winter in the event of a nuclear war between NATO and the Warsaw Treaty.
    The meaning of their true confession was that this joint deceptive global forecast was aimed at exerting pressure on the political leadership of the USSR, as one of the reasons for the beginning of the Gorbachev Perestroika and unilateral nuclear disarmament of the USSR.
    What they ultimately succeeded in, in the form of the complete collapse of the USSR.
    1. Bakht Offline
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 17 August 2019 19: 32
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      American physicist Fred Singer:

      “I always considered the“ nuclear winter ”a scientifically unsubstantiated fraud, which I spoke about in my discussion with Karl Sagan during the discussion in Nightline.

      But there is a great danger. If "nuclear winter" is a myth, then a "limited nuclear war" can be unleashed. The armament of the nuclear forces of various countries is moving in this direction. States are actively developing micronuclear charges with capacities from 0,01 to 0,3 ct. The exit from almost all deterrent agreements serves the same purpose. Europe may become a field of confrontation. The temptation is too great. If you can avoid a "nuclear winter", then you can try to solve economic problems with a small war in Europe. The satellites will be the satellites of the States. First of all, Poland and Romania. The Baltic states are not suitable for this role. Well, in the last five years Ukraine has been actively striving for this role.
  3. Alexander Dyatlov (Alexander Dyatlov) 18 August 2019 17: 49
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    Actually, the nuclear winter does not fit into the framework of four to ten years, and depending on the nuclear arsenals used by the Russians and the USA, it can last from a couple of months to 600 years. In some calculations, up to several millennia.
    One thing the Americans must comprehend and stop calculating options for "small" exchanges of blows: - in the event of a nuclear strike on our country, there will be a proportional answer. An unambiguous tryndets to all living things on the planet. Only such a position is a constraining factor for the "smart ignoramuses" of the not very scientific institutions mentioned in the article, and, of course, for the United States as a whole.