Naftogaz wants to sell off the property of the Russian Gazprom

Recently we Reportedthat Russia will not pay $ 5,2 billion in “losses” to the Ukrainian Naftogaz in the case under consideration in the Hague arbitration on the loss of assets in Crimea. And now, from Naftogaz they inform that by the end of 2020 they plan to receive more than $ 2,56 billion from the sale of Gazprom’s assets. This time, it is about collecting funds by decision of the Stockholm arbitration. This was stated by Ukrainian media, referring to the executive director of Naftogaz, Yuri Vitrenko.

According to Yuri Vitrenko, son of the "progressive" Ukrainian socialist Natalya Vitrenko, the indicated amount ($ 2,56 billion plus interest) will be recovered from Gazprom by the end of 2020. He recalled that Naftogaz had secured the seizure of Gazprom’s assets in the UK and the Netherlands, as well as restrictive measures (seizures) in Luxembourg and Switzerland. He explained that Naftogaz is currently seeking the necessary court decisions in order to be able to sell the seized property.

It should be noted that the Stockholm arbitration ordered Gazprom, for the short supply of natural gas for transit, to pay Naftogaz $ 4,63 billion. But, due to the fact that Ukraine had a debt to Russia in previous trials, this amount dropped to $ 2,56 , XNUMX billion. Gazprom appealed the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, but in Kiev they are not going to wait for a decision of the appeal and want to start selling off Gazprom's assets (property) located outside Russia.
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  1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 15 August 2019 18: 01
    An amusing series of Marleson ballet is slated. smile
  2. Look, rolled out your lip, Bender! And nevermind to you with oil (spent)?
    1. Panting Offline Panting
      Panting (Vyacheslav) 15 August 2019 20: 48

      Bender is a city in Moldova, or else Bender. Do not confuse the sinful with the righteous.
  3. Sapsan136 Online Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 16 August 2019 00: 33
    Well ... confiscate all the property of Bandera horses in the Russian Federation in favor of the budget of the Russian Federation, and shish them now, not jobs in the Russian Federation! By the way, the law on Russian citizenship is also high time to be reviewed on the model of Saudi Arabia, so that all crooks from Lviv, such as Yavlinsky, do not sway rights in Russia and confuse the coast.
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 16 August 2019 07: 46
    Naftogaz wants to sell off the property of the Russian Gazprom.

    Well, they will sell it ... and receive money for Gazprom's property ... - And then Russia will pay the money "through the Stockholm arbitration" ...; and then also "by the Paris Arbitration Court"; and then another ... and so on ... - Yes, there are a lot of them ... - these ships, just have time to turn ...
    - And how would you like ... - Russia itself got into a strange monastery, where everyone simply can not stand it ...
    - Moreover, Russia itself made a number of monstrous and unforgivable commercial mistakes ... - Our "main businessmen" ... are stupid, illiterate grabbers who only have enough intelligence - this is openly working for your own pocket ... and making money for This is crumbs for personal use (well, by the way ... - they personally do not have weak amounts of money) ... - One of the vivid examples of such "international commerce" ... is the pitiful, unprofessional and squalid actions of Gazprom ...
    - It's necessary ... - to have your own gas ... your own gas ... your own gas ... and ... and ... and ... to get into such bondage of those states that absolutely need this gas ... but there are a million of all sorts of opportunities, prospects, various options, so that Russia itself "take into bondage" the entire Zap. Europe ... - And here such a "reverse" gets up that it is just like laughing ... - This is what these illiterate mediocrities have done ... - Dodgy "civilized Europe" just rolls with laughter from the actions of our "businessmen" ...
    - And about "cooperation" between Russia and China it is better not to say anything at all ... - no longer laugh ... but you have to cry ...