How to "ban" the Internet in Russia

The Internet in the People’s Republic of China only some 20 years ago was the lot of an absolute minority of the population, mainly scientists and students, now China is the largest segment of the global network. Really only prohibitive measures allowed China to become a leader in this area, and the Internet market of the Middle Kingdom to become more than the Indian and American combined?

The Golden Shield project, better known to many as the Great Chinese Firewall, is akin to the Great Wall of China, with which many ironically compare it, it really tightly blocks all unwanted content from the world wide Internet where we are located. For this, the system uses a set of filters by keywords, does not allow the Chinese media to refer to news foreign agencies without permission and much more.

At first glance, the system looks like a terrible censorship apparatus that restricts the freedom of Chinese citizens, but only if you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​how things really are. The installation of the iron, or rather gold, curtain in China was preceded by the creation, by and large, of a complete copy of our Internet network, with its facebook, wikipedia, and telegrams. And the creation of these programs (whose audience, being exclusively Chinese, exceeds the number of users of analogues we know) preceded the training of their Zuckerbergs and Jobs. Behind such actions with the naked eye one can see state planning going forward for years, something that, by definition, is impossible in a fully capitalist state.

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