Klitschko could not pronounce the "difficult word" and again disgraced

Recently we Reportedthat the office of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky sent a letter to the government asking him to submit a letter of resignation to the head of the Kiev city state administration Vitali Klitschko. The former boxer and Kiev mayor is known in Ukraine for his verbal “masterpieces” and “economic»Projects.

On Ukrainian television, Klitschko tried to explain the cracks that “suddenly” appeared on the newly built in Kiev, “in Swiss Technology", A glass bridge. Klitschko actively tried to prove to the presenter that no violations were made during the construction of the bridge, however, he was again confused in the stream of his thoughts.

Another unpleasant situation happened with Klitschko at the moment when he tried to pronounce the name of the Kiev Institute of Forensic Examinations, calling the institution a witness to compliance with the standards during the construction of the mentioned bridge.

Klitschko literally fell into a stupor, trying to say the word "judicial" in Ukrainian ("ship"). However, “an expert in Ukrainian literature, the best mayor and patriot,” could not do it. Until the host came to his aid, who before that was silently shocked, watching the painful thought process.

It should be noted that Klitschko has been “happy” with his “erudition” for the whole five-year period. And if he had not been suspected of corruption, then one could just laugh and forget about it. One can only guess who will become the next mayor of Kiev after the next presidential and early parliamentary elections.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. sergeu2 Offline
    sergeu2 (sergeu) 26 July 2019 12: 54
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    Something incomprehensible gurgles ... The whole nation runs with Pentagon whistles.
  3. Digital error Offline
    Digital error (Eugene) 26 July 2019 13: 09
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    Klitschko could not ...

    Well, nothing - he will soon be replaced by: "Hello, Igor Valerievich" and then they will live there.
    Who understood - he understood ...
    1. bobba94 Offline
      bobba94 (Vladimir) 26 July 2019 21: 29
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      I listened to the audio recording of the conversation. This is a complete ahtung.
  4. beeper Offline
    beeper 26 July 2019 13: 22
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    But this stupid "chrysostom" - a "mishandled Cossack", a German citizen and taxpayer, a famous sports philanthropist (in Germany), the German authorities (revanchistically remembering the unfulfilled Nazi dream of sub-German Ukraine) were predicted in the following, after Yanukovych, dill 2015 year! They even urged, in 2013, the authorities to amend the election law, in terms of the “qualification of residence in the country”, according to which Pidalik was “impassable for candidates” at that time, and then they actively participated in the “Euromaidan”, supporting the coup d'etat .. But the Americans then they “walked around with the appointments” of puppets - we all remember humbly swallowed by the informal EU “Fuhrer” Angela M. the insulting nulandihino “Fak EU!” about these "European ambitions"!
    And Klitschko Sr. himself didn’t show himself well (it became obvious even to his German curators that one couldn’t make a bullet out of such a trick!) During the maydan mess, he was a coward and not a throat-agitator, not a “charismatic” one - no leader was of him, except to be the leader among the boys in his boxing school ?!

    The glass bridge, on which a huge pile of budget money was "cut" (which could have been much more useful to improve the city and improve the well-being of fellow citizens!), Turned out to be "worked out" either by amateurs, freeloaders, "portals", or by the secret enemies of the mayor boxer "?!
    After all, it is obvious to any competent engineer that the designers of this "structure" did not take into account the temperature (and under the workload) deformation of the structure, so the "non-damped" glass coating began to burst immediately after the solemn "commissioning"! But the maidown, which narcissistically populistly squandered enormous budget funds, also bluntly told the ridiculous tale of some kind of "shots on the bridge" when the glass, right before the eyes of the filming television journalists and the boxing brothers themselves, continued to crack under the feet of this holy fool (the youngest Vladimir, nevertheless, is smarter than the two of them!) "couples" of parasites of the Maidan ?!

    If you carefully listen to the video presented, then Pidalka at first correctly said “ship”, but since he is not native to Ukrmova and does not own her, he probably was surprised himself, so he was tensely (but “stupor” this his obvious “strained I wouldn’t call an internal translation of my native language of thinking into someone else’s colloquial, and I wouldn’t laugh at it - after all, it’s clear that the stubborn “lad” is trying “the best” ... it’s a pity that in his cowardly pursuit of fame and a better life "the boxer became a worthless politician and opportunistic bandera-Nazi!) continued al remember, "how will it be in Ukrainian?" smile Just like the ex-prezik Potrokh (who is also an ardent "champion" of the total "der.movy" and its forced planting request ) during the next “patriotic” stifling, he asked his assistants: “How will the wallet be in Ukrainian?” ... and Zelensky also “shines” in the “main sense” (not to mention the fact that the “concern” does not differ from "concert", which speaks of obvious problems with education and general erudition ?! winked ) ", but it can’t be solved in any way, even being supposedly a" guarantor of compliance with the Constitution ", legally demanding compliance with the Articles of the Basic Law of Ukraine, to stand up for one’s native Russian language, in every possible way illegally gnawed by alien Galician" wanderings ", unconstitutionally, with the help of Washington and of its satellites, seized power in Ukraine and now with might and main “bandering” the occupied Ukrainian population, the greater half are Russian and Russian-speaking!
  5. LeftPers Offline
    LeftPers (Anton) 26 July 2019 13: 49
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    Stupid animal, stupid, useless.
  6. General Black Offline
    General Black (Gennady) 26 July 2019 18: 47
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    Something there rattled a kettlebell, poor, poor Pedalik.