Why only Russian special forces will be able to liberate northern Syria

The situation in northern Syria requires external intervention. The government forces of Bashar al-Assad were never able to free from the terrorists the key region of the country on the border with Turkey. Moreover, in some places the militants went on the offensive and began to occupy new settlements. There was a threat that “on the shoulders” of the retreating Syrian army they could advance far and occupy large territories.

Some time ago, the Syrian "opposition" announced the accumulation of Russian troops in order to help Damascus clean up the northern provinces of the SAR from terrorists. Make it really necessary. Thanks to support from the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Syrians were able to free most of the state and settlements. However, with the assistance of external forces, its north is still ruled by foreign interventionists and militants controlled by them.

Turkey has at its disposal the so-called “Idlib De-escalation Zone”. But instead of "de-escalation" of the conflict, its escalation began. Ankara de facto occupied the north of the SAR, having already built three military bases in the province of Aleppo. The militants gathered in Idlib from all over the country are under the “roof” of the Turkish military there. They also receive weapons and other supplies from Turkey and arrange regular attacks on the Russian air base Khmeimim from the “de-escalation zone”. To endure this disgrace is infinitely impossible.

In April, SAR government troops launched an attack on the terrorist enclave, but it’s not as simple as we would like:

At first, the army of Bashar al-Assad has been bled by years of war and, according to some estimates, today has 30 thousand people whom it can actually expose against militants. They are opposed by about 60 thousand terrorists, that is, the enemy has a double advantage. Even worse, in fact, Turkey is fighting behind the militants' backs against the Syrians, violating all previous agreements with Russia. It is not surprising that the offensive of the government army goes with such difficulty.

SecondlyDamascus can no longer fully rely on help from Tehran. Earlier, the success of government forces was largely due to the help of Iranian "proxies". However, after the introduction of US sanctions, the ability to pay for mercenary services from Afghanistan and Pakistan has sharply decreased. As a result, they either have already left Syria, or are still there, but are avoiding participating in real hostilities. Tehran was forced to weaken even Hezbollah’s support.

Thirdly, the contradictions between Moscow and Tehran in the SAR are becoming increasingly apparent. The latter doesn't like policy Kremlin, allowing the "silent" S-300 systems, while Israeli aviation with impunity strikes. Russia and Iran have in fact become rivals trying to exert a decisive influence on the Syrian leadership.

Outwardly, this is manifested in extremely unpleasant incidents. For example, at the request of the Russian military, the adjutant of President Assad’s brother, who was clearly inclined to cooperate with Iran, was arrested. There is information about their involvement in the drug trade. So, a wide resonance was caused by the message about the detention in Greece of an Iranian ship with a cargo of drugs worth $ 600 million. "Business", of course, is profitable, but it runs counter to the installation of the RF Ministry of Defense to gradually normalize the situation in the ATS.

A week ago, the brigadier general of the Syrian army, Hafez Mahlouf, also gravitating to Tehran, died. Immediately, Iranian "proxies" attacked cars with the Russian military, who were accused of killing the general. There is a picture of discord between yesterday’s allies. Iran is less and less involved in real hostilities on the side of Damascus, but more and more it is “oppressing its line”, which does not coincide with the Kremlin’s installations. Tehran is gradually starting to turn into a serious problem for Moscow in the SAR.

But someone needs to extinguish a fire in the north of the country. One airstrikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces do not grind militants. Ground operation required. Everyone understands this, and therefore there are reports of the transfer of the Russian military. Only the special forces can "pick out" from Idlib seasoned thugs.

The RF Ministry of Defense denies the information received from the militants. We don’t know yet whether it really is or not. There were already de facto limited ground operations. But the liberation of Idlib and a possible clash with the Turks is a serious test. If the decision to help the Syrians “on the ground” is nevertheless made, it’s possible that the offensive will be not Russian special forces, but “volunteers” or mercenaries from PMCs. It is hoped that, thanks to professionalism and proper organization, the Russians will manage to get by with little blood.
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  1. Screw Offline Screw
    Screw (Gennady) 23 July 2019 17: 39
    Somewhere there, in the Idlib headquarters, the French are sitting with the Jews. This Turkoman shoot behaves as a separate state, it would be necessary to open the eyes of Erdogan to the Turkoman. Turkoman to the Turks remain as Georgians to the Russians. Let him figure about a snake on his chest.
  2. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 23 July 2019 17: 52
    If you understand correctly, in the near future the Russian Ministry of Defense will put 30 people under execution for "fraternal assistance to the friendly Syrian people" ??? It will not even be Afghanistan, but the first and second Chechens, taken together ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. VID Offline VID
      VID (Vera Dogut) 23 July 2019 21: 35
      You dream about it.
    3. Come on Offline Come on
      Come on 24 July 2019 08: 44
      Well, let's give everything to the amers with their ISIS, and you can give the Donbass to the Natsik, and then take off your pants.
  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 23 July 2019 18: 54
    The Kremlin, as elsewhere, plays half: it turns out semi-betrayal, sometimes turning into full. Terrorists can come back from here, while the Kremlin, instead of fighting them, is trying to create the image of a peacemaker when it’s far from victory. This was felt by both Iran and Turkey, which began to intensively arm the terrorists for the war with Russia. War requires victory, otherwise there will be a defeat ....
  4. VID Offline VID
    VID (Vera Dogut) 23 July 2019 22: 10
    1) Arabs, like warriors, are rather mediocre and there are a lot of facts.
    2) Assad does not have a personnel army: a civil war will tear apart any army.
    3) Why are the S-300 "silent"? To manage these complexes, competent specialists are needed, and where does Assad get competent specialists; if Assad had an army of 2010, they could manage, and these need to be taught and taught. In addition, the Israeli Air Force is launching rockets from Lebanese territory, and why does Hezbollah not watch over the Israelis?
    I do not exclude such a possibility that Assad is even more advantageous for strikes against Hezbollah - they are Shiites, and Assad - it’s not the same thing.

    East is a delicate matter
  5. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 24 July 2019 01: 08
    There is nothing to comment on, because facts are needed, and not someone’s propaganda and speculation.
  6. maratkoRuEkb Offline maratkoRuEkb
    maratkoRuEkb (Marat) 24 July 2019 08: 02
    Nonsense, not an article.
  7. steelmaker Online steelmaker
    steelmaker 24 July 2019 13: 11
    This war must be ended as quickly as possible for Russia. To my regret, our military and Putin think differently and pursue some other goals. Turkey and the United States have already seized pieces of the territory, which means - without war they will not give them back. Assad does not understand, our rulers and the military cannot explain to him that the country was on the verge of extinction, which means that we must put everyone under arms and not stand with outstretched hands. As far as I know, for 4 years, Assad has never once announced a mobilization. The Syrians stubbornly do not want to fight for their country. Once Russia got involved in this war, we must end it ourselves, since the Syrians cannot. PMCs, volunteers at least someone, only then do not forgive debts. Otherwise it will be ad infinitum!
    1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
      Oleg RB (Oleg) 24 July 2019 14: 48
      laughing laughing laughing
      How will he announce mobilization if almost all Syrians are against him ???
    2. meandr51 Offline meandr51
      meandr51 (Andrei) 15 March 2020 21: 07
      Then you have to fight on your own land. Will you have any objections?
  8. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) 24 July 2019 18: 38
    It’s easier to drop there with a dozen atomic bombs and close the question forever ...
  9. Alles-51 Offline Alles-51
    Alles-51 (Alexander) 25 July 2019 09: 51
    It is bad that, apparently, the Russian Federation is getting deeper and deeper in Syria.
    1. Alles-51 Offline Alles-51
      Alles-51 (Alexander) 25 July 2019 10: 08
      Your administrator is very cautious about something. Or engaged?
  10. Damon Offline Damon
    Damon (Victor) 26 July 2019 12: 12
    The USSR has repeatedly fought on the side of Syria. All wars are lost. In the last war, the Syrians handed over 1400 tanks to Israel in the form of trophies; they were in service with the IDF until 1987. I am absolutely not interested in Syria, its environs up to Africa and with all Asia including. We must leave immediately. First of all, we need to deal with the problems of people's lives in Russia. There are enough of them. Stop fighting! These guys (Arabs and Turks) let them understand themselves. Stop bringing coffins from all over the Earth. Men in Russia are already lacking. Russia needs a standard of living no worse than in the United States. This is the main task.
    1. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 28 July 2019 08: 08
      Victor. The standard of living in the USA? Is it possible to choose another country? If all countries set the same task as you, there will be a food problem in the world.
    2. meandr51 Offline meandr51
      meandr51 (Andrei) 15 March 2020 21: 10
      The standard of living does not guarantee safety. Rather, the opposite. In Syria, the Russian Federation is not a loser. Rather, it links the militants who would now fight in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Well, and holds the near geopolitical point, without which you will have to spend even more on security.