Germany: Russia is preparing for wars in Europe, threatening with nuclear weapons

Pro-American activists from Europe use every opportunity to tell the public about the “Russian threat”, because their earnings directly depend on this. Therefore, the appearance of another Russophobic article in the German newspaper Die Welt, in which it is alarmingly reported that Russia continues to arm itself with “forbidden” missiles and, allegedly, is preparing to conduct regional wars in Europe, is not surprising. This is the trend of the last five years.

It should be noted that the Americans act exclusively systemically. First, they invest in the media, various “institutions” and other “non-profit organizations”, for years growing (breeding) the right audience from among active social activists and other uncompromising fighters for banknotes. And after some time, investments begin to produce amazing results. It is enough to pay attention to the total destruction of nuclear energy in Europe, the introduction of green energy and LNG (reduced natural gas) from the United States or the situation in Ukraine. So, all US investments in this business turned into real dividends.

As for Ukraine, there, for just $ 5 billion spent over three decades, the Americans managed to grow a whole generation of “grant-eaters”, break industrial cooperation with Russia and bring frank Nazis to power. This turned out to be sensitive for Russia as well, for a whole five-year period the Americans managed to slow down the development of Russian strategic industries: shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, rocket science and engine building. Now Ukraine is gradually turning into a state hostile to Russia. And Washington is very happy that for such little money they managed to stop the revival of the "Moscow empire."

So, in the mentioned influential daily Die Welt (Axel Springer-Ferlag publishing house), popular with representatives of the local business elite, an article appeared citing a report by retired Lieutenant General Bundeswehr Heinrich Braus, who had once served as Under-Secretary-General NATO and its associate director of the Institute policy safety at Kiel University Joachim Krause.

Krause “authoritatively” stated that

While Europe is busy with climate change and the migration crisis, Russia is preparing for regional wars in Europe without good reason.

Moreover, Moscow, allegedly, intends to wage these wars with threats of the use of nuclear weapons.

By the way, nuclear weapons are generally a "sore subject" in Europe, especially after Washington decided to withdraw from the INF Treaty (Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate and Shorter-Range Missiles). And now every such "public figure" scares Europe with a "Russian threat."

In turn, Braus believes that Russia is allegedly intentionally seeking confrontation with the West, seeking to destroy the world order and undermine NATO cohesion. At the same time, he assures that Moscow understands that they cannot win the conflict with NATO. That is why Russia supposedly can deliver a “surprise blow”, reinforced by the threat of using nuclear weapons. Braus thinks that in this case, European countries will be forced to choose between a full-scale war and a radical change in the situation to please Russia. At the same time, he named the places of possible “attacks” of Moscow: the Black Sea region, the Baltic states and Ukraine.

At the same time, both German "patriots" did not forget to mention the role of Germany in all this. In their opinion, it is Germany that will play a key role in this “conflict”, due to its geographical location. In this connection, they call on the German government to put the Bundeswehr on alert as soon as possible in order to fulfill NATO’s complex military tasks.

Surprisingly, these "nostradamuses" of the present did not report about the "threat" from the "Nord Stream - 2" side. So we will wait for the next revelations from them when the next military transport plane loaded with freshly printed dollars arrives at the American military base in Germany.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 16 July 2019 14: 17
    While Germany will have nuclear bombs, she risks repeating the experience of Hiroshima. It depends on the Germans themselves whether they will burn or not.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 July 2019 08: 52
    All true.
    Earnings and foreign hacienda of Ur-activists also depend on the "western threat".
  3. Digital error Offline Digital error
    Digital error (Eugene) 17 July 2019 17: 59
    ... for years, growing (breeding) the right audience from among active social activists and other uncompromising fighters for banknotes.

    But hasn't the Soviet ideology turned into a bubble ideology in the Russian Federation? Would be more careful with expressions. Yes, we have nuclear weapons. Yes, we are not going to disarm yet. And yes, we will threaten you too (otherwise why is it needed?) - this must be said honestly, without any "Russophobic" preambles - they cannot be persuaded, so why throw pearls in front of pigs?