Former Prime Minister of Ukraine: Gorbachev and the KGB created the Ukrainian Nazis

For the past five years, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has been on the territory of Russia, having turned from a statesman into a blogger giving birth to “sensationalism”. For example, on July 10, 2019, Azarov wrote in his Twitter account that the Ukrainian Nazis were created by the KGB on the direct instructions of the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee, Mikhail Gorbachev.

According to Azarov, it was Gorbachev who began work on the collapse of the USSR. And after the collapse of the USSR, the created nationalist structures began to be used to accelerate the rupture of economic and political ties with Russia.

On his instructions, the KGB created the so-called "national-patriotic" forces in the republics.

- wrote Azarov, without giving any evidence, although he had access to a variety of information.

After that, subscribers of Azarov and other users, with different political views, literally in chorus remembered his work. Users wrote that thanks to his "management" in Ukraine, the Euromaidan began. And when the coup ended, Azarov cowardly fled the country, not even trying to resist the nationalists.

Azarov was reminded that until 1991 he was a member of the CPSU. In 1991-1992 he was a member of the Donbass Revival Movement - those who are ruining the USSR, pounded helmets on pavers. In 1992-1994, Azarov was one of the leaders of the Civil Congress of Ukraine created in Donetsk. That is, Azarov himself made efforts to the collapse of the USSR and the heyday of nationalism in Ukraine, and now he is blaming everything on Gorbachev.

Some users wrote shortly - "nonsense", commenting on the post of Azarov. Others specified that from Azarov “a historian, as chairman of the government,” alluding to his overt incompetence. Someone even tried to conduct an educational program for Azarov, recalling the existence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire a hundred years ago, the history of the emergence of Ukrainian integral nationalism, and even the existence of the US CIA.

By the way, recently we Reportedas Gorbachev, while in the hospital, writes a book about the last days of the USSR. Maybe Azarov will someday write a book, how he helped to destroy the USSR.
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  1. Valentine Offline
    Valentine (Valentin) 10 July 2019 19: 25
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    This evil spirits did not finish off in 1956, Nikita, but from those whom he had mercy and rehabilitated, there were sprouts of this Western-Galician nationalism mixed with the hateful Ukrainians and Russian Ivanes who do not remember the kinship that today kill their fellow citizens and fellow countrymen for “Glory to Ukraine”, for the lands promised to them, belonging to those whom they are now killing in the Donbass. And you, "the chairman of the Ukrainian government in exile," take a machine gun in your hands and go to protect the people you betrayed, but no, it’s weak for you, because you’re not Salvador Allende, but a coward and a traitor, and there, in Moscow, such as you, you would have picked up a whole division, and if something positive happened in Ukraine, you would be the first to run there to share portfolios.
  2. BMP-2 Offline
    BMP-2 (Vladimir V.) 10 July 2019 20: 26
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    The fact that Azarov himself did nothing to stop the nationalists does not mean that everything he said is nonsense. Nationalists in Ukraine in the 60s and until the mid-80s were quieter than water, lower than grass, but with the beginning of perestroika they became bolder, and by 1991 they were already quite organized and arrogant political force. The KGB practically did not impede the expansion of their informational influence, allowing it to promote all kinds of rubbish into the public consciousness, such as

    Ukraine feeds the entire Union,

    In the UK, billions of percent interest in gold came in.

    etc. Of course, to say that the KGB formed Nazi militants is not entirely correct: after all, large-scale training of these scumbags in the 90s was no longer carried out by the KGB, but by the SBU. However, the essence does not change from the change of sign: at that time, the staff of the SBU did not undergo any radical changes, that is, in fact, this was the "Ukrainian branch of the KGB." It is also obvious that in the 90s the first fiddle in fomenting nationalism in Ukraine was played not by Gorbachev, but by completely different people: the first Ukrainian president L. Kravchuk (part-time as a young man, a connected Bandera detachment), and his inner circle. Well, during the reign of Yanukovych and Azarov, nationalists were already a very convenient scarecrow, against which these figures hoped to look more advantageous. It is no secret that at one time the Party of Regions used the nationalist party "Freedom" as a satellite project, and funded the activity of the latter in significant amounts. However, then “something went wrong,” and the reins of government by the nationalists changed hands. Well, as a result - the Maidan of 2014 with increasing nationalist fervor in the next 5 years ...
  3. Don36 Offline
    Don36 (Don36) 10 July 2019 20: 42
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    Mazepovtsy and Bandera-is a product of the Ukrainian ragul, and not the KGB.
  4. beeper Offline
    beeper 11 July 2019 00: 14
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    Let this Azarov write true memoirs, how he and Yanukovych impudently and meanly betrayed their voters - the majority of the working Ukrainian population, and, contrary to election obligations, engaged in a frenzied “non-alternative European integration” and further drawing Ukraine into NATO, not forgetting to “reduce life” to improve life today is one of the election slogans of the candidate for UKRoprez Yanukovych!) "to your beloved and closest camarilla - parasites, and condemning the working people to progressive impoverishment!
    Let him tell how they, with Janek, fearing the growing anger of their indignant voters, nurtured and promoted marginal bandera in Zada ​​and at key government posts of stubborn Western Natsiks, and turned a blind eye to the training of Bandera-Nazi militants in Ukrainian and Polish-Lithuanian-Estonian training camps the auspices of the top leaders of the CIA SBU agents, as well as at the "seminars" of the American special services for the preparation of future "maidan" activists!
    Well, it’s only completely degenerate “Svidomites” who supposedly imagined their “best Benefactors and Performers of the wettest Bandera dreams — the inveterate Judeo-Mazepinites Yanek-Azarov, who would“ fulfill ”Ukraine (all - entirely, with Donbass and Crimea, a quiet glanders!) As supposedly“ pro-Russian ” "in the best" amero-colonial "form," a mosquito of the nose would not grind!
    But the "Maidan" fools, led by the stupid ameroros Paiyatt and other "common people", in a nerdy-hat and greedy to pay the traitors the promised amount of 160 billion euros for the "non-land" sold with bondage, with the whole population and territory, staged an "Euromaidan" moving to the "helm of power" of more accommodating "cheap things", and broke the whole "tricky game" of this vile "sweet couple" (and rightly the Jews!), during the gambling "sharing of portfolios" after the success (solely due to the treacherous actions and inaction of Yanukovych - Azarov and their inner circle!) a coup d'etat, having overlooked the "periphery" and thereby allowing at least the Crimea and the Donbass to defend themselves against the unenviable share of humiliated aero-slavery!
    PS The fact that the creation of the nationalist “Movement” under Gorbi was not complete without a “combat detachment of the party” - the KGB, was an “open secret” back then, so that the NSA, being “in the subject” of official access to information, did not reveal any America! Everyone who was “in the know” knew that “see through Ruku’s swatches (leading leaders of“ Rukh ”)“ were recruited by “bodies” into “sexots” even during their time for their anti-Soviet activities, therefore, even after coming to power, Natsik and The “KGB archives” were not really “opened” for general access, trusting to dig and insinuate in them, “hide and wipe traces” and “find creative new irrefutable evidence”, to all “verified” figures, such as the odious Vyatrovich associates !
  5. Gunter prereen Offline
    Gunter prereen (Gunter Preen) 11 July 2019 08: 58
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    What to expect from Ukraine. This is not a nationality or even a geolocation indicator. This is PATHOLOGY!
  6. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 11 July 2019 09: 12
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    For the whole five-year plan ..... located in Russia ...

    with the rest of the traitors, eat deliciously, drink sweetly, flicker in the media, probably own a business, blog ...

    What did you achieve?