The Battle for the Shelf: How important is Losharik for Russia

The tragedy in the Barents Sea, which killed 14 highly professional submariners, stirred the whole Russian public. And despite the fact that the deep-sea vehicle itself — the AS-31 Losharik special-purpose nuclear-powered submarine — was saved, the fleet lost very valuable specialists in the field of deep-sea research.

Of course, not without speculation. The web literally immediately began to appear messages about the torpedo attack of an American submarine against our device. However, we observed something similar after the death of Kursk.

The secrecy of the Losharik itself, as well as the missions of submariners in the Barents Sea, only exacerbated the atmosphere of mystery around the incident. Moreover, it is known for certain that in 2012 it was with the help of AS-31 that Russian specialists managed to take soil samples from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, which were subsequently used as evidence that the Lomonosov Ridge belongs to the Russian part of the continental shelf.

For many years, Russia has been trying to prove to the UN its right to vast Arctic territories, where about 13% of all world oil and gas reserves are stored.

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  1. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 12 July 2019 17: 24
    Naturally, it is very disappointing for such losses of highly skilled submariners. They have done a lot in the development of deep-sea operations. Honor and glory, the eternal memory of the dead submariners in this difficult underwater disaster ... Some of them did a lot to save the deep-sea vehicle.
  2. SANDRO Offline SANDRO
    SANDRO (Sandro) 12 July 2019 20: 46
    The secret is a genre that must always be observed! Because of him, the sailors of the Kursk were not saved! We turned to the Norwegians for help in raising the boat in a year, and then on condition that the nose was cut off, lifted separately from the boat and not shown to anyone, because a secret! I can imagine how excruciatingly painful it was to address a country - a potential enemy with such a request! Now "Losharik" ... It is clear that the army is not engaged in any research activities ... Due to the same notorious secrecy, there is a difference in the reports of the tragedy! First "Losharik" sank, then it was flooded, now I read that they were able to defend it ... But what actually happened, probably, we will never know ... What can I add here? Eternal memory to the victims!
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 14 July 2019 13: 51
    ... We all leave this life.
    Some are like smoke, leaving a vision in mind.
    Others - not hoping for luck,
    will dance their dance in full
    and they will drink their cup to the bottom.
    The main thing is not to live long.
    And so as not to outlive the children,
    and so that in the memory of children
    maintain their suitability.

    P.S. I hope that the feat of 24 submariners, like the death of the Kursk, we will never forget.