The AL-41F1 engine for the Su-57 fighter is ready to go into series

The bench tests of the new turbojet dual-circuit engine with afterburner and thrust vector control AL-41F1 were successfully completed. This was reported by the Ufa engine manufacturing association engaged in development.

During these tests, the modes of operation of the power plant were tested, including in non-standard conditions. Bench tests are designed to identify the basic characteristics of the engines, the expected service life and reliability. The development of AL-41F1, the engine of the first stage, began back in 2004 on the basis of AL-31F for heavy fighters. It is with this engine that the latest Su-57 fighter will be equipped, the prototype of which was tested in 2010 using a new power plant.

According to engineers, a promising engine will be the main for all further Russian fighters until the mid-20s. He is able to develop traction in 86,3 kilonewtons in normal mode, and up to 147 kilonewtons with afterburner. The power plant is equipped with a plasma ignition system and multi-directional thrust vector control.

Further development of this Technology should be the creation of a second-stage engine with increased traction of 107 kilonewtons and 176 kilonewtons with afterburner, and more efficient in terms of fuel consumption and lower maintenance cost of the power plant.

The latest Russian Su-57 fighter should enter service this year.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 20 2018 04: 30
    -Yes, ready ...- quite matured ... for deliveries to China .., in exchange for paper yuan and Chinese consumer goods ...
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  2. Jose Amorales Offline Jose Amorales
    Jose Amorales (Oleg Lunin) 4 May 2018 21: 02
    It is high time to deliver to the Russian Aerospace Forces, and everything is being tested here ... At the May 9 parade, 2-3 Su-57 fighters will fly by. This is a lot. PS During this time, it's time for the 6th generation fighter to do.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 26 July 2018 15: 28
      Alcoholism begins with the first 100 grams. Billions and more - starts with one.
  3. kamski Offline kamski
    kamski (Kamski) 11 May 2018 08: 57
    why not write DOES NOT HAVE ANALOGUES IN THE WORLD ??? what news ...
  4. Vasya Svoyakov Offline Vasya Svoyakov
    Vasya Svoyakov (Vasiliy ) 29 July 2018 18: 09
    I wonder how much more can you upgrade the great Lulka's AL-31F? Until the 30s? And where are the really new, breakthrough, ingenious developments ???? It turns out that we are bringing to mind the engine of the last century, but we can’t create a new one! I want to see my country great, not only in bravura articles ..